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Turn to Girl

Author's Note: These alternate song lyrics just came to me and I had to share. They're too good not to share. I hope at least some of you enjoy this as much as I do.

Turn to Girl
by Terry Volkirch

(sung to the tune of Turn to Stone by ELO)

An older, somewhat brittle man
(Still young at heart and full of life)
I stay in shape because I can (yearning, yearning)

Strange magic hit my body good
(Turned me into someone new)
And in my room my body stood
In my pink world

Trans Supers on Tumblr

To whomever posted a Trans Supers entry for me on Tumbler:

Thanks! I'm very flattered. I love the drawing of Golden Girl and the synopsis.

I found the entry by googling my name, Terry Volkirch.

By clicking the golden girl hashtag, I found out that Erin also has a Golden Girl character. I've read many of Erin's stories here but I haven't seen that one. I'll be looking for it after I post this.

Ta ta!

- Terry


I can't find Erin's story. Oh well. Maybe she'll dredge it up and post it here. Maybe? :)

My Facebook Meltdown

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To all of those who I unfriended recently on Facebook, I'm sorry. I had a meltdown and unfriended over 200 people. I'm not always happy and well-adjusted. Not a surprise.

I'm not happy with Facebook. I find it to be a sad replacement for real life so I'm going to minimize my time on it. I hope you understand.

- Terry

Shortcuts Is Now a Complete Story

My Shortcuts story is done. I just posted the last chapter. For those of you who prefer to read complete stories, please give it a chance.

This will be my last long story here. I'm moving on. I plan on joining a writing group in the hopes of eventually publishing the old-fashioned way - on paper. I might still post a short story once in a blue moon if the mood hits me.

Shortcuts Is at the Halfway Point

Shortcuts is actually complete and I'm just posting finished chapters. There are thirteen chapters to go. I hope my readers enjoy the ride.

For those of you who like to read finished stories, I post three or four chapters a week so the story should be all here in three to four weeks.

- Terry


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