Rhysling's Rue - Part 16


Sleep was not welcome, however much she needed it. It always came with phantasms, images of Marta and their children as the bolide which destroyed Hale City stripped their flesh from their bones before their very bones crumbled and all that was left were the ghosts, begging her to tell them why she left them to die.

And Now


Rhysling's Rue - Part 15


“Yes ma... Helen. I’ve never had a relationship before and I don’t have the beginnings of a clue how to go about it. I’m too scared to even talk to her when we’re not on shift together. I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong, frighten her, maybe hurt her by mistake. I might be better coordinated but I’m still… This…” he gestured at his own bulk.

Rhysling's Rue - Part 14

This story has had a rather long hiatus but i'm finally back to work on it. Sorry for the short chapter but it seemed appropriate.


Previously ---

“Remember, you are small and weak. The time for you to strike is when others have weakened each other with fighting. Your brain is your best weapon, you must use it!. Hide if you have to, wait until the time is right for you to strike. This way, your victory will be assured.”

Muse attack!

So I have apparently been attacked by my unruly muse yet again. Mind you i'm not exactly complaining but when I finished the last installment of "Gaia's Children" I had to sit there and wonder just how long it would take for the final chapter of "Murder in the Holy City" to drop off the front page so i wouldn't be bumping myself.

Being a rather impatient sort, I gave all of about 30 seconds thought to that before I decided I didn't really actually care if I bumped myself off(Unless of course some moderator was willing to bend a rule just a teensy little bit).

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Gaia's Children, Book 1: Riven; Chapter 1, part 4

Gaia’s Children, Book One, Riven, part 4

Katya drew her coat around her as the damp bitterness pried icy fingers into her small shelter. Her path from Belgrade had been long and hard, hiding in the blasted ruins of Kosovar homes, venturing from cover only in the depth of night to avoid snipers and wandering bands of murderous Serbs intent on genocide. At first Belgrade had seemed so much better than Mereshor but the Russians had come there too and just like at home in Ukraine, they had slaughtered any who spoke against them.



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Of course I already knew I wasn’t normal, I’d been hiding away my sister’s undies and such and wearing them to bed… they made me feel better , I don’t know. Who knows why children do things, especially gender dysphoric children living in the back of beyond with no access to anything really, not even the most basic of healthcare.



Undercurrents 11

I didn’t get any more work done before joining Theo in bed although it was quite a while before we got to sleep. We both slept until we woke which meant I woke to an empty bed just beginning to cool. I took a few moments to lie there and think before my bladder drove me to the bathroom and a shower to get the funk of the previous night off.

Murder in the Holy City - Part 5

“I had to take my mind off the insane shit you two were doing. Very cool stuff… but absolutely batshit crazy. Charlie, that marsh run was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time and that little ambush you set for Yves was nothing short of brilliant. I knew you were there and still couldn’t spot you in his feed until the very last moment, probably about the same time he felt the first touch by the reaction time.”

Murder in the Holy City - Part 4


“You are beginning to make me a little nervous here Cherie. This sounds like you are planning to start a war.”

“I have never in my life started a fight Yves, not in that way.” Charlotte’s expression was stony, her tone flat and emotionless. “Given a choice, I will run away from a fight. I do not think I have a choice here. The first blow has been struck and it was by our enemy. They will strike again but it will be for the last time. This will not be allowed in my city.”

Murder in the Holy City - Part 2

“Markie, its not your fault. You and Mike did everything you could but not even the locals knew I was being held there… It was just luck he was so eager to beat on me that he didn’t wait for his garage door to open. I would have starved to death in that prison if that deputy hadn’t thought to check things out.” She stroked his check and then kissed it. “I’m touched by the Viking funeral. Thank you, both of you for that.”

“Grams lit the pyre.”

Murder in the Holy City - Part 1

“Somebody turn that damn thing off!”

There was of course no response from the empty space and the offending mechanism sat across the room purposely out of reach, continuing its klaxon-like bleating.

Charlotte rolled out of bed and strode over to the phone, not caring that she was unclothed. If whoever was on the other end happened to be offended by the sight of her nudity they could go attempt sexual acts not possible for the greater majority of the male of the species.


“How the hell can you luff a sail in a vacuum? Get down from there you idiot man!”

That was how it translated from Arachnian anyway, although the original had considerably more venom behind it, literally. Not that Sven was all that bothered about venom, being a zombie and all. Still, it tended to stain the ragged excuse for a spacesuit he’d scavenged from their last prize and he was a bit fastidious about staining it any more.

Undercurrents 10

This chapter kept getting in the way of everything else I tried to write. I was stuck on this idea of trying to convey the show for the reader and kept failing miserably. I had this ubercool thing in my mind's eye but I couldn't manage to do it justice... So I gave up and took this route instead. I hope you enjoy.


“Closing time
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end….”

The Sundering

Summer heat baked the ground into a cracked, desiccated mass, a thin crust over a briny substrate that helped to give this place its name. She had been to and through some strange and beautiful places but this one in particular spoke to her soul… to the part of her that felt so keenly the loss of everything she had once held dear. Years flew past in her mind’s eye as she waited for the sun to dip below the mountains, composed herself for what she must do.


Lately it seems when I read over what I've written that I can understand why the vote and comment totals are so dismal.

I realize my motivation should not be to gain the approbation of others but to simply express myself and I do try to maintain that mindset.

Apparently a very small subset do find my drivel worthwhile so I will continue to post when the muse strikes... But honestly right now, I just think it isn't worth writing stuff no one wants to read.

To those who did read, thank you and I'm sorry I seem to be incapable of finishing a story.

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The Phage: Part 3

“For what?”

He stared at me for a moment gauging my reactions and I managed a small smile for him. I wasn’t sure what I felt. The only thing I could sort out was that my heart wanted to jump out of my throat and my lips still tingled where he had kissed me.

This time I was the one who leaned forward ever so slowly watching his eyes as he watched mine until vision became extraneous to the world of feeling that focused on the touch of our lips together, the rasp of his slight stubble against my palm as I reached up to feel the muscles in his jaw.

The Bright New Springtime of The soul

It was getting to be about that time. The time of year when the world froze over and the cold settled into my bones to rest.

This winter would be different though. I had finally decided that I could no longer continue as I had for so long, trying to be who and what I was supposed to be when even my life cycle differed from most around me. Oh sure, there were other magical creatures out there… more of them than there are of the mindblind in fact but I wasn’t like most of them either.

The Phage: Part 2

“I could not ask you… I am too damaged. I have never... Never even had a friend, really. I do not deal with people well. The therapists tell me I will learn but I have never managed to reach out.”

“I think I have to contradict you on that one Kadijah. You reached out to me, just now.” He reached over to touch my forehead with the inside of his wrist and I flinched away for a moment before allowing it.

“You’ve warmed up enough to sit in front of the fire.” He reached over and popped the lever to drain the tub and grabbed a huge fluffy towel.

Undercurrents 9

“Of course it doesn’t… it shouldn’t. You left a part of yourself in that godforsaken place… same as I did.”

He scrubbed his palm over a bristly scalp, leaving no noticeable trace. “That shit never goes away elltee… You already know that. The physical discomfort reminds you of the horror show in your mind…” he trailed off into silence, staring at the floor while he wrestled with his own demons.

“You question yourself every time you step on your stump… even if it doesn’t hurt right then you always ask yourself just how you managed to fuck up that badly…”

Gaia's Children, Book 1: Riven; Chapter 1, part 3

Thick dust crept beneath her hijab and Laila bit back a curse. Cairo, she thought, had not been this bad last time she was here. No matter, it was infinitely better than the hell she’d left behind.

Not that she was totally convinced she was out of hell. Perhaps she was simply in a different circle? She wracked her heat-blasted mind for a moment before giving up that train of thought. It was just too hot for Dante.

Poetic drabbles 1

I look in the mirror and I see… me.
The me that always was
The me that should have been
The me that has struggled so long and so hard to simply be.

For so long, I looked and I saw him
The him I tried to be
The him I could never be
The him that was ever destined to simply be a role.

Are we not all players on a celestial stage, seeking our roles?
Few find them.

And yet I… I have been privileged
To know myself
To know who and what I am

To realize that I am an actor

And to know that the role is over.

Gaia's Children, Book 1: Riven; Chapter 1, part 1

I'm going to do something here and ask you, the reader, to comment, critique, pick my story apart. I have been writing and rewrting this story since 1991...

The first go took me 6 months and was over 600 pages, hammered out on a old Olivetti manual typewriter, the kind that came with a satchel to carry it around. I had learned to type as a child on my father's old Olivetti manual that came with it's own hard suitcase so hammering on the keyboard was(and still is) second nature.

Shooting the Rapids: Some Editing

I have to apologize for the original ending I posted To "Shooting The Rapids: An Adventure. It was rushed and the last 1k words or so had some fairly eggregious typos as well as not quite striking the tone I wanted. I've gone over it a bit though I won't make any claims to proper grammar or spelling... or even some aspects of the timelines of stellar evolution.

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Shooting the Rapids: An Adventure

“Look man, when you said shooting the rapids would be an adventure I kinda thought, you know, a nice sort of civilized outing with trucks and guides and whatnot!”

“Yeah, I kinda figured there’d be some water involved too…” Pete gestured around them. “Think the rafts wills slide down these things?”

Kevin stared off into the distance, fuming as the wind hummed over the dunes.

Undercurrents 8

Undercurrents 8

I lay there pondering, mind at Warp 9. He had to know… and I had to bring them together but should I tell him first?

For a few moments I enjoyed a wild fantasy where I took him to her restaurant and the two immediately reunited but then the dream went south as she was only trying to hurt him for leaving her…

The Phage: Part 1

I had been the apple of my father’s eye, the treasure of his hopes and now it was all ashes. Burned by panic stricken villagers as I stumbled blindly away into the bush, choking on my own blood. Ebola had come to our place and I was glad… glad that the others would no longer ridicule me for not being a man when I knew they were right.

I didn’t know why I was crying, maybe it was grief for myself because I was sure I was dying, maybe it was anger at my parents… not so much at them as at the culture that ensured they could never accept me.

Undercurrents 7

“Well you always wanted one so you don’t exactly get to bitch at a surplus!”

I can see his face begin to cloud over a little and I wonder, not for the first time, what hides beneath that overcast. I suppose there’s no time like the present and anyway it’ll serve as a distraction so I don’t get the third degree just yet.

The Crush: School Daze

Author’s note:

I was halfway through writing this when something else got in the way. I know its too late for the contest but no worries there, even if I did win I would insist it go to someone else.

With that said I hope you enjoy my tardy little drabble.


The Crush: School Daze

Requiem For A Hero


On Thursday, February 4th, 2016, my childhood hero died.

Edgar Dean Mitchell was a hotshot test pilot, so good they actually altered the cockpits of aircraft to have him fly them because he was too large to fit otherwise.

He was the 6th man to walk on our moon.

He was the best of us.

Any family would be proud to claim him and I can.

I met him once. I was 12 and he was however old... It was a family reunion at an Episcopal campground on a lake, somewhere around Joplin.

I was in awe, so tongue-tied I could barely speak.

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Requiem for a hero.

“Crying in a spacesuit is… ill advised…”

“Fuck you.”

I suppose that was the start of a eulogy, incongruous as it was.

He was right though. At least we weren’t in microgravity so the tears traced a sluggish path down my cheeks and into the collar of my coolsuit instead of becoming little floating globules of nastiness.

The sun burned down upon us, casting every pebble and microcrater into sharp relief as the regolith crunched under our feet. The sky was the black of space, even the stars washed out by the fierce furnace which lit our way.


The ripping snarl of a jaguar in full hunt shredded the concealment of darkness.

Below me the three men paused for a moment, their erections beginning to wilt from fear.

“What the fuck was that?” One of them half-yelled as he tried to pull his pants back up.

“That was the sound of your doom!”

I can’t help it, as I see them begin to scramble for escape I laugh, a sound of shattering glass.
“I warned you, all of you…”

By now the three men are scrambling past me and I let them go… sport for later…

Kerry and the Home That Love Built part 2: repost

With Permission from Catherine Linda Michel

All praise for this little story is due to the originator of this universe, I'm simply playing in the mud in the backyard here.

If there happens to be something you don't like, that would be all me.


Kerry and the Home That Love Built part 1: repost

I figured since this particular universe has come around again I'd repost my own meager efforts.

With Permission from Catherine Linda Michel

This story is posted with the permission of Catherine Linda Michel, the originator of this universe.

That said, anything you don't like is entirely my fault.

Kerry darted across the cold rainy street, huddled in on herself to preserve any dregs of warmth she might have left in her. Hiding herself was so routine she did it with half her attention, slipping silently between dismal little pools of light.

Undercurrents 5

I can really feel that I’m beginning to close up emotionally and I don’t want to. I guess ingrained habit is hard to alter…

Skid pops back inside the curtain, her face wiped clean. “Theo is here and there are some other people with him but there’s only supposed to be one of us in here at a time. Is that your dad?”

I hadn’t stopped to think but I guess they would have to have come too… “Short guy, grey hair and eyes, limps?”

“And this other girl that looks a little like you and another guy, yeah. Oh and Dahl is here.”

Undercurrents 4

“I…” he trails off into silence.

“Ok, I will but I am going to have to meet you kids there and fly back separately as well.”

I can tell he is beginning to retreat inside himself a little so I gently give him a verbal nudge.


Theo answers for him.

“Watch lists. There’s no way he makes it through security in the US. From Canada, no big deal and he can make it there easier than Mexico these days. His only real issue doing it that way is the Canadian border and I know a few places…”

Undercurrents 3

I intended for this story to move a good deal more quickly than it is. Its these characters.... They keep doing stuff and having conversations and... well I think you'll get the idea.

I gradually come to wakefulness. Oddly enough, I don’t really feel hung over… its more like I’m still kind of drunk. I have to roll out of bed immediately and run down the hall for the bathroom but I notice that neither Theo or his preferred leg are there. I’m in the shower as my sister comes in and makes use of the toilet, rather noisily…

Undercurrents 2

After our ceremony in the garden we were all emotionally drained. Dad went back into the house and brought out the half empty bottle of bourbon and an unopened one as well. We sat together on the shaded benches under arbors which in springtime would bloom with various flowers and in summer would smell of honeysuckle. Just now nothing was in season to bloom so there was only greenery but it was enough to lend an almost cathedral like atmosphere to the scene.

Undercurrents 1

I wasn’t satisfied with the story I posted yesterday so I’ve rewritten it as something very different. Maybe the beginning of a series, who knows?

Some of the first bit is the same so don’t let that fool you… and enough is changed to make it worth reading the whole thing.

All rights reserved, etc…

Note to Readers

In this story I use music as an adjunct to the story, meant to be listened to while reading the relevant passage. I hope you enjoy it and if not I hope it doesn't detract from the story for you.

Can't trust a cold blooded man...

Well I suppose there’s a lot of thought to organize here, so I’ll just have to start where it seems most logical. Somewhere very early on… I have no idea when the reasons for which will become clear later… In any case, I, like so may of my kind, was in no doubt as to who I was and even a couple of years later with access to the web all it did was make increasingly clear to me that I was not at all normal. Of course I already kew I wasn’t normal, I’d been hiding away my sister’s undies and such and wearing them to bed… they made me feel better , I don’t know.


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