Therisa Godwaldt

Men, I honour

So easy
To give in
To hate.

In letting
Anger rule me
Against all men.

Most of my abusers/bullies
Were born
Of this gender.

And yet
Tomorrow is
Father's Day.

As I honour
My opa* and dad.

Two men
Who's love
Have helped me.

And shoulders
I have cried

Willing to do
Almost anything
To protect me.

Whose deaths
Have marked
Transitional moments
In my life.

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A Work, In Progress...Part 1

By Therisa Godwaldt

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Stigma Of Survival

The chain
That binds truth
In lies.

Of the horrors
In the name of love
And punishment.

Twisting the light
Into a dark parody
Where reality loses
All meaning
Except for pain.

Molding one's soul
Like clay
On a potter's wheel
With deft hands.

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