Trish Shaw


by Trish Shaw

Authors note: I've been playing with this idea on and off for ages and have never felt quite happy with the ending but I'm flummoxed as to what to do with it so any idea's would be more than welcome. It was written more as a way of putting an idea down, so if anyone wants to take the idea of the graduate repayment scheme I have come up with and run with you are more than welcome.

Editor's Note: After some e-mail conversation, Trish was gracious enough to give me an earlier draft, as well as answer some questions about some of the characters. When I asked if it would be posted on Big Closet Top Shelf, the answer was no, but I volunteered to do a bit of editing and 'remix' of the two versions to post if Trish so desired. This story is the result of that, and it differs from the version on FM in a number of areas that, hopefully, clarify a few intentions and feelings of some characters. Trish has reviewed the story, and has given a blessing to post this. Any mistakes in editing are purely mine.


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