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The Mural and the Cabinet, part 06 of 21

Zindla liked having a little girl around, even if she was older than she looked, and used to be a boy. Seeing her cousins and other children who lived in the neighborhood, she’d sometimes regretted being an only child, and now she felt like she almost knew what it was like to have a little sister. Devi was so enthusiastic and curious about everything; having her around was like seeing everything for the first time.

The Mural and the Cabinet, part 05 of 21

“Do you want me to show you how to sew?” Pasyala asked. “Or has your mother already shown you?”


“No,” Devi said at first. “Girls do sewing and knitting and stuff.” But then he reflected: People go into other worlds to learn valuable lessons and have adventures and stuff. The portal made me a girl, so maybe it wants me to learn about girl stuff before it will let me go home and be a boy again? “I guess I’m a girl now, so I can learn how to sew and stuff.”

The Mural and the Cabinet, part 04 of 21

In the stories, kids who go through portals to other worlds need to learn something from it. Maybe there’s something I’m supposed to learn from being a little girl. And there’s definitely got to be something I’m supposed to do here, but I don’t know what yet.”

The Mural and the Cabinet, part 03 of 21

“Odd, though. You don’t look like you have a transformation spell on you. Or any kind of spell, really. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a transformation, but I think I’d recognize it. Must be some kind I’m not familiar with.”

The Mural and the Cabinet, part 02 of 21

The moonlight from the window was falling directly on the gateway in the mural. But he couldn’t see the road and horse and buggy and the distant hills. Instead, he saw — a chair. A high-backed wooden chair, with red velvet cushions on the back and seat and arms, and to the left of that, part of what looked like a sofa or armchair.

The Mural and the Cabinet, part 01 of 21

The person who used to own the house until she died was an artist. She’d painted murals in every room. Davey could hardly believe that Dad was planning to paint over the battle scene in the living room and the mural in his and Mom’s bedroom, which he hadn’t let any of the kids see. Davey’s big brother Carson had snuck in to see it, and he wouldn’t tell Davey or Amy what it was; he just snickered when they asked him about it.

Pioneers, part 15 of 15

“Too much pillow-fighting?” he asked with a grin as we walked back toward our van.


I swatted him on the arm. “I’ve been to two girl sleepovers so far, and neither involved a pillow-fight.”


“Man, you got cheated.”

Pioneers, part 14 of 15

Pioneers, part 13 of 15

“So, Meredith,” Julianna said, plopping down on Sophia’s bed, “dish! Sophia’s told me about you, and I heard some stuff from girls at school, but I want to hear it from you. What do you like best about being a girl? Is there anything you miss about being a boy? Is there a boy you like? Or a girl? Are there girly things you haven’t tried yet that we can initiate you into tonight?” Her eyes gleamed with joy and enthusiasm, and even though I found her prying questions a little uncomfortable, I couldn’t resent her.

Pioneers, part 12 of 15

Mrs. Dirksen said to Mom, after we’d given the waiter our drink orders, “Erin, I don’t think you should be letting Tyler use the ladies' room.”


“Do you seriously think she should use the men’s room?” Mom asked incredulously. “The machine changed her completely into a girl.”

Pioneers, part 11 of 15

“Statistically, there’s got to be at least a couple more trans kids at each of our schools, and another hundred-plus trans people in the county as a whole... but at our age, most of them are probably closeted or in denial. That might change once more people knew about the machines and how easy it is to transition now.”

Pioneers, part 10 of 15

Since my period had started, I’d convinced Mom to let me use the Internet to research menstruation, feminine hygiene, etc. And Sophia had given me a book about puberty for young teens that Mom had given her a couple of years earlier. Between those, and the TG fiction I’d read online (not the most reliable source), I sort of knew what to expect from a pelvic exam.

Pioneers, part 08 of 15

Was he into me? It kind of looked that way. Not that we could do anything about it; I was grounded indefinitely, and his parents would never let him date a trans girl.

Pioneers, part 06 of 15

It was just a Walmart, not a Belk or something, and I was probably just getting basic underwear, not anything I could show off at school like a skirt or dress. But it was my first time shopping for girl clothes and I was determined to enjoy it. I’d read a million scenes like this in various stories since I first got past the nanny software a couple of years ago, and now I was going to live it.

Pioneers, part 05 of 15

She went to her room and came back with one of her sports bras, and I tried it on. It was definitely a lot tighter than the one I’d borrowed from the lost and found, but I thought I could live with it for an hour at a time until I got something that fit me.

Pioneers, part 01 of 15

It was early September — far enough into the school year that the teachers weren’t holding back on the homework, early enough that we still had some pretty nice weather. Which I was missing out on because I was sitting in my room doing homework, that Saturday morning when the world changed and only a few scattered people noticed.



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After the strange machine appeared on the lawn at the library, Meredith found it was easy to physically transition to the feminine body she wanted so desperately. But socially transitioning, and getting her parents to go along with it, would be a lot harder.

Unforgotten and Other Stories

My new collection, Unforgotten and Other Stories, is available now from Smashwords and Amazon. (Smashwords pays its authors better royalties than Amazon.)

It contains forty stories and 335,000 words of fiction: twenty-six short stories, seven novelettes, two novellas, three short novels, and two reviews of imaginary books and TV shows. Thirteen of the stories (over 180,000 words) have never appeared online before, and three others appear here in a significantly expanded form. Each story has a new afterword or introduction; many of the afterwords have recommendation and links for similar stories by other authors.

Water in the Sky: a TG Mixed Tape

An adventurer announces their retirement... and reveals the secret burden they've been carrying. A couple of exes try to salvage their friendship from the ruins of their relationship... and maybe something more. Two U.S. Marshals hunt for outlaws in 1876 Arizona... and find monsters. A fox running for his life from a trigger-happy farmer encounters a strange being... and finds a new life. Dive into these and three other stories by Dark Sun Morrigan, Desert Willow, Morrigan Q.R., MrSimple, Paradox, and Trismegistus Shandy.

Review: Dragon Princess by S. Andrew Swann

Dragon Princess by S. Andrew Swann (DAW, 2014) is a comedic fantasy novel with a transgender body-shuffle plot. Frank Blackthorne, a thief, is on the run from the government of one country, and flees to the neighboring country, where he’s recruited by a wizard to kill a dragon and save the princess he’s kidnapped. He objects that he’s a thief, not a hero, and the wizard responds by giving him an ancient sword with enchantments designed for killing dragons.

Trust Machines: Show and Tell

Kimberly got up and walked up in front of the class, holding what seemed like an off-brand Barbie of some sort. The doll was about ten inches high, with red hair and a more realistic figure than a Barbie, but still clearly an adult, and dressed in a yellow sundress and strappy sandals.

Homesick, part 1 of 3

Our house wasn’t there. Mr. Starrett’s house was on the left, with his red F-150 in the driveway, and the Petrovs' house was on the right, with no cars in the driveway but all their super-early Christmas decorations on the porch and lawn (it wasn’t even Halloween yet) — and there was nothing between them.

Review: Dragonsword trilogy by Gael Baudino

The Dragonsword trilogy by Gael Baudino consists of Dragonsword, Duel of Dragons, and Dragon Death. I first looked into it because I’d heard of its having strong TG elements, and though the covers were unpromising, looking like fairly generic high fantasy, I was pleasantly surprised to find it much better and more original than I expected.

The Monster Mash -- a TG Mixed Tape

When a coven's spell to spice up their Halloween party goes wrong, it affects everyone in costume for thousands of miles, instead of just the people at their party. See how it affects people from Tokyo to Boston in seven stories by MrSimple, Rellawing, Roberta J. Cabot, and Trismegistus Shandy.

Trust Machines: OTP

Ben and Amanda cosplay as their favorite superheroes for Halloween, and run into some old friends at a Halloween block party. But since the appearance of the Venn machines, Halloween cosplay has taken on a new dimension.

Older beta-readers needed for a story set in the early 1970s

I recently finished a short novel (46,800 words) set in a fictional midwestern college in the early 1970s. I've done research, but I wasn't born yet at the time the story is set, and I'd like to have at least one older beta reader read it and give me feedback before I do the final draft and publish it.

Blew Melodiously the Zootibar - A TG Mixed Tape

The Doctor returns, a unique visit to the mall, and a kingdom gets a new monarch. Hit the "play" button and join Bobbie Cabot, TGSparadox, Trismegistus Shandy, Lenal, MrSimple, and Hikaro on their collective journeys.

Blew Melodiously the Zootibar

A TG Mixed Tape

Edited by Trismegistus Shandy and Hikaro

If I Wasn't Shy - A TG Mixed Tape

If I Wasn't Shy - A TG Mixed Tape

Fascinating Fantasy! Tantalizing Technology! Succulent Scares! Hit the 'Play' button now and experience seven tales never to leave your imagination again! By TGSParadox, Trismegistus Shandy, MA Thermidor, Tessarion, Bobbie Cabot and Hikaro.

Sarah Emma Edmonds' "Nurse and Spy in the Union Army"

I've been slowly reading through Sarah Emma Edmonds' Nurse and Spy in the Union Army (1864). She was a Canadian immigrant who disguised herself as a man to serve in the Union army during the American Civil War. One passage of her book reminded me of those TG stories where someone is transformed into a woman either in order to evade military service, or as a punishment because they are unwilling to serve, such as The Professor's "Draft Dodger Rag" and many others:

Caught in the Filter

Naughty or Nice - A Holiday TG Mixed Tape

Snowmen plotting revenge. Servants of Krampus plotting death and torture. Rotarians plotting... a carol sing? Sample five short holiday stories by Cashmere Chloe, Trismegistus Shandy, TGSparadox, M. A. Thermidor and Hikaro.

Naughty or Nice - A Holiday TG Mixed Tape

Next TG Mixed Tape anthology

Hikaro and I are getting ready for the next TG Mixed Tape anthology. The deadline for submissions is 12 December 2017, and the theme is Winter holidays: Christmas, Hanukah, Hogmanay, New Year's Day, etc. Stories submitted don't have to fit the theme, they just have to have TG content (if only implicit).

Stories should ideally be between 1,000 and 2,500 words, but certainly under 4,000 words. Poetry and nonfiction pieces are also welcome.

Dead Man's Party - A Halloween TG Mixed Tape

Ghouls, Ghosts, Vampires, and everything in-between. Halloween is host to these and many more creatures lurking about everywhere you may look, even here, among your friends and family. Press play and find yourself immersed in seven worlds of wonder and fright with several of your favorite authors.


Planetary Brigade by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis

Planetary Brigade by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and various artists is a superhero comic, published in two miniseries in the mid-2000s. It's about a superhero team, mostly a Justice League analogue (there are obvious analogues to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow, while other characters are not such obvious analogues of DC or Marvel characters). It's mostly funny, with some serious bits. (Giffen and DeMatteis are best known for their comedic run on Justice League International in the 1980s-90s.)

Beta-reader with legal knowledge needed

I'm working on a story with a legal subplot now, an expansion of my story "Free" from the latest mixtape. One of the main characters was infected with slave nanites that changed him into a woman and made her imprint on the first person she saw (his partner; they were police officers trying to arrest a slaver) as her master. The psychologists and psychiatrists at the hospital recommend she be declared incompetent and be assigned a guardian.

A Boy Named Sue - A TG Mixed Tape

A Boy Named Sue - A TG Mixed Tape
Edited by Trismegistus Shandy and Hikaro

Grab your headphones and jam out to another great collection of tunes that are guaranteed to thrill you, chill you, and probably decide whether you'll be wearing skirts or blue jeans tomorrow when you go to work.

Night and Day, part 12 of 12

“Cool! Were you this smart before you transformed? I wasn’t. I transformed while I was doing some science homework, and suddenly everything made a lot more sense, and I read to the end of the textbook by the end of the week, and asked Mrs. Taylor for some more books...”

Night and Day, part 11 of 12

“So, all of the girls in Diana’s posse swore they’d never have anything to do with yucky boys. But this guy named Jupiter saw one of them, a girl named Callisto, and thought she was pretty. He was a no-good kind of man, always chasing after girls and then leaving them alone as soon as they fell in love with him.”


“Yuck,” Jasmine commented.


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