Hate Crimes

I just finished the latest installment of Snowfall's The Station's Late Night Princess tale as well as the newest update of Jem, by Bailey Summers. In many of the responses to the acts of violence perpetrated against the lead character in each tale I see people raging about 'hate crimes'. It is something that often comes up in the LGBT community.

Writing Charitably



I know of several older writers here that are among the best authors that I have ever read, yet they do not publish their work on Amazon or other retail outlets because they are in the closet and have a spouse or family or IRS issues and cannot afford the risk of publishing.

I am not an attorney, but I would think that if they are unable to profit from their work, why wouldn't it be possible (and legal) to assign the rights to a suitable NPO or transgender support organization, like Mermaids?



I want to ask if it bothers anyone else that you have to scroll to the end of a story to bookmark it? I have a lot of stories recommended to me. I usually bookmark them immediately and read them later. It has bothered me, on occasion that when I scroll to the end of the story, I accidentally read part of the ending. I am curious why the bookmark option is at the end of the story rather than the beginning of each story or chapter.

A Cold, Deep, Bedrock of...

..I don't know what.

About 3 1/2 months ago, I posted about why I hate Angharad.

My reasoning was sound. I am fairly busy. I have tons of stories left unread. Several left unwritten and/or unfinished. I was looking at Bike, and wondering two things.

How can I ever catch up when she has 3000+ chapters completed and is cranking them out daily?

How can anyone maintain this level of writing for such a long span of time?

Needs must when the devil cracks his whip!


I love finding the origins of common expressions and colloquialisms. I am currently reading Skipper by Beverly Taff. This expression is used often by the title character. Being an American, I am not certain whether this is just Beverly's own expression, or a common British, Welsh, Scottish, or Irish one.

Could anyone offer some enlightenment?


Karin Bishop - Port of Arrival


For anyone out there that is also a fan of Karin's, her sequel to Port of Departure is finally on Amazon. I have been waiting since last November for this book, and just purchased my copy. Here is the Amazon US link.

Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon UK

For fans of hers, she has also updated all of her older works and created new cover art for each. I really love her work and expect to be reading it all night.

For Everyone


I notice from time to time that people will post something personal here that shows them as vulnerable and alone. Loneliness and insecurity are companions that seem to take pleasure in double teaming us when we are at our most vulnerable. This is not just a trans issue nor is it a hormone or a sexual orientation issue. It is about feeling alone, abandoned, unwanted, unneeded, or forgotten.

If you are feeling these issues, you have my deep sympathy and I would like to offer you some unsolicited advice on how to overcome it.


On the Origin of Speak-sys - Part Deux


OK, I really loved Angela's little challenge and decided to create my own just for the heck of it. I failed at her challenge because my generation is dependent on Google. I would hope that the majority of people here at BC/TS will have no problem cranking up their brains and solving this mystery.

Here is the big question.

What I Hate About Angharad


I have one book that I am just finishing my final draft of so that I can publish it on Amazon.

I have a sequel that I just posted the first chapter of this week.

I have another story loosely based on the Syd Barret story that I am about to post the first chapter in the next few days.

I am voraciously reading as much as I can, and I use a handful of my new friends here at BCTS to guide me in what I should read first.

What has all this got to do with Angharad, you might ask?

What I Love About Melanie Brown

I love the way Melanie blends pop culture references into her stories. They are always entertaining and well thought out. They reference Gilligan's Island, The Love Boat, Here Comes Mr. Jordan to name but a few.

Some of my fave locations are Timothy Leary High School, Leonard McCoy Middle School, and Jonas Grumby High School.

Her stories are always entertaining and these little pop references are very much a signature trademark, like a Hitchcock cameo.

In Too Deep - II, Ch 1

After the Sharps' Carnaval Party, Sloan and Dana must come to terms with their new reality. Can their marriage survive submission to Matt and Danielle Sharp? How deep is Sloan willing to immerse himself into his role as a Transgender mob hit man? How will Dana deal with her husband's femininity? What new torments and humiliations are in store for the young, submissive couple?

Uploading Chapters


I am about to begin a new story and have a dilemma. I write my story using MS Word with Times New Roman 12 point font. When I copy and paste it into BCTS it changes it to a Cambria 13.5 point font. It also requires me to add italics and some other forms of punctuation that do not transfer correctly.

Is there a way I can just upload each chapter as a document?

7 Years of College Down the Drain

Blog About: 


We live in a society where honest and decent people are afraid to become police officers, teachers, health workers, or firemen for fear of getting caught up in a YouTube moment. I began this year, my first as a teacher, with such high hopes. I felt a strong urge to give back to my community. I wanted to inspire young minds to read and learn and gain the fruits of knowledge in the same way I was inspired.

Now, I am seriously re-thinking my career choice. I owe 55k in student loan debt and am looking at job opportunities outside of the classroom.


Words to Live By by Megan Campbell


I am finding new inspiration every day because of this site.

I saw a Sarah Carerra blog post and after reading the comments decided to check out the story. I am loving every installment, but about halfway through book 1 I was so touched by these words. It is such a defining sentiment for anyone who has lost themselves only to discover who they really are.

I see singing as a metaphor for self-awareness.

"It felt so good to be singing again. It felt so good to finally let other people hear my voice and not be ashamed by it"

Touting Someone Else


I normally do not make unsolicited endorsements without first communicating with the author;however, I log in to Amazon daily through the BCTS link to benefit the site as much as I can. I recently read a book that is listed there called, Chained Melodies: A transgender romance by Debrah Martin. It is free to Amazon unlimited users and only a dollar to anyone else. It is a very compelling story and is well worth the time and expense.


Chapter 35-39

I have just posted the latest segment of my story. I hope that you all enjoy it and add comments. Feedback from readers and other writers have been the missing ingredients in my writing formula. After so many abortive attempts, I am proud of what I have accomplished.

I realize that some people may be turned off by my subject matter and that others might find it overly predictable. I have struggled to walk the line between adult fiction and erotica. I have also struggled to keep my readers guessing about character motivations, plot developments, and the eventual denouement.

In Too Deep - Ch 35-39

  • A morning news flurry while Dana and Sloan each contemplate their future.
  • Marco and Dave also make some new plans.
  • Danielle gets a bit more controlling while Thomas Dern and friends visit the hospital.
  • News at Eleven, Dana and Sloan make some choices, and Thomas Dern contemplates the past.
  • Sloan and Dana hit the Spa, then head to the party house to get ready for Sloan's big night.

In Too Deep - Ch 30-34

  • Dana and Sloan have a heart to heart chat.
  • Thomas Dern learns about Sloan's upcoming audition.
  • Taylor Sloane earns a reward from Ms. Sharp.
  • Miss Taylor Sloane has an exciting day of shopping.
  • Thomas calls in his dogs and Danielle gets nervous, while Brandin Sleeps In.

Erotic Content

I love writing and reading the works I find on this site. I really love to read fiction that is appropriate for young adult audiences. There are tons of trashy stories that children can, and do access on the internet. I truly feel that these young readers (I teach in a middle school) need a resource like this for two main reasons. First is the positive outlook that is gained from seeing a character that they can identify with overcoming obstacles. Second is the ability to gain some semblance of affinity for people from other cultures, genders, ethnicities, and sexual identities.

In Too Deep - Ch 25-29

Thomas and Brandin come up with a new plan to get the role. Dana is being run ragged in her new job as Matt Sharp's PA. She has a long talk with Gabi about the Sharps' lifestyle. Meanwhile, Sloan is being personally tutored by Danielle Sharp. She is painfully blunt about their sexual proclivities. Sloan struggles to impress Danielle with his femininity. Dana works late and Sloan worries that she is spending time alone with Matt. Dana drags in late, and shares a tearful confession with Sloan.

In Too Deep - Ch 23-24

Sloan and Dana arrive at the studio. Dana delivers Sloan to Danielle for his interview, then begins learning her new role as Matt Sharp's Personal Assistant. Both of them begin to learn their new role in the production company.

Deviating Deviants - In Too Deep - Ch 21-22

I posted 2 chapters and have 2 more ready to post on Wednesday.

My main reason in deviating was to make sure that my readers do not miss any chapters.

It is also a way for me to milk comments from my readers (I know I'm such a narcissistic bitch, sometimes).

If I find the chapters stacking up, I might post them in bigger chunks, next week (3-4 chapters at a time?).

In Too Deep - Chapter 21 and Tension and Zombies, OH MY!


I just finished writing chapter 21, but I am thinking that I will wait until tomorrow night to post it, as doing them more often than that seems to make readers miss chapters.

I am also enjoying how the tension is mounting. I have heard from a few people that have expressed concern about the darker aspects of my story. I sympathize with them, but have to allow the work to speak for itself.

There is sex. There are some D/s themes. There is emotional manipulation. There are some aspects that can be called marital infidelity.

A Serial Author's Dilemma


I am getting a bit torn about posting my chapters.

I have just finished report cards (I teach) and I have more time to write. I am enjoying the writing process a LOT. It is very cathartic for me.

My dilemma is that I worry about pacing my chapter postings. I have posted two chapters in the same day a few times, and each time the second chapter gets a lot more attention. This makes me worry that some readers are missing entire chapters.


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