Starship 15

Some more, slightly boring I'm afraid. And new, may have to correct some of it. Mostly mine ideas, but as far as I know, correct. And although there is a lot more to be said about the physics, behind physics, we won't, for now. And if you're one of those thinking of 'time' in terms of thermodynamics, I do expect a mail in where you ever so patiently explain where I go wrong questioning those ideas :)

Anyway, it's kind'a for the 'hardcore SF fan' probably.
Or those interested in 'time'.

Bear with me.

Starship 2

* This is a tentative continuance, no guarantees.
All because vanity calls.

I hope you won't be too disappointed.
We'll see if it works, or not.



There’s a mountain, and no, I’m not speaking of one of those thin ones, those fashionably slim, elegantly cutting through the air. You know, the ones that all mountaineers so dearly love.

Used -7-

Suddenly Roland found himself getting an outrageous notion.

“And if light wouldn’t move at all Shadow? And all motion just is that space getting longer and shorter?” As soon as he said it he realized how weird he sounded, but he still couldn’t get the idea out of his head. And if it was true then? That time slowed the faster you went. “What would that sand corn of light see?” he asked wonderingly. “Traveling faster than anything else. Would distances even exist for it? And without a distance, how could one prove a time?”

Good and evil

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Don't know if you have seen Amelie?

It's set in a dream of a Paris that may or may not exist, and it's a story about a girl growing up. What stroke me watching it was the interpretations made in the movie. Made me start to wonder what the world really is like. Maybe good and evil isn't as much the acts in them selves, not that some acts doesn't scream about egotism and inability of empathy, but in a greater perspective the way we choose to revile ourselves in them. Take a porn movie for example, then take those condemning those being in it, who turns the blinder eye?

Re used?

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Writing is so much harder than I want it to be.

It's in plain desperation I throw in every new part here, and when done, I find myself starting to rewrite it, as it's baad.. Bad bad bad. And it's not at all what I want it to be, it should be so much better.

About Used.

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I'm sorry if you find this one changing. I'm constantly finding new shortcomings in it that I have to correct, and the words don't seem to come as they should in this one. So maybe it will be something totally different than what I started out with, as I've gone some way with it? I guess you could call it my most 'ambitious' try so far :)

Testing Teaser -4-

So, there I stood. Or rather sat, wishing that I was somewhere else. This was wrong. I was starting to get very tired of being threatened. I stood up, smiling at him, then I started to walk towards him. He backed as I moved and forcing him back out in the living room I told him.

“You better shot if you want me to stay, because I’m leaving.”

He looked at me as if trying to gauge my seriousness, suddenly he put his piece away, looking almost embarrassed.

Adam's own

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I will go with Adam's own for the moment. I may change some more of it to make it 'flow' better, for me that is :). On the other hand, one becomes kind of blind writing, and .. So if you see what you think is a blatant mistake, write me and say so.

Anyway, if you don't mind I will stay with that one and Jellyfish for the moment. I need to finish both, as well as some others. So if I do write something new it will probably be 'short stories. What do you think of Jellyfish btw, Is it boring? interesting, or just plain rubbish?

Gotta admit that to me it's kind of interesting :)

Trying to make 'Adam's own' readable?

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I've tried to fix on 'Adams Own' a little, don't know if it's noticeable though :)
Up to half chapter 3-10. I don't like that it's so phreaking big, half would be enough especially when, ah, 'editing'..

Hope you had a nice start on the new year. The sad thing is that we all lost something in the exchange, namely the old one :)

Never mind, it will all become clear as I look back at this one too.
Well, hopefully so.
Take care now.


Just some writings.

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Some of those having an impact on me. And I won’t ‘define’ them that much, but I do download those writers.
(Some of the best I suspect I forget to mention, they’re so much of a ‘standing feature’ that you, and me, already reads them, like Angharad f ex, so, I will mention her now. )


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