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All good things...


Hi All,

I’d like to thank all of you who wished me well over the past few months. Unfortunately, the fates have not been kind... So as the saying goes... all good things must end. I can no longer continue to write. I hope that someday I may return to writing, but that’s not in my hands.

I’ve learned plenty from all of you. I will continue to visit and offer comments where I can. I love the stories here on the site and hope the authors here much success.

Thanks again for all those who read, commented and encouraged the stories I posted. I love you all!



After seeing the new comments about SEE, I decided to reread myself. The first two chapters were fine, but everything after that is blank. What gives?

I posted an update less then 30 min. after this that everything was back and sumerized there must have been a hiccup somewhere along the way. That was on my laptop/main computer. Now I'm on my tablet and that previous update is not there. :-(

Quick Update

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So this will be a real quick update.

I just wanted to let everyone know that the building inspector was out at my house on Friday. He told us that if we sealed the floor with Kilz paint then we would be allowed back in. I'm happy to report that he came by this morning, was here for about 5 minutes and told me it was good to live in. The house is no longer condemned. So I'm not in fear of losing my home or my dog as of right now.

We shall see about the future. One day at a time now :).

My Personal War Against Christmas

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On Monday the 18th of September I Sarah Goodwoman declared my own personal war on Christmas. When I went to the Tesco on my way home from work I could not believe my eyes, they were already stocking the shelves with Christmas treats. It is still summer and they were putting out Jacob’s Treeselets . (Stating that Christmas is about the Winter Solstice is just a statement for Jesus’ birth would not had been in December with the shepherds in their fields according to the Bible)

good news/bad news day

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Well, today is been kinda a good news/bad news day.

First, the good news is I saw my psychologist and got both a letter for Welfare and his promise to complete forms for my application for handicapped assistance and send it in for me.

On the bad news, we had to go over some of the more painful parts of my history, and so i am slightly shaky, and its snowing, which is activating my arthritis.

Ah, well.

An update

I believe a few months back I mention I may be moving. Well I have. Last month I took two trips from Michigan to California. I'm going for my California drivers license today. So it will be official.

After tearing that hamstring a couple years back, winter and I do not agree. So I had to get to someplace warm.

made it

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To Austria after two longish daysof travel. So today is free to do whatever so we take the gondola up the local 1700m plus mountain - pretty tame really except it was snowing at the top. Not just a dusting either as we found out when we took the short scenic walk as a) it as still snowing so blanking any views and b) we were pathfinding through several inches of the white stuff on a rocky and rooty route. That meant that Dad was struggling a bit in places as he's not brilliant on his feet but we made it none the less.

Transgender Hurricane

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Watching the news out of a quarter-eye, as TS Harvey drenched the city, I saw several discussions of a rotating system at the southwest part of the Gulf of Mexico. The consensus was that nothing would come of it, but they were monitoring it just in case.

A couple weeks later: Hurricane Katia had formed from that system, and hit Mexico. Its remnants emerged into the Pacific Ocean and reformed into Pacific Hurricane Otis.

Inch by inch, I move forward

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So I was able to get a doctor's note about not being able to work, but it took so long, I was not able to see someone at welfare about emergency assistance.

However, i did get an appointment for Wednesday, so that will do, and I see my psychologist and hopefully get my evaluation from him tomorrow.

Inch by inch, I move forward ...

Some exciting news. Well I hope so anyway.

Well, it's been a loooong time since I've revisited this story, but today, a thought went through my mind. Yes, I know. The thought had a short, lonely time going through my mind.

Anyway, I think I might have come up with a way to not only finish the story, but a way to possibly tie it into Luck Be A Lady!

Ambitious? You betcha, but It's bothered me for a long time that I left those stories just kinda dangling there. So! I've already begun a first draft of a continuation of Transformers Sort Of and will be working on tying it in to Luck Be A Lady.

Have a Train ride on Gaby’s Zug (Train)


If you would like to see the train ride (Zug) that Maddy Bells Gaby, Connie and the gang use to go to school when it is too cold to cycle (& see the cycle track they use as well!). Or the ride on to Remagen where they go swimming or Bonn where they shop. Then these three YouTube videos are for you.

The first video one starts at Ahrbruck (end of the line) to Ahrweiler. Stopping at Altenahr, Mayschob, Rech, Dernau. (20mins 37sec)

Re-reading SEE

I am re-reading Somewhere Else Entirely by Penny Lane, and I can highly recommend it if you havent read it (or even if you have). Its a long story, so be prepared to get hooked for some time, though.

Here is a link:

Penny Lane. Thank you

I have been reading SEE (Somewhere Else Entirely)by Penny Lane. It is a very long serial (100+ chapters each long an well written.4 books)Unlike many stories of this quality it has not been taken down and offered for sale as have several I was in the middle of. That is good for my My resources are 0 at the moment.and I can't afford gum. let alone buying something online. Seriously do yourself a favor and read this story be prepared to be at it more than a week . Her other stories are equally high quality.If you have not discovered her.Good Times ahead!

Bonus posting

Moin, moin!

well between trips I've scored a bit of internet time so Girls on Film gets to see the light of day today.

In a mere handful of hours I'm off on my travels again - to sunny and snowy Austria for nine days of 'relaxing' after a fortnight of cycling and walking!

So enjoy this little interlude and hopefully next week you'll get a bonus posting of stuff.

take care
Gruss Gut!

Session 2 of Airship Lost

Hi all!

Session 2 of Airship Lost went off without a hitch last night. Expect Chapter 5 of Amaya and Akiko's adventures soon. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing it. I also should be getting my artwork of Ichiro/Amaya/Akiko sometime this week from the talented Avionetca , I'm really stoked with the sketch she showed me so I'm looking forward to sharing that with everyone.

Breast Pump Kink?

Here's a (loaded? sensitive? funny?) question...

Ever use a breast pump (electric or otherwise) for erogenous play, either with a partner or solo? Either for nipple stimulation or for anything else. (I'm talking about the kinds normally used by lactating women, but in this case for non-lactation purposes.)

Sign me,

Ummm, just curious.

The Celebration of War

It is confusing that such a high percentage of the stories here, and in new movies, and in video games seem to glorify war. Having seen a great deal of violence, these days I eschew any exposure to it. Having explored the works of many authors here, many of the earlier authors wrote sweet, winsome stories, but these days it all seems to be about killing one another.

It seems sad, so very sad.

Planetary Brigade by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis

Planetary Brigade by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and various artists is a superhero comic, published in two miniseries in the mid-2000s. It's about a superhero team, mostly a Justice League analogue (there are obvious analogues to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow, while other characters are not such obvious analogues of DC or Marvel characters). It's mostly funny, with some serious bits. (Giffen and DeMatteis are best known for their comedic run on Justice League International in the 1980s-90s.)

Tucker- Time to Continue? Please!


I was re-reading (For the umpthteen time) Ellen Hayes site of Tucker stories again tonight, and realized that it her last note was posted on Sept. 12 2013. (That's 4 years ago yesterday for the math impaired).
I would hope that Ellen would someday (Real soon, PLEASE!) choose to continue the story.
I really miss the adventures, and would really like to see how it ends.

Ellen, if you read this, YOU ARE MISSED!

So I noticed something pretty awesome in my newsfeeds today...

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So I noticed something pretty awesome in my newsfeeds today...

Definitely something I'll be exploring for myself! I expect this will supplant the older surgeries pretty quickly judging by the preliminary results.

Just thought I'd share!


Anniversary of the death of Lili Elbe


I was just installing a few bookmarks on a new computer (refurbished variety) as I'll be putting my regular one in for repair - tipped a cuppa over the keyboard and have been running it on a plug in kepboard - when I discovered that according to wiki, today, September 13th is the anniversary of the death of Lili Elbe, the Danish transsexual woman who died from complications arising from surgery in 1931.

As she was a real pioneer in the world of gender realisation, I think it fitting we remember her as a real person not just the subject of the Danish Girl. May she rest in peace.

A fair but honest beta reader wanted

Over the past month, I have been experiencing a brief opening in my prolong bout of depression of the past ten months. In that I have written four new poems and 18,000 words in a new and very dark project, which I have written two full chapters and working on the third one.


Yes, I've started a patreon page. You can find it here:

This means a few things and it doesn't mean a few things. What it DOESN'T mean is that I'm about to stop posting to Big Closet, or I'm about to limit free content. What is does mean is that I can value add by doing things like offering my stories in e-reader formats, collaborate with patrons and have my own discord. It also means that I will be editing and correcting publications, which will increase the quality of my work.

Unwritten Rules

First off, thank you to everyone who has read any of my book chapters
Second, I apologize that I'm slow at getting them completed
Three, if you're here then you may have read the first chapter of "Unwritten Rules", based on the screenplay “Rebekah Anne Bettencourt”.

Music influence: Aselin Debison “Sweet is the Melody”

River finally flowing again

I just posted River 37, for those of you following that story. We are nearing the end, and I am afraid that the twice weekly postings are over. I have barely started the next chapter, so it won't be out for another week. Eric, my super editor gets no blame for the delay. He had this finished and back to me last Friday but I did not post it that night.

No Chapter :(

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Sorry there's probably not going to be a new chapter this week.

This has been the week from hell for me. By far the worse week in my life, worse than last year when my dog died. So last Tuesday---as I'm sure some of you know from my blog---my aunt fell and hit her head. She was later unresponsive and sent to the hospital via Mercy Flight. I was later told that if she had a DNR, they probably wouldn't have even bothered with surgery. Right now she's currently in the ICU in a vegetative state. They're not even sure if she'll ever recover.

Psyren's redemption, weekly superhero serial. Read for free now

Chapter Eight Part Two is now ready for your reading pleasure. Please take a moment to comment. It will be appreciated. My website does not require you to login and if you did want to login you could use your account or one of several social media accounts.

a dream has left me shaken

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A dream I had last night has left me shaken.

In the dream, I was back in elementary school (although I seemed to be the age I am now), and while I found some of the material far too easy, I was struggling in the class because the teachers and students seemed to be speaking in a kind of code that left me isolated, confused, and increasingly angry.

Said that way, it sounds a LOT like my real elementary school experience.

About the only good thing about the dream was people called me Dorothy, but still, I find myself being very upset about it.

Another Page from 'Facts are Stranger Than Fiction'

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I came across an article today about a discovery made while examining the remains of a Viking warrior. It seems DNA testing proves the warrior, buried with all the trappings due a warrior of note, was a female.

It seems the character Jennifer Ellis and I created in 'The Legend of Alfhildr' and the part of the story of how she was discovered is closer to the mark than even Jenny and I suspected.

a link to the piece is below;

trying to get back to writing fiction


Hi all. I've not been writing TG fiction for a while now, but I'm staring to feel like I need to finish the work I started here.
If you enjoyed my stories, I hope to give you more of what you liked. I'm also going to go back and do some major editing and fix some huge plot problems with Unfinished Business.


Apology and an Update

I wanted to let the readers of my stories know that I'm trying to write my next story part. It is taking me longer than I normally take as it involves some violence and abuse, two of the toughest things for me to type as I have to keep myself from getting to angry and frustrated at the characters.

New Gaby Stuff

Dressed to Kill, the next Gaby chapter is now posted.

Sorry but its likely to be another couple of weeks before the next posting as I'm away for most of the next fortnight.

Hopefully you'll get some holiday snaps from Nena, new Gaby chapter and who knows what else at that time.

bye for now


11th Sun Book Cover

Taking a break from the comic book to work on the book cover. It's the scene on Logan's Fun where 11 is getting off the elevator and seeing the inside of the station for the fist time. From the worm eye you can see her in her dress, as she looks at the atrium in the station for the first time.

I'm going for a juxtaposition between the mundane (girl in sun dress) and the fantastic (space station). Should look pretty fucking cool.

Fool Me Once

There is a definite way NOT to end a book.

Recently I purchased an e-book -- From Man to Woman by Lindy Smith on Amazon. It was a compelling story marred by typos and some continuity issues, but still worth spending considerable time reading, EXCEPT it stopped in the middle of nowhere. From the way it was written, to that point, I would estimate several chapters were missing.

Stories update

This is the first time I am writing about stories update about when I am going to put out a story. It is for I am behind on my schedule of what I want to put out. I know other people do not know the schedule but I do not want people to think that I have abandoned Becoming Sarah or put that story on the back burner.

It is I want to put out the rest of the first book at once. I will break them it up in parts in the posting, but I do want to get to the conclusion. The next time people read the story I want them to be able to go to the payout at the end if they want.

Thank you to all the readers and reviewers of Kappa Delta Girls on Amazon.

I just wanted to express my thanks to everyone that read or commented on my first story on Amazon called - Kappa Delta Girls.

It means a lot to me that people enjoy what I have written and that they take the time to comment. As with all authors, it is amazing how much positive feedback can encourage you to contribute more and to take satisfaction in what you are doing.

The Twin Tails New Fiction

Hi all again!

I've got a new offering called Adventures of the Twin Tails posted now. It's the origin of my new character for the Divine Blood campaign plus our first session from her perspective. I've tried to be as accurate as possible but some of the events may me slightly embellished for the purposes of good storytelling when compared to the real session. Hope everyone enjoys.

Also, you can find out more about the session from another perspective by visiting my GM Thrythlind's blog here:

New Winnisimmet Tales story by me

A few days ago, I woke up with an idea for a story to be set in Winnisimmet, Massachusetts. I wanted it to be a Winnisimmet Tales story.

Because of that, I sent a fairly long message to efindumb giving a lot of information about the story I wanted to write.

I argued a bit with him, saying that I felt the story could be told without it interfering with a story he said he was about to write that would be similar. After some discussion, he asked me to send whatever I would put in the story to him. I felt that was fair, so I agreed.

Beta-reader with legal knowledge needed

I'm working on a story with a legal subplot now, an expansion of my story "Free" from the latest mixtape. One of the main characters was infected with slave nanites that changed him into a woman and made her imprint on the first person she saw (his partner; they were police officers trying to arrest a slaver) as her master. The psychologists and psychiatrists at the hospital recommend she be declared incompetent and be assigned a guardian.

Harriet Stow, actress, returns

Ridiculous though it sounds, my heart rate is raised as I write this. Quite frankly I'm suffering from author's nerves. After my first two novels about Harriet Stow, namely "The Might- Have-Been Girl" and then "All the World's a Stage", I took a few months off writing. However, Harriet and Reggie's story was not finished, so now I've embarked on Episode Three, "There is Nothing Like a Dame", thus publishing my first trilogy.

About Gwen Brown

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I am writing this to explain my actions of the last months. The reason for the delay was to let my feelings settle so I have a reasonable expectation that I would not be saying anything rash and hurting feelings.

It seems clear now that I am finished writing as Gwen Brown. In the unlikely event that someone would want to use any of my ideas or story devices, just contact me at [email protected].

A New Story by Portia Bennett

I had to figuratively kick my muse in the ass and get to work on a story that I've been playing with for nearly a year. Fair warning, I'm sure this story is far more violent than most that I've written. It had to be for the story to work. I assure you it has a happy ending for those for whom it should. Anita is not a lady to mess with, but she does have her soft side. I would say this, don't piss her off. The story is 16 chapters long plus epilogue, and a bit less than 40,000 words.

Free Weekly serial on my website

Well now, it appears that chapter eight part one is up on my website.

Click here to read.

As usual, I request that if you do read it you take time to leave input. You don't have to login or register to comment and I won't ever share any information that my website stores.

Short Lived :(

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Well my happiness was very, very short lived sadly.

This morning at 4am, my great aunt took a pretty bad fall. I live with her, I have been for almost 4 years now. She and I have had our ups and downs over the years but we have never been violent toward one another. Sadly the local police do not think so.

an encouragement to give

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Its been a bad year (or two) for disasters. Locally, last year we had a massive fire in Fort McMurry, and this year its British Colombia's turn to have terrible fires. In the states, California is also fighting fires, while Texas is just beginning the cleanup from hurricane Harvey, and apparently there is another hurricane building that is expected to hit Florida.

That's not even counting disasters elsewhere in the world.

a story of mine appeared in my church bulletin

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I am pleased to announce that a story of mine - "Tears from a bottle" has now been published in my church's monthly bulletin. If you're curious about the story, you can read it here:

My Favorite stories on here

my favorite stories on here include the Gaby Series by Maddie Bell, The Tammy Series By Shiraz, the Lyssa Kordenay Series by Snowfall, and the US Marshals Series by Wolfjess7.

For those interested - The Tammy Series by Shiraz and the US Marshals Series by Wolfjess7 intertwine with the Lyssa Kordenay Series.

Outlining Your Novel Workbook Software

I ran across this piece of Software last night, courtesy of Leila, and found it to be an invaluable tool towards making an author THINK about their work as they are designing it. This way, you make fewer mistakes and have more room to correct your initial start on the work before you ever get around to posting it.

It is called Outlining Your Novel Workbook by K.M. Weiland.

bad news!

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Yes very bad news - well for me at any rate, I'm sat here at Europoort near Rotterdam, Holland waiting to board my ride back to Yorkshire.

Yep my short sojourn to foreign land is over, i'll be the wrong side of the water in the morning and hopefully meeting Podracer for dinner Monday night.

Nena has been with me so you will likely get words and pictures next week.

So ttfn
Wish me a flat crossing


New Story/Universe

So I mentioned in my blog the other day that I was back to writing and trying something new.

Well I'm happy to say that I've currently finished the first two chapters in a story that's going to start a new universe for me. Its about normal, every day people getting powers from a solar event. I don't have all the specifics worked out but I know there will be non-gender flipped characters with powers as well.

I'm really excited about it. Hopefully I can have it up by the end of the month.

Looking for a story

I can't believe I can't remember the name of author of this one.

Character catches his wife unfaithful and leaves - changes to true self on the way and ends up in a small town by the sea. (something like Penistone?) Finds true love, lots of cats, inherits riches....

Yeah, I should know which one this is.

Thanks in advance.

more silliness

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They say that to be forewarned is to be forearmed. But if you're four-armed, doesn't that make you some kind of mutant?

Can a bald man ever have a bad hair day?

Can a blind person ever see the light?

Can a deaf woman hear the news?

Proof carrots are good for you: Have you ever seen a blind rabbit?

Proof rabbit's feet are lucky: I've never seen a 3-legged rabbit.

Why is acting the only entertainment where breaking a leg is actually a good thing?

Flooded - slowing my writing considerably

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Well, it's been a while since I've managed to write anything, even on the Whateley site - because we got a bit flooded. As in water in the house. We had co-workers swarm in to get carpet and drywall out - now it's sorting lots of stuff to see what's ruined and what can possibly be saved. I haven't looked at national news in over a week - and it seems like it's been a month! And I haven't felt like writing in over a week, even though I have 2 really interesting stories bopping about in my brain.

Working on sequel

Per the MANY requests and PMs I've received since it posted just a few days ago, I've decided to extend Why Me? to a full-fledged serial. I've begun work on a second chapter and, if my muse remains cooperative, will finish it and send it for editing (along with a new chapter of Dawn) some time tomorrow. I have lost the work I'd already completed on Demons 3.2, so a rewrite is needed, delaying its posting a few days. Since I have no therapy on the weekends, I should be able to catch up, provided my health holds up and I have no further setbacks.


Extreme frustration is setting in rapidly!

I ordered some underwear from an online site. Please don't take me to task for that, okay? The package arrived after many days and all was as ordered...except.

Their ad stated that their bras run small and they advise people who order them, to order them two full strap/band sizes larger than they usually wear, a good thing as it turns out.

Things Are Looking Up :)

My life has been utter shit as of late and because of that I haven't been happy with anything that I've been doing....whether its writing or just plain living. Thankfully I got a bit of a wake up call in the form of Adult Protective Services. I was accused of some nasty things toward my elderly great aunt I live with---all of them false and unfounded I might add. It was kinda scary though. There is a silver lining with it though.


Thanks to my guardian angel Andrea Lena the second chapter of 'Andi and Allie' will be posted today. The third will be upcoming hopefully this Sunday. I could not do this without Drea's amazing assistance and very patient effort. It seems that anything beyond an e-mail and such out paces my puter abilities. In an off handed compliment the big oxen of an Irishman I happen to keep company with simply states that puters are NOT a 'bab's' thing. I'm not sure whether I should feel warm and fuzzy or I should smack him. Such decisions!

Scheduled posting

I have a story currently being edited and will be posting the prologue as soon as it's finished being proofed, probably later today or early tomorrow. Work on Demons continues slowly, as the Journal has finished the proofreading phase and is ready to be published. The. song lyrics are complete as well, so only the chapter itself remains to be written and proofed. No work on Chronicles or Smoky Corners, as they are on my small netbook at home. Leila is still recovering and will be for awhile (please send her well wishes), so Mandela is on semi-permanent hiatus.

sorry the story is so short

Just an apology for the fact my latest piece is so short. I kept hoping I could expand it, but I was seriously stuck, and my muse kept wanting to work on this other piece based on my dream instead. So I figured I'd put it out there, and hopefully if there is interest I'll add to it or make a sequel or something, assuming my muse lets me.

At least I'm writing again, so there is that ...

Hatbox and End of the Month


Thanks to everyone who has contributed this month, we're only behind on one big bill and paying ourselves so we can keep doing this without taking other work. We're still short on the monthly goal as you can see in the right hand column. That shortfall comes out of the money budgeted to paying off the $30,000 in debt we've built up by doing this for nearly twenty years. Anything we get for the rest of the month goes toward that.

The info on how to send us a gift is below and in the column to the right. And thanks.


The Reluctant Miss Pink - Hatbox Premium

I gave Erin a story called "The Reluctant Miss Pink" for the Hatbox today. It should be one of the top entries in the Premium Stories banner and on the Premium Stories page. It was inspired by Erin's own "Hired Girl" story (also by Melanie Brown's reluctant series :)) and is about another transgirl getting a job and doing well at it. I hope you enjoy.

You can join the Hatbox in the right hand sidebar to read the story or wait till February when I will repost it as an ordinary BCTS story.

Here's the cover, designed by Erin from a public domain image I found:

Nanites from Leslie Moore and a Wildcat update

While we are working on the rewrite and editing of The Wildcats, I got the itches and penned a little story called Nanites. Thanks to Dee Sylvan's extra editing and Dawn's format and beautiful cover work, the story is up on Big Closet.

I hope you all enjoy it. In the meantime, The Wildcats has been beefed up and has a better flow now thanks to Eric and Dee. While we go through the process, I've started a spin-off story that features Jessica Jade, my transgender woman to the rescue. It's coming along nicely.

Apology for an error I made in my Texas Blog.

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Sorry, all, I did not mean to say "square miles" when I said 200 square miles; rather I meant the entire radius of the circle which brings it a lot closer to over 125, 000+ miles.
A close friend of my youngest son figured out the 9 TRILLION feet of rain water thus far, that if laid out "flat', would cover the entire US at a depth of 1.7" of water.

Apology for an error I made in my Texas Blog.

Blog About: 


Sorry, all, I did not mean to say "square miles" when I said 200 square miles; rather I meant the entire radius of the circle which brings it a lot closer to over 125, 000+ miles.
A close friend of my youngest son figured out the 9 TRILLION feet of rain water thus far, that if laid out "flat', would cover the entire US at a depth of 1.7" of water.

Apology for an error I made in my Texas Blog.

Blog About: 


Sorry, all, I did not mean to say "square miles" when I said 200 square miles; rather I meant the entire radius of the circle which brings it a lot closer to over 125, 000+ miles.
A close friend of my youngest son figured out the 9 TRILLION feet of rain water thus far, that if laid out "flat', would cover the entire US at a depth of 1.7" of water.

IARG cover issue

I'm trying to decide if I really want to use the current cover I have for "Rosemary".

Pros: It is professionally done, it looks nice...the characterizations are just. About. There.
Cons: The model for Kristi is Differnet from the character description in the text and the cover makes it look like a romance novel...which it isn't.

Would it be better to use the following picture (or one like it, of the same model) than the current version?



Hi all the writers and readers on Big Closet,

Its been a long time since i have posted anything , I am considering starting to write again and almost thought I would pick up Carla,s Journey from where I last finished writing but then I had probably taken that story as far as I could , There is a hell of a lot of me in that story and I have personally moved on in my own life. Love to all Carla Bay (Roo) [email protected]

Gators, snakes and bayou critters! Yikes!

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These critters are affected by this terrible flooding from Hurricane Harvey also. I've heard on the news that Alligators, snakes and other bayou critters have been flooded out of their normal haunts and are swimming around in the city STREETS. Yet another danger to those attempting to help and those fleeing from the floodwaters. I did hear that an alligator preserve was nearly flooded out and workers there were very much concerned that the flood waters would breach the wire fences that keep the gators penned in. Just one more reason not to drive or walk in flooded areas.

Serial story part is up on my website

Hey everybody. How's it going? Chapter Seven of Psyren's Redemption, is up on my website for those of you who'd like to take a gander.

As usual, I request that if you do read it you take time to leave input. You don't have to login or register to comment and I won't ever share any information that my website stores.

The hurricane flooding of Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

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Hi all,
I learned this yesterday after listening to the Attorney General of Texas telling a news reporter how to describe the current disaster area within Texas.

He said to give a person an idea of the massive area size being flooded, here is how to do it; so for all of you who live elsewhere in the world or even the USA;
Find your own location on a map of your city or nation. Pinpoint it, then draw a circle radiating out 200 square miles (321.869 kilometers) in ALL directions of the circle.

THAT is how big the area is that is presently flooded in Texas.

weird dream that might be a story

Had a weird dream last night that might make a good story. In the dream two ex soldiers go to a hotel bar to meet a third former soldier who had transitioned to female. The reason for the reunion was some supernatural evil they had survived as soldiers had returned, and they wanted to fight it together.


So... After a most productive writing year...for me anyway... in 2016, with the help of dear Drea, the first chapter of an ungodly long tale has been posted. I wish I could promise chapters on a scheduled basis but since posting seems to be a challenge I will proceed as quickly as possible (or perhaps Drea will). I'm allegedly editing as I go along. Anyway, I am totally in her debt. We should all be that lucky. ;-) I hope you all enjoy this tale.


Kelly Ap Lake