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Apologies for flooding


I apologize to everyone here for flooding the site with three reposts and five straight story parts. I know people dislike me personally and I'm probably one of the biggest reasons for a drop in site activity, but I won't apologize for trying to end my story so I can disappear.

I'll leave posting stories to the popular authors so the site can recover.

on a lighter note

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Thursday and with a nice dry and mild day I went for a ride - well you all know that's what I do for relaxation / inspiration. Today I heade east to Conisbrough Castle which overlooks the River Don not far from Doncaster. You might not know the name but it's where Ivanhoe was set and there are connections with the whole Robin Hood folklore thing (Robin actually came from Sheffield, Loxley is the home to Titanium manufacture believe it or not)

Efindumb's books 1-3 reposts coming


As it'll be mentioned in my next story part, I figured it best to do something about my first three books. In four days I'm permanently pulling my three books "Someone Who Cares" "True Friends and Family" and "New Beginnings" from Amazon as they are simply just taking up digital space and not worth keeping there as nobody actually buys or reads them anymore. In doing that, I'm going to post all three books in their entirety on here so they are available for all to read for free.

I'm Me


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Sometimes I Can't Hold It In Any More


I suppose I am what you can categorise as a frustrated transsexual. I am not a crossdresser although I dress in women's clothes as often as I can. I don't regard this as crossdressing. All I am doing is dressing in the clothes in which I should have been dressing all my life. Circumstances have prevented me from assuming my true sex throughout my life, so that I have had to masquerade as a man for more than sixty years.

Psyren's Redemption - The Gateway Predicament

Indigo Knight's attack has had its desired effect and Ashira was spared from a death at Babalawo's hands, but will she recover from her injuries in time to finally defeat Chemosh or will they all suffer a fate worse than death?

Follow this link to read this week's part.

This one to read the entire chapter.

Last Call

I’ll be deleting Jessica Jade from BigCloset on Monday.

A larger Jessica Jade - Metamorphosis gets uploaded to Amazon. If you’re interested, it’s 35% longer, actually 3/8th. I’ve used all your suggestions and written several new chapters. It’s been reworked and the expanded version just reads better.

I start posting Wildcats 4 chapter by chapter on Thanksgiving

broken news

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So, got home last night, turned PC on and a minute later - nada!

Yep you got it, Mad's PC has issues, it won't boot. There was no indication of an issue previously, no warning, its never been connected to the internet so not a virus but it's effectively dead.

The only good news is that the only work I can't access is the half chapter of Gaby book 24 I wrote on Monday. I'm sure everything is there still, just need to get to it!

There may be a delay in getting stuff out but hopefully it's just a short blip.


Magic (Politics) is... Late, again. Sorry!

Hi, those brave souls still hanging in there with me on Hannah's current political Odyssey!
(Translation - I gotta do an update on why my latest chapter is late, bear with me everyone :3)

Editing hit a bit of a snag this week and while I was hoping to get the chapter up and ready to post by this morning, it hasn't worked out.
I'm sorry to anyone who gets antsy without their Hannah-fix (Winlyn, I'm looking at you lol) but I'll try to get the chapter up as quickly as I can once things are sorted.

The Observers Group

I wanted to thank the readers of Big Closet for taking the time to look over my first attempt at contributing a story here.

It’s obviously a work in progress and needs much more effort to make the grade. But, this fulfills my desire to give something back to this site. I’ve anonymously been coming here to read all of your stories for a while now and just wanted to give it a try myself.

I’ve got about twenty-thousand words written and will continue to post the chapters here, but I just wanted to thank you for your acceptance and patience.

HL Keys

Hug and Kiss your pets


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Went to the vet tonight for my cat last trip.

A few week ago I spot a grow on her jaw, but as I was STUPID and busy, I wait before seeing the vet... Long story short, it was one of the aggressive cancer.
With her lost of will to live and the quality of life she could have hope after any treatment. I only got one human option.

Don't forget to love and cherish any moment you got with those bundles of Love.

Love and Hug tmf

Peace, Love, Freedom, Happiness
RIP Tempête

Old Computers lying around


Doing an extensive GI to my apartment and find I have two old Computers lying around. Both were working when I shut them down. One is a big ASUS N50V. Laptop. The sticker says it has VISTA in it but I know it has Linux because I bought it from a place that only sells them used with Linux. I'll likely leave the HD, of unknown size in it. I never really learned Linux, so didn't put anything on it.

The other is a Dell XPS 430 with NO hard drive. I'll remove it for security.

Stan Lee has passed away

I'm so sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings again, and I don't know his views on gender issues, but Stan Lee was a great influence on my life and my characters. It so sad to see another of my heroes pass away. I'm sure some of you, like me, lost yourself in comic books with their larger than life heroes that were a little more human than those that came before.
Just thought some of you might like to know the news. He was 95.

My day off

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I sit here in my recliner on a peaceful Monday morning secure in my home surrounded by family as I ponder why it is I'm not at work.

I grew up in the Vietnam era. My one and only brush with the law happened when I was 17 and I was still on probation when I registered for the draft. As a result, I was classified 1Y. I was never called to serve, as a matter of fact, when I tried to enlist, first in the Navy and then the Army, they both decided to give me a pass for the same reason.

ode of rememberance


They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

It Can Only Go Up From Here

6,800 words into “It Can Only Go Up From Here”.

The story takes place one month after the events in “To Be a Different Someone” and I decided to include the social and political issues that I didn’t want to hang onto Jennifer’s shoulders in the first book but it just seems that it had to come to place that there are going to be people who will hate her for no reason except their own prejudices and intolerance.

Hatbox Broke Again


We're broke at the moment. We got almost halfway through the month, though so things are kind of good.

I've been sick but I'm better, hope all of you are well.

We're still here, still operating a friendly place for authors and fans of TG Fiction. If you can help out, it will be appreciated.


January 2019 Contest Prizes Teaser 2!

Another weekend, another teaser of some of the books you can find in the Doppler Press bundle being offered as a prize in the Reader Retention contest!

For those of you who may have missed it here are the rules. For everyone else, here's the next two books to be revealed from the curated list!

My Choice:

Preview of my latest project

I've been a bit busy, and the whole recovery thing from Hurricane Harvey is very slow, laborious, and the conditions keep making me sick. 14 months and counting until our house and lives are whole again - or as close as possible. While I've been very much slowed, I have been working on a few projects. I figured y'all might like a preview of one tiny bit of this already-massive project. It's quite likely that I'll try to sell it. It's tentatively titled "Corporate Coup"

Paying the price


Sad as it is, not every husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter comes back. And even if they do come back sometimes they left a piece of them behind. Tomorrow it's Armistice, and we remember those that payed the ultimate price. But I would ask everyone to also remember the families, forgotten by many, that lost a husband, a wife, a father, a mother, a son or a daughter.

Le soldat

Florent Pagny

Searching for two books

I'm looking for two Science Fiction books that I read "about" 20 years ago. I can not remember if one of the characters was TG or anything.

In the story was a character who had a machine something like a spinning wheel in which they cut the spools of time and spliced it, thus altering time.

Does this ring a bell with anyone?

November - Sandal's?

Just a quickie - well I got my ride in, 115km (that's @ 75 old fashioned miles I think) and visited the Sandal's up near Wakefield. Had my sandwich and flask of coffee sat overlooking the Castle which, after the 'good ole boys' (aka the Parliamentarians, think Trump but with a more vindictive nature) got done with it in the 1640's is but a shadow of its former self.

Rewrites and issues


I'm having bipolar moments. My temper is short and I jump into a deep depression just after the anger switch is flipped. I have been fighting deep depressions to the point of considering breaking my vows of abstaining from drugs by taking over the counter sleep medicine to sleep through the down moments. The only way to fight it is to focus on something else.

Story about

A Lad sent to stay with his aunt by mother, I can't remember if there is a father, mother going away

Mother call every night, all seems fine until he notices itching in chest

he tries to get help from mom, mom believes aunt she is moms sister after all.

help finally comes from female friend, friend i think lives next door, the only one that aunt lets him accociate with

This relationship is aunts undoing as, the friend is M2F but aunt thinks her parents are as ill as she is

Mom finally arrives at the hospital and begs forgiveness

By Your Side, Waiting - New Book on Amazon

Word Count 72,000+

In this YA story, High School Juniors, Jordan and his best friend Rose have been friends since childhood. Rose has a crush on Jordan yet he seems oblivious. Along with friends, they form a band for a talent contest. A follow-up concert at a charity event may provide an opportunity to publish their songs and sell them on the internet. This story explores romance, young love, and family interactions as our protagonists learn family secrets in their search for success in their music and their personal lives.


Figured I would clue everyone into where I've been, at least with my writing and lack of posting.

I had a heart attack two weeks ago, or at least that what the doctor tells me. I think the ER wanted to keep me at least over night, but they decided to let me go after experiencing my unique scene of humor :)

While that could have been bad, it actually wasn't. The truly bad was finding out I am now blessed with diabetes as my A1C came back 245. Then they also found unusual liver enzymes.

"Myrna and the Grievous Error" is gone

I have deleted "Myrna and the Grievous Error" due to popular demand - two people. However the lack of votes also indicated problems. The story has been replaced with "Myrna and the Genetic Disaster". The stories are pretty much the same for about halfway. After that the story is expanded considerably following the lives of Wanda and Tamesha, Penny, and Sydney. I particularly like how Penny reacts to her estranged parents. All around, more detail and a happier conclusion.

Kris Traverse

This appeared in the comments for her story published last week I think it got pushed off the front page by new comments before many people saw it.

Sadly I must report that the Adventures of Alexa and Jenny have come to an end.
The Author and my good friend, Kris Traverse
Passed away unexpectedly last week. A heart attack. She will be missed greatly!
Telane Jefferies.

Psyren's Redemption - Dead Man's Switch

Inches from death, Sapphira and Amy are left at the mercy of Chemosh’s puppet. Will they perish at his hands or will they find help in the most unlikely of places?

Click here to read this week's chapter.

Click here to read from the beginning.

Go to the my stories page of the site to view individual parts or chapters and/or other stories.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

Hi all.

Well, it's my turn in the barrel. I've been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. So, on Wednesday 11/7, I will be having my thyroid and some lymph nodes removed. I should only be in the hospital for two or three days (I hope). Then I get to glow. I get to take a radioactive iodine pill.

Hopefully, I won't leave Tommy's readers hanging too long by their acrylic fingernails.


break from Gaby

Well only a short break. Instead of writing new Gaby today i've been going at a short stand alone story. It's been slower going than i'd hoped but i've got over 2000 words down, there may be another couple of thousand to go - I know the plot, it just needs fleshing out.

I'm making no promises but it might be ready for Wednesdays update. No spoilers other than to say there are bikes involved, a death and the lead character is rather bland.

Well i'm off to bed, the weather is set fair for tomorrow so i'll get a bit of a ride in.


Casting Call!


I'm writing "To the Matt Part 29" and starting to get to the point of casting for the movie adaptations of my first three books "Someone Who Cares" "True Friends and Family" and "New Beginnings". I tried to be slick in casting members of the family as members of their own family as well as the secondary and tertiary characters who play important roles later on. That's all well and good...but I was wondering how people visualized the characters as real life actors and actresses portraying them?



I have mentioned the National Novel Writing Month before and I am participating again.

This time there are even more reward offers there than before. For the first time apart from publishing possibilities there are

a cash prize of $1000
and two ruuner up prizes of $500 each!

Writing Code

I'm thinking of writing a tale about a person of indeterminate gender who mostly lives as a woman. This person supports herself by writing code, sometimes nefariously. The world is well advanced into a threatening Global Warming cycle that has been happening for over three generations, and surprisingly humanity is so pressed to survive that wars and most criminality has stopped, but not before over half the population is gone.



I've been reading for years but this is the first time I've signed up and now when I went to post the first part of the story, I messed up. But, in signing up I managed to screw up where I don't have any way to access posting or editing a story. I need help from someone behind the curtain.

Thank you,


Blog Entry 4th November 2018

Hi all

Just to let you all know that uploads over the next few weeks may be a little erratic. I'm still going to be writing, but I've received some news recently that sort-of goes beyond 'bad' into 'devastating'. So if I take longer between chapters, or if the quality wobbles a bit (more than usual), please do bear with me.

And here's a song that sums things up-


Fantasy Story

Medieval type time period.

Heir to the throne protects the kingdom by use of magic, and His actions become a feat legend as he disapeared.

The act changes his gender.

I seem to remember something covering the MCs eyes, I don't think she was blind I think she had no eyes or eye lids just a layer of skin where the eyes should be, so the cover was to alleviate the distress to others.

January 2019 Contest Prizes Teaser 1!

Details are somewhat settled on the prize front, and this time we've got something super special for all of you avid readers out there: book bundles!

Yep! Miss Erin's putting in some overtime to help with this 'un, and we're going to offer two bundles of (platform free) ebooks for our top two prizes!

First place: 15 Doppler Press eBooks, 12 curated by me and Erin and the other 3 winner's choice

Second place: 10 Doppler Press eBooks, 8 curated by me and Erin and the other 2 winner's choice


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I'm sick today, apparently the victim of a bad breakfast bar yesterday. This feels like it is going to be a 12-36 hour thing, so I expect to be okay tomorrow evening.

Today is when I meant to send out checks to the DP authors; I may be a day or so late since concentration while throwing up and running for the toilet is difficult.

So sorry. I will try again in an hour or so.


Amalgamated - Psyren's Redemption - Double Length

When they light clears, the tables have turned and Sapphira, Ashtar and Amy pose are stronger than they ever had before, but will they prove Chemosh's downfall or does the once-god have one last surprise up her sleeves?

The House



There will not be another chapter of The House until Monday at the earliest. I have just started on a story arc that will run from three to five chapters in length, and I want to write all the chapters before I publish them, possibly as double chapters. I want to be able to go back and amend earlier chapters if the arc takes me in unexpected directions.

Dark Odyssey

Dark Odyssey kindle.jpeg

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. She was supposed to have been cured. She had been cured. All of those horrible impulses and instincts that had ruled her life were supposed to be gone. She was supposed to be able to live her life like a normal teenage fey girl… with paranormal abilities… going to a special school for fey like her. Okay, ‘normal’ was a bit of a stretch, but she wasn’t supposed to be a raging nymphomaniac anymore.

"Can we have your liver then?"

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The quote is of course, courtesy Monty Python, and fortunately, I'm luckier than the fellow in the sketch. See, I dodged a bullet in terms of my liver. CT scan showed the same level of fatty tissue as before, so for now, its exercise, diet, and keep an eye on things. Also good news, despite the pain I have been feeling in my hip the last while, no signs of further arthritic damage, so my doctor said its most likely a pulled muscle or strained tendon, and again, losing weight would be the best thing I can do for it.

Fires extinguished


Six months ago I said I was ending my Winnisimmet Tales stories, rereading the last story I hate to say that it's still true. The old spark died out, all that has come out from thinking about characters and what they have done are just tangents that people won't be interested in. Nobody wants to read about a family culture clash in Alaska. Nobody wants to read about a one-off character and how she grew to be so entrenched in the family in the 16 years between the last two Winnisimmet Tales books. Nobody wants to read about the Samuels Family's life out in California.

Non passable men in dresses


As a man who loves to wear dresses and skirts. I would love to be able to wear dresses and skirts when at home. My family has accepted the night gowns (that my wife suggested that I try) I have been wearing for the past couple years. But now I want more and don't know how to accomplish this feat. I don't want to be a woman just like to wear the clothes. I wish it were socially acceptable to the public.

Gaby Soars!

Yes indeed, Gaby Ontario has soared all the way to number one in the youth sport category on Kindle thanks to you lot! No mean feat in a popular category dominated by horse and soccer stories. For a cycling story to break this grip is very positive and will hopefully engender a few more non TG readers!

So a great big thank you to you all and remember that if you bought through BC the site gets a kickback which goes towards continuing this great asset.

Once again, thank you


Volume 1 of Tight Knit is now complete!

First off, I'd like to apologize to anyone who has been waiting for the conclusion to this story.

I really don't want to delve into the personal aspects of it, but for the past year I've been dealing with some things. I kind of got sucked into something that I wish I had just stepped away from at the start. Instead, I allowed it to eat at me emotionally, and I regret not devoting that time wasted to creating something more fruitful.

Publishing Star on Kindle

I will be publishing Star on Kindle and in order to have it in the Kindle unlimited category, I need to remove it from this site. I thought it would be nice to give advanced warning before I remove it and figured this would be the easiest way to do that. In two days (lunch time Wednesday Oz time) I intend to remove the word content. The only way I know how to do that is to edit each chapter and delete the words. If there is another, better method it would be great to know what it is.

Happy reading.


Myrna and the admonishment

After some discussion with a trusted author and reader, I've decided to rewrite the last few Chapter of "Myrna and the Grievous Error" . I will probably eventually rename it. I suspect it will be close to 5000 words longer, if not more. The downer ending will be scrapped. We will concentrate on "Happy".

Love, love, love

So, one year ago today, I married my best friend. It hasn't been an easy road for us, but we always make it over any hurdle that comes our way.

Kirstyn (Piper),

Thank you for

1) Accepting me for who I am.

2) Always making sure I get cuddles before falling asleep.

3) Mustard Hearts on sandwiches.

4) Catching me when I fall (literally).

5) Picking me up when I fall (literally).

6) Being an amazing parent to our son.

7) Dealing with me when I'm in pain.

8) Listening to me ramble about things I've rambled about before.

looking for a story

all I remember is

A character may be late High school early college is, being abused by mother

Mother had gets elected to a political post, goes away supposedly for meetings friday to tuesday

Character uses burnerphone to call for help as has been locked in the house

the reason the character comes into contact with the stories MC is an interview for something or other and the mother bulls her way into the interview, so the character fails

Wildcats 4 Countdown & Jessica Jade vanishing!

Question: What do Thanksgiving and Wildcats 4 have in common?

The fourth story of the Wildcats adventure appears here, posted chapter by chapter beginning on Thanksgiving Day, 2018.

BTW: "Metamorphosis - A Jessica Jade Story" will be launched on Amazon at the same time. I've completely rewritten the story I posted on BigCloset and made it 25% longer, adding a few more exciting scenes, and smoothing out everything that was suggested by the readers here. That means the story will be deleted from BigCloset.

Late Posting - Psyren's Redemption

I apologize for the late posting this week, I had some personal issues in the real world and it's just been a very strange week for me.

Having faced down her own demons Amy must now face down Sapphira's, but will she have the strength or will Chemosh triumph over them both?

Gaby Ontario part 4 update

Well Amazon surpassed themselves this time!

So in case you got impatient checking I can advise that the book has, finally made its Kindle appearance a mere 3 days after being submitted. Just search Gaby Ontario and it'll bring up all 4 parts. Do so through a BC link and you'll be adding to this site's coffers too.

For the more patient of you, i've got the full volume ready to launch tomorrow. Yup, the whole exciting kit and kaboodle all in one 300+ page volume. The tension runs all the way to the last paragraph with more going on in young Bonds life than ever!

Queen for a Day is Now Available on Amazon Kindle!


US link:
UK link:


When college bro Eric's friend enters him into the random drawing to be the town's fall festival 'pumpkin queen' at the annual parade, he's livid. When - against all odds - he's chosen, he decides to get revenge on his best friend, Blake.

Super Early Contest Announcement: January 2019 "Reader Retention Contest"

Okay, I know I said I'd wait 'til the end of the month, but dangit I just can't!

It may be a while in the brewin', but that time is gonna be needed if you're gonna make a solid effort at this 'un! That's right, this time around we're goin' fer SERIALS!

Big Closet on social media

I dont know how many of you guys know, but I am the admin of a facebook page dedicated to fans of this site ( ). I and some others often post content there related to or linked to stuff posted here, and it occurred to me that perhaps if some of you have social media accounts on sites such as Twitter or others and are willing to do so, you could give this place the occasional push on those sites.

Should Big Closet Convert to Hard Core Porn?

No . . . this site should never change its mission. But Erin needs help and I thought that blog title would get you to open this.

A few days ago, I posted a blog that suggested people could support Big Closet by serving on committees to help the site.

Okay . . . so people either don’t like committees (which proves they’re sane) or they didn’t care for the ideas I presented. The response was lukewarm, maybe even COLD!

But . . . out of that blog came a PM from Melanie that got me thinking that maybe the better answer is to concentrate on one area.

coments on stories...just so you readers know???

Just so you readers know, a small comment on the last chapter of my Shadowsblades story... a Whateley based fan fic.

that one small comment, a small 'thing' and not a bad 'thing'? Just a mention of fact or noticing a small story 'bend'...that one little comment, WILL make me after I pondered it for a few days and thought about what to change around the 'mistake' or 'goof'... has lead me in a totally different direction of story plot.

How can I help?

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It is safe to say that without Big Closet. "Dorothy" would not exist. In fact its debatable whether I would even be alive now had I not found this site. Which is why the constant struggles to keep the site financially afloat has me worried, and more than a little frustrated.

See, I am on disability, and once I take care of my rent, car, and food, I might have maybe 20 bucks a month left over, and that's on a good month. Not to mention my mom is covering for me in terms of giving money to my ex and my daughter and that's far from fair.



Feeling like crap again. I'm all but alone as my family is so focused on themselves that I'm just the unwanted person that they occasionally deal with when they don't want to cook or clean or have nobody who they can manipulate into doing things for them. I don't have friends anymore as the few who I know aren't friends, they are acquaintances whom I have pissed off too much and only put up with me because they are too nice to tell me to shut the hell up and get away from them.