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Wednesday Knights is finished!

That's right! I've finished an actual FULL-ON NOVEL LENGTH STORY! 77k WORDS! WOO!

But for real, I finished the final chapter of the story earlier today and sent it off to Ms. Erin for approval (she did so.)

Normally there would be one chapter of the story each week, but we will *probably* wind up posting the last two chapters to Patreon as a single post, mostly because they're both relatively short (about 2400 words combined.)

Diaries: hoping to be found?

I'm wondering: anyone who keeps a diary -- a physical diary, a book made of paper -- do they have the expectation that it will be found?

Or a fear that it will be found?

In my own case, when I actually had something significant to write about, the idea that someone else might come upon it prevented me from writing it.

Of course, being able to write online, or to keep files on one's computer, has changed that.

MS Word and Drupal?

I was preparing to re-read Warrior of Batuk, and in the notes before the beginning, the editor said to use a certain font in MS Word. I tried to cut and paste Chap. 1&2 in an open document in MS word, and as I had expected, it did not happen. We all know that I should be on a leash when on the computer. Is there some secret that I missed and is it worth the effort?

If It Was Your Husband concerns

To those of you who have been displeased with the turn of events in If It Was Your Husband; I apologize and ask that you bear with me as a writer. I’m trying to grow my craft. IIWYH is a departure from my usual fair in that it is edgy, not the usual fluff that I tend to write. I can see that I’m still unskilled in putting that kind of story together. This is my first attempt at a story so long that it demands to be posted as a serial.

Looking for a story

As usual, I can't remember the title or the author, or even where it was posted.

The story I'm looking for is about a cross-dresser, whose wife knows about, but does not embrace their feminine expression. They went to Southern Comfort and had their picture taken and it ended up online. They are subsequently then approached by a well known professional football (American) player that are acquainted with.

Done it now..

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Well, I've been thinking about life, the universe and gender related stuff for ten years or so, and booked to attend a club event with some friends I had not seen for, well, years. We had a Christmas party for the weekend, Xmas pullovers required, and the main dinner at a sports club was themed, 1920s was declared. Dared I? Really?
Yup, we had eight flapper girls, and only one with a Y chromosome :-D
I have no photos - yet. Once I do I promise to share.

looking for a story

Hey i tried the search function but im not finding what i am looking for,
Im looking for a story about a con man or thief and his partner that go on the run and end up at the partner's rich mom's mansion. the main character has to pretend to be the partner's daughter while on the run and eventually the butler finds out her secert while the grandmother prepares her to be a young lady of society

Every Now And Again

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I occasionally check "My Stories" to see if anyone has been masochistic enough to read one or at least registered a hit or very rarely a new comment. I don't claim they have any literary value but obviously they have a sentimental value for me. I sometimes think of something that might improve what I wrote and today was one of those days.

However I was surprised to find that the text of each story that I checked had vanished. All the comments seem to have survived but the story itself has disappeared. Please, Admin people, can you restore them?

Transgender Teen Fashion Shoot

I was researching for a possible story about a soon to be trans teen who is offered a modeling job. I came across this some folks here might find it interesting.

using a hug as a weapon?

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So last night I dreamed this huge guy was threatening people, so I went to him and said I'd shut him down if he didn't stop.

He loomed over me, and said "I'd like to see you try."

So I bear-hugged him so hard I think I broke something in his back.

He vanished.

So, what do you guys think. are huggles dangerous weapons?

Britain is more liberal


According to the British Social attitudes survey, except it seems towards transgender people.

'The study notes, however, that attitudes towards transgender people – recorded only since 2016 – appear more volatile, with a recent sharp decline in public support. The proportion of the British public describing themselves as “not prejudiced” towards transgender people fell from 82% to 64% between 2021 and 2022, when the latest survey took place.

One of the best and "underkudoed" stories on BCTS

At the long last I bookmarked that story.
It is, IMHO, one of the best stories I've read ever.
12 years... I read that story, lost it, found... lost again. (I think it was posted on other sites under different names).
So let me share with you...
Barbara Scott - Fairytale Princess
By Faeriemage

Bills and the Hatbox -- Funds needed


We've got $116 in our company accounts right now and end of month bills coming due.

Thanks for any amount you can send. All contributions are very welcome. Thanks a great deal to all who have already contributed or paid for a membership at Patreon or Hatbox.

Many thanks!

Paypal contributions come straight to our accounts.

Disruption in the Ether


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What is happening? Tension and anxiety seep into my existence as I think about the political insanity coming in 2024. Thoughts of suicide have been absent for a few years now. Those relatives I most valued don't speak to me because they have allowed their imaginationings about my morality to run amok though lately I wonder what it would be like to have a man rod me out with vigor. That neovagina that I paid so much for in 2007 has remained unused. How stupid I was to believe the fantasy that I could ever be seen as anything but a female pretender.

Gaby Book 25 Only Five Minutes

I just finished reading Maddy Bell's Gaby - Book 25 - Only Five Minutes. And I can honestly say a job well done! It's a great continuation of all the preceding books. It looks like Gaby is going to be doing some serious riding in Book 26 as she has a new, VERY fancy, bicycle. After all Gaby is a World Champion and deserves such a steed.

Keep up the GREAT work Maddy.


IIWYH 5 & 6 is up

"If It Was Your Husband" 5 & 6 is up. Sorry for posting so late in the day. I didn't sleep well last night and somehow after work I didn't think about what day it was, until just now. I started to think about what I needed to get done tomorrow, Saturday, ... OH YEAH! TODAY'S FRIDAY. TIME TO POST TWO MORE CHAPTERS.

Then in my haste, I forgot to actually insert my title in my posting template. So just below the graphic it reads:


Light Status

As it's been almost half a year (eep!) since the posting of the last part of the latest book, The Light Between, I'd been pondering posting a status update on the next installment, Hope's Light. And as this week a kind reader (hi Bibliophage!) reached out with an inquiry following up with encouragement to post about it, here we go.

Authenticity in Stories

Trying to write effectively after a long period of absence is so hard right now. I can only hope that it gets better. Today, while reading another's work, it was clear that they had "missed a spot". I'll be even more alert to this weakness in both my own work, and in the work of others. As an example; when something happens to transform a man into a woman, perhaps it should follow that his brain and thought patterns should change too? Or perhaps the writer could make it clear that his change was merely superficial?

Reviewing Duets ( One of Two)

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I promised Ms. Emma Anne Tate an honest review of her masterfully crafted “Duets” and so please consider this blog post an in-depth review of her work. First off, allow me to say this, Emma has a gift that few writers seem to have she is a mistress at building a world that seems so real, you can crawl right into it. And “Duets” is a tour de force of her talent. She artfully displays her keen insight to human mind within the digital pages.



Limerence is a psychological term for an involuntary, obsessive state in which one is infatuated with someone, usually accompanied by delusions of or a desire for an intense romantic relationship with that person. Bad enough, but what if a crossdresser had a stalker?

That’s the theme at the heart of my latest book – new on Amazon.

Gurl... am I alone in this?

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Am I the lone ranger on this issue? I don't notice it on this site, but it seems to appear often over on Fictionmania. Some where in the teaser or even sometimes in the title, the word "gurl" turns up in reference to trans women or trans girls. When I see that it's an automatic pass on the story because having to read that word throughout the story will set me in edge.

“Interesting” Foreword

Way back in April 2010, BC author ‘Koalas’ shared ‘Him Lady or She Male’ on this site. It’s still here, in fact.

Or, if for some reason you would prefer to give £5.92 to a thief, you can buy it from Amazon, where the same text has appeared as Girl By Accident: TRANSGENDER TRANSFORMATION by Selena Jeffries.

A Remembrance of Stories Past

It’s a beautiful morning, and as I was drinking my first morning coffee (no, I never stop at one!), I was thinking back to the stories that first captured my attention, and my heart, at BC. Two came to mind, each by an author that hasn’t posted here in years.

The first is Rebecca Anderson’s series Wild Horses, a heart-breaking story of love, transformation, life and loss from an author whose prose is absolutely amazing. I think I found this story through a Google search, and it brought me to BC.

Trying to find a story

I am trying to find a story that I read years back.

It might have been by Bob Arnold, and his characters from Zapped! were involved in it to a small extent.

It was about a boy who was at a native American site (Possibly his mother was an archaeologist?) and ended up in a copper kettle used for special ceremonies, and was hit by lightening and he was transformed into a female. IIRC there was some evil men trying to grab the archaeological site for a resort of something. I just can't remember more.

It was a good read and I really want to read it again.

A fixed income is never enough


Happy Labor Day for our American folks, and happy Monday for the rest of the world

I hope that life isn't screwing with anyone at the moment, cause it's definitely focusing on me right now. I posted a few weeks ago about being accepted into an intimacy coaching class, right? I was depending on a Social Security program to help me with paying for it, but SSA rejected my initial application for it. The revision hasn't been processed yet, and the first payment for tuition is due ASAP, no later than Friday, or they will cut off my access and I'd have to reapply next year.

I don't know if I've ever had so much fun writing, or been so prolific...

I don't know if I've ever had so much fun writing, or been so prolific...

On average, I write about 20,000 words a month. Recently, I've been having some issues, so I haven't been writing as much. But things are maybe not entirely okay now, but things are what they are. Anyhow, I've been writing a lot more now, most notably for stories that I plan to post here. My regular writing is on track, so the stories I write here aren't getting in the way on them.

Forces for Good?

Today I looked at reviews on a story I posted on Fictionmania and found this one, from a reviewer calling themselves "King" - "I would ask you to reflect on whether the stories and work you're doing is a force of good or one of wrong. What's the legacy being left behind and is it one of moral good. We all have the capability to do good,and you should reflect on the values and ideas being normalized and propagated by yourself. Please do better".
I have to say that these words did give me pause, and perhaps we should all reflect on whether our fiction has a greater purpose.

Hello out there

Hope everyone's doing well.

I've been absent for quite a while now. Close to a year.

If you don't know me that's okay. I'm the author of Adrian and Walkers Path. One of which I took down.

To be honest I stopped writing those stories. I'm sure I'll get back to them one day. For now I've been working on a Sci-fi/LITRPG novel. It's over 80k words and I'm beginning to see the end of the road for it.

New Feature on BigCloset Patreon - Collections

There's a new feature available on Patreon which allows me to collect posts into connected series called collections, logically enough.

So far, I've made six collections of previous posts including Jane, Butterscotch, Quillian, Sam and Del, Double Date Dare and Big Rock Candy Mtn Detour. Check them out at BC Patreon Collections.

Let me know if you want to see more collections.


About "If It Was Your Husband"

I'm about to start posting a new story. It's entitled "If It Was Your Husband". It's the story I talked about in my last blog. After editing it now weighs in at 49,188 words. It's in twenty chapters. It is completely finished and had been out to an editor and back. It is my intention to post it two chapters at a time. That will make each post roughly 5,000 words. It will be my first time posting serial. New adventure as a writer.

The first installment is due to go up tomorrow and it is my intention to post every Friday for the next ten weeks.

Why are trans women always the "whipping boy" of LGBT?

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Each year, fashion magazine Vogue compiles a list of 25 women who "define – and redefine – Britain in 2023".

This year's list became the subject of debate on Friday's Breakfast with Stephen and Anne when the two hosts welcomed author Suzan Holder and co-founder of the Together Association, Alan Miller, onto the show.

Among the women who were honoured in the list - which included the likes of Penny Mordaunt, Naga Munchetty and Jodie Comer - was trans cyclist Emily Bridges.

I survived the exterminator's visit

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So yesterday we had an exterminator in, trying to get rid of roaches.

So mom and I spent the day over at my aunt Terry's, and I got mauled (or at least nearly licked to death) by her dog.

Finally, we were allowed to come home, and we've spent since then returning stuff to their proper places.

So . . . yay?

Looking for a story


Looking for a story. Couple goes to the south west for him to go to grad school. He lives as a woman. They get very involved in native american culture. He's a person with two spirits or something like that. Hoping someone with a better memory than me recognizes the description.


Remembering Holly Hart 10 Years On

Tomorrow will be ten years since Holly Hart passed away. It still feels strange to me that Holly is gone. They say time heals all wounds but I’ve found that when people pass they leave a hole commensurate in size with the role they played in your life. That hole doesn’t ever go away, it just becomes part of the landscape - a monument in a sense. And as you traverse its circumference you feel the loss and hopefully remember the joy as well.

The Story that just kept telling itself. == Story length question

Most of my stories end up being somewhere in the 17K to 20K word range and I've always posted them in a single posting. But I just finished a story that comes in at just over 49K.

I've never posted a serial before. I have the ablity to do an interactive table of contents. So it would be easy enough to break it into chapters for folks to read. That would give them the ablity to read as many chapters as they wanted and then come back to it later and using the table of contents pick up the story where they left off.