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How sad is it that...


... that even here anybody who has an opposing view to Christianity and points out it's a detrimental influence on our community and challenges its validity in a respectful thoroughly thought out way. Using the Bible itself to discredit its claims of truth, is met with deletion...

That means that even here, myself as an atheist is being treated as the enemy.

putting on my own mask first

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Today I wanted to go swimming. This became difficult when Sharon phoned just as I was leaving asking me to take Sam to West Edmonton mall, but I told her I had made my plans for the day. At first, I felt like I was being selfish, but then I remembered someone posing about how airlines tell parents to put on their own oxygen masks first, because if you pass out, you cant help your kid anyway. So today, I put on my own mask first.

One more week

viper embroidery.jpg

Another week and I will take Viper off. For those of you who might want to be able to re-read it before the sequel, don't forget to ask for your free epub, there are still some left in the give away. All I'd like in return is a review (or rating) on Goodreads. or directly [email protected] via email.

Happy easter all,

Computer woes

I got tired of the Win 7 validate nag (This Windows is not genuine) and reinstalled my OS, I knew this would involve some pain, loosing my pigeon connection and the BCTS chat room link was a casualty (the link on the front page is broken again. If someone could help me I shore would appreciate it ( I know, it is sure, but I do have a dialect to maintain ) Part of why I did it was my lappy keyboard was going out and I added a new USB keyboard to it.

Sad Anniversary


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Today is the anniversary of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. At 9:02am White Nationalist Timothy McVeigh set off a U-Haul truck loaded with 55 gallon drums filled with anfo* explosives that killed 168 men, women, and children. The truck was parked in the street directly in front of the building's daycare center insuring a heavy loss of life among these youngest victims. An additional 680 men, women, and children were injured. This remains the largest act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history.

Sorry for the delays

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting any of my stories for the last few weeks. Both me and my husband Paul have been extremely busy. We are the Faculty Advisors for two of the local high schools’ 4H clubs. As a few of you already know Paul and I are the advisors for the Dressage teams. We have been out of town at the Mid Atlantic Reginal High School Dressage Competition. We’re extremely proud of how well the two teams preformed. Now that I’m home I’ll be back to my usual posting schedule. (hopefully)

A place to discuss ideas

Looking for a place to springboard ideas, and not limited to tg related items. As much as I like the community there are stories that I would like to discuss but also afraid of sharing. Why? Because its could lead others to snatch the one doing the work to later snatch the idea itself. No I'm not suggesting all, but like many of the stories posted and then published by some other...well you get the idea.

One Inch Too Far

All my shoes are from Payless Shoesource, which is now in the process of closing all their stores and going out of business. I'm upset.

They're not great shoes, but they're "good enough" shoes at inexpensive enough prices that I can make a mistake or three and it's no big deal. And they come in my size! Which is a problem anywhere else, unless you're willing to pay a fortune.

Piecing together the shit show that is Angela's Legacy

H'okay, so, here are the cliff notes:

Angela was called away by the Seelie council to investigate the disappearance of Eustace (the Armadillo). After she and Anabelle left, something went wrong - we're not sure what because no one is telling the main character anything.

Virtually Twisted - Double Posting

A double posting this week. I hope you all enjoy.

Cover Image

When they awaken the next morning Calista and friends discover that trouble has once again found its way to them.

Please click this link to read both parts or this link will display all current and previous parts.

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Daniel A. Wolfe


Well I can still say that, at least as of Chapter 16 of Curtain Fall, I’m still having a blast telling the story! It’s fun to bring a world into focus. I also suspect, however, that the last chapter was a bit darker than some were expecting. In some ways I’m strangely pleased that my revelation of one of the ancient weapons appalled many of you. I do hope that it won’t push you away though.

The next chapter hopefully backs away from such a bit and I can show that even the villain is more than just a “Snidely Whiplash” cartoon.

So an interesting day at work

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So I had an interesting day at work today I’m a security guard at a certain building in Texas I just recently transferred to this posting and it’s my second day at the post everything was quiet the first day yet today I had one bomb threat and had to escort a verbally combative individual From the premises he was making threats of coming back tomorrow as I escorted him out so all in all an interesting day 2 Who knows what tomorrow will bring

Cutthroat Politics in the Publishing World


When I was in publishing, a NYT best seller was listed before it had even been written. Of course none of the major newspapers carried the story about the gaff. Among the independent publishers the story made the rounds but then we already knew publishing was as much political and who each publisher courted which book reviewer to get their books ranked at the top of everyone's list.

Before Bill Gates and MS


Someone had mentioned a time line for Model Makers. I replied it was written before MicroSoft. It also was before floppies and hard drives. Those of us who built our own computers?, they were two bit binary, also had to write our own programs. Ahh, the trip down memory lane had me question what we used for data storage? We used tape. Yes it was a tape recorder tied into the computer? to hold our programs. We programmed in basic and a thousand bits was a program hog.

Netbooks - free.

Reiterating a previous offer.

I have three netbooks running Raspbian Linux. They're not the fastest, and I don't know about the strength of the batteries, but they all run, and should stay running for a while.

Their screens are larger than a phone, so anyone who needs a 'home' machine for basic web browsing and documents, let me know.

Continental US, preferably, unless you assist with shipping.



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The last month made me realise I am not doing that good healt (mostly mental) wise. I don't have any 'reserves' or coping mechanisms (used to just go on long gaming sessions to relieve frustrations but no more gaming setup).

If I didn't have the pets or the internet I wouldn't know where I'd be.

The fact that a part of my bankruptcy problems is 'solved' (or will be as soon as I get the paperwork) has helped with it, Bbut I need a real goal to work to.

Ready to Arc?

To put it simply, writing Angela's Legacy has been a god damn roller coaster. I've spent an abusurd amount of time developing these characters in my head, especially Meredith who was kind of a cookie cutter bitch at the beginning. I've gotten a lot of negative feedback, a lot of positive feedback, and one person in my inbox who has informed me that they hate my story because they were sworn to fight fairies in Morocco or something. I don't think they were kidding.

Virtually Twisted - A Light In the Dark


Cover Image

Things are looking pretty grim, but even in dark times Jim and Megan manage to find a spark of light.

Please click this link to read the latest part or this link will display all parts.

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Daniel A. Wolfe

Story Backup

Over the years I have experienced the loss of many of my stories due to the failure of storage media. Lately, I've tried to back things up with portable USB Hard Drives, and Thumb Drives, and all seem to fail eventually. A Story that I started back in the late 70s is still with me because the whole thing was printed out on a Dot Matrix Printer. I hope to eventually get back to work on it.

Ever have one of those moments...


I may need a new spring for my car. So I contacted a place that I usually deal with, however when I asked about a guy I once went to school with who worked there they told me he hadn't been there for twenty years...

Upon reflection it wasn't just a year or two ago that I last went there in person. It was back in 2000.

I feel old!


Btw I am over that flu. Went out for my belated birthday on Saturday and hiked 5km. I say hiked because the mound of snow still on trails made the going rather strenuous.

More good news!

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I have an interview Friday!

No point in counting chickens before they hatch, but past experience with interviews has been good for me so I have high hopes for this one. If things go well I may be employed again before the month is out, and in a job that (hopefully) will be easier on me than my last one, if admittedly still a stressful one. Still, it's a desk job, with part of my interview being a typing test which, hopefully, I can pass with flying colors :P

If I can land this job I already have a plan in place.


I'm sorry but the next chapter of Hello won't be posted today. I'll try to get it up tomorrow but more than likely it won't be until the end of the week if at all this week. I got behind in writing and I like to have a buffer of at least two chapters before I post. I only have 2 more chapters of this story written. I don't want to fall behind or have a large lull in the story.

Sorry again :(.

how do I update a story

I want to know how we handle updating a story here. I know theres an edit function and I can do it that way. But If I do then its been all weekend, hardly anyone will see it then. Is it allowed to make a new post when I do it. I realized that I made some major mistakes in the first posting. Some major palm faces that will require some major rewriting.

Welp, the GOOD news is . . . .

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It looks like I will be building a new computer.

The motherboard, it seems is better toasted than we had thought. While it boots to BIOS fine upon pulling my CMOS battery there was a nasty burn ring on it, and trying to boot a few different Linux distros from USB returned issues every time, with the system trying to boot in only to start throwing errors and then crashing.

Bear with me guys

Okay, I know I probably have fans of Woodcrest, Makayla, and wtf ever else I write, and you're probably wondering why the stories have stopped. Simple answer: I burned out. It's not forever, I just need like a week, I swear. There are some stories that are easier for me to write right now, like Dark Pantheon, I could do that all day. Allison's Test is where I'm running into trouble - it's just not sounding right.

A Little Help Please?

I can change a clutch on a 50 Ford hay truck, give shots to an ailing farm animal, and change a 300 HP 3 phase electric Motor, but I find computer software to be intimidating.

I'm encouraged and inspired enough to finally finish a story that I started in 2009, Hala's Snow Day. Cowgirl Hala, 2016 was the sequel to it, and I have the rest of it sitting on my Hard Disk in various states of completion. My list of published stories is a right mess and I am sorry for that.

It Ain't Good English

I took a break from my writing -- yes, I am still writing -- to read the reviews of some of my older stories.

In SF fandom, they used to say that the "coin" of fandom was the "egoboo", something that boosted one's ego. I guess that was what I was doing collecting egoboo.

I noted that a number of (annoying) comments were about my use of grammar and spelling. I plead not guilty -- mostly.

I don 't post examples of proper English. I post stories.

Funny little marks

Sometimes in stories on this site, there are funny little marks in the text. Tonight I was cruising my own old stories to see if that would give me any inspiration and in some of the text, after quotation marks, there was a little square. I don't know where they came from and they were not there when I first published the story.

Just curious.


Begging Angela - Title Change Imminent

Hi everyone, I'm etox, or as some of you know me, Audrissa, the bitch who writes Allison's Pledge. I wrote Begging Angela under this name to keep it separate from Woodcrest, AP/T, Makayla, and Dark Pantheon as they're all very much connected and this story definitely isn't. There are a few differences between this and my other stories, the biggest one being that I have no direction in writing it - I don't know what I'm going to write when I open Word, there is no outline, and I'm just as surprised by what comes out as you are. God help you all, and especially me.

Virtually Twisted - Trouble Comes A-Knocking

New serial part up. I'm switching to night postings for the foreseeable future. With my new job, it'll be difficult to do it in the mornings.

Cover Image

When trouble knocks at the door will it spell doom for Jim and company?

Please follow this link to read the latest part or this will display all parts.

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Daniel A. Wolfe

Trans Dating Advice

Every once in a while, I check in to read what I find to be one of the more educational, high-spirited, and good-natured love/sex advice columns. This week, Dan Savage has a couple of letters about trans dating, one from a man interested in meeting MTFs and one from a FTM interested in exploring gay male bars.

Don't know if this is relevant to anyone here, but just in case you're nosy about other people's problems, and what sort of advice they get...

afraid to write?

One thing I've learned is that when I start acting in an uncharacteristic manner, something's wrong. And right now, I'm having problem writing my Sherlock story. At first, my brain tried to distract me by sending me a couple of small pieces (Toddy Notrope and The Last Race), as well as a new pathfinder character (Bobby Biglips, a drag queen/wizard), but now that those are finished, I'm finding a strange reluctance to go back to working on the Sherlock story, and I dont really know why.

Maybe if you guys sent my muse some encouragement and/or huggles, she would respond?

Delays, delays and more delays

Thought I would drop a note to let those following, Necessity is the mother of invention, to let everyone know that things got "Oh my GOD!" busy for me at work. Of course everything is an emergency and is needed NOW So I've been bringing some home with me at night to work on, on this 'mad-science' experiment I call a home computer.

Necessity will continue as I catch my breath from this latest craziness.

A Friend in Need

One of our members needs all our support since she has suffered tremendous cruelty after rejection by her family. She was brave enough to explain her situation in a blog and received quite a few comments offering support and advice.
It would be great if a lot more of us showed her their support and friendship to avoid her carrying out her threat. She has suffered a lot and she needs encouragement.
She is registered as Mantori and her name is Samantha.
I want her to realise she can make lots of friends on this site to help her understand that nobody needs to be alone.

Getting back on track

For the five people that are still reading Allison/Audrey and Makayla, I'll be getting back to writing them shortly. I had a few emergencies in real life, after which I contemplated just trashing the entire series because the views are going down faster than I do on my domme at 2:00 on a Sunday but eh, I'll keep going. Here's to six more months of writing crap that no one cares about :D

happy bleh day


For the first time in a really long time my bday came up on a saturday. I had made plans.

Friday night my stomach had other plans as I hugged the porcelan on and off till five am running a bad fever.

Thusly i spent most of saturday trying to swallow the water I had lost and sleep.

Yeah happy Bleh day for me!

I am feeling better but still very tired.



Due to requests and self reflection, I reposted my most recent story.

Friday morning, after some harsh criticism, I removed my most recent story. Early this morning I realized that what caused me to hastily post my finale then remove it a day later was something that I had done to others on the site. I'm one of those trolls who complains to others about their stories and how they should go instead of shutting up and reading.

Story removals

I regret that Amazon has sent me a “nice” e-mail that they have detected my stories on the regret I will need to have them removed.
I have contacted Erin about the issue.

The following stories will be removed from the site:
To Be a Different Someone
Who I am
A Window to Your Heart
Desert Rose

Virtually Twisted - Confronting Kate

Apologies for the late posting. It's been a chaotic week to say the least. This one totals at something like 2800 words and is the longest part to date.

Cover Image

Jim and Megan set out to confront his mother, but will Kate listen or will the resulting exchange leave him heartbroken once again?

Please go to this link to read the latest part or this one to read all parts.

Please comment. Input is invaluable and encourages me to continue. Who knows? You might find that your comment has inspired me and could change the course of the entire story. You may also make use of the like buttons on my website.

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Daniel A. Wolfe

How to ask about stopped stories

What is the appropriate way to ask about serials that seem to have recently stopped? I can think of three different possibilities:

A: Ask about author in a blog post;
B: Ask about author in comment to last post;
C: Send private message to author.

(There is also D: Consult Magic-8 Ball, and don't bother the author.)


Oh brother.. It's been a busy week; and that combined with this coming chapter being harder than normal to write I have to apologize for taking so long to post this Chapter 13 of the story. Busy because work wound up being more productive than usual, and writing this week required me calling on memories of some hard times for inspiration, so that made writing that much harder.

I honestly feel that grief is an essential part of life, a Payment, as it were, for the love we may be blessed with. But damn... It can really suck...

Why Do Excellent Writers Stop Writing?

Another Writer that I have enjoyed so much was Amethyst. She was working on "Twice Removed" and stopped. Another professional work suddenly abandoned. I hope that whatever she moved on to is satisfying and pays well.

Blessings to you Amethyst, wherever you are.



I think it is likely that Snowfall is one of the most talented and imaginative writers on BCTS, as is evidenced in "The Nightmare Rider" and several of her other works. It seems that her last entry at this site was in September of 2018. I hope that she is still writing and has moved on to greater things. I would be quite pleased to see another of her stories here.

Yes there is the infrequent error in her work, but there is none of the pidjin english writing that I see so often. Yes, her work is a sharp prod to those of us who need it.


Lego Dotty

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okay so dream time again:

I dreamed I was the star of an animated TV show where I played a Lego version of myself.

In the dream my Lego self got into a hockey game with Lego versions of Disney villains and ended up getting slightly singed, to the laughter of my Lego friends and people saying "That's Dotty all over" as the credits ran.

can someone help me with ideas for a story im trying

i have a vague general idea for a good story, I hope its good. but I cant figure out a trigger or beginning for the conflict.
I have this general idea about a young man working in an office ran by a few ambitious women. And hes a new, and a very young employee. hes very intelligent, but he seems to have a serious weakness and a need for the womens approval. What happens here will be very cliche for this website. But I think I have enough ideas to keep it fresh.

Slowing Down

You guys have probably noticed that my writing is slowing down a bit, and there are a few reasons. First of all, I'm working during the day, and second, I've reached a point where I've run out of pre-written material. One thing you don't have to worry about is me not finishing - the outlines for all of the stories are written and yes, I know how it ends. That said, I would totally love to open up a forum here to answer any questions you might have about the series if it's not a spoiler - what do you want to know?

too many ideas?

I am currently writing: a tribute fan fic of Sherlock Holmes, a story about being kidnapped by aliens who are doing tag and release, a story about a race around the solar system, a story about a young girl with healing powers, a story about a school for mermaids, unicorns, witches, and vampires, and a story about finding a bracelet that summons a portal to alternate realities. Not to mention another Jaci/Dottie story.

Who else has too many ideas at once?


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So I paid off my outstanding bill with NYSEQ, my electric company. Thanks to everyone who helped me with that. You're AMAZING people. Sadly the company decided they WANTED more. I was on a Budget Billing plan and because I fell behind in my payments, they told me today---AFTER I paid ALL that money to keep my power from being shut off---that the plan was now cancelled and I owe them another $1000 to keep them from shutting it off again.



I try to do as much research as I can about what I am trying to write about. I try to be interesting and not repeat myself. I try my hardest to make my plot coherent, believable, and interesting. And I still fail. Badly. I get told "you are wrong." "This makes no sense." "It wouldn't happen that way." "You don't know what you are talking about."

Dominant Mother

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March 22nd would have been my mother's 102nd birthday.

It's hard to believe it's been nineteen years since she passed.

She was a pistol. Very intimidating.

Years ago, it was quite fashionable to suggest that effeminate men were the product of women like my mother.

I don't consider myself effeminate but I DO consider myself quite feminine.

I wonder what the rest of you think about the theories regarding a mother's influence.