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5th book-Cheerleader: Lee is Everyone's Cheerleader (Lee Corcoran Book 5)

Word Count: 86,000+

Lee is Everyone’s Cheerleader, the fifth book in the Lee Corcoran series, follows Lee Corcoran, a senior boy in high school whose life is not going as planned.

In the first book, Boy for the Cheer, Lee became involved in a girls cheerleading program where he was reluctantly introduced to crossdressing. Lee finds that he enjoys the softer side of clothing. Circumstances seem to be forcing Lee to wear a feminine wardrobe in more situations. His freshman summer stole any attempt at masculinity.

Blog blog

Alright first blog. Blog blog. Sorry I left some stuff unfinished and may not have responded to messages, I was feeling bad about my writing and was avoiding logging in for a while because of anxiety. Plus I'm pretty busy with school.

Honestly, with some of the stuff I posted I was hoping it being posted would motivate me to work on it, but nope. So some of the stuff I just have no ideas of how to continue while remaining interesting.

Need help from Julie Jordon, Sapphire Stevens, Monica Rose, Beth Moody and Joyce Melton.

Help needed from Julie Jordon, Sapphire Stevens, Monica Rose, Beth Moody and Joyce Melton. I'm currently locked out of my Facebook account and need to "Call or talk to my Facebook friends and ask them to go to and get me a code to prove who I am.

Since I don't ever see any of you and don't have your phone numbers I can't do that. I don't know if I can get it done this way or not but it's the only way I can think of to do it.

Disappearing Blog

OK, I was reading a blog about Althea Garrison. I was intrigued by it and opened other tabs in my browser to find out more. I came back to the tab with the blog entry in it and attempted to comment. When I clicked on the "comment" link the "comment page could not be found."

I then loaded a fresh BCTS home page and the blog entry was no longer there.

At any rate, I was only going to add a link to the Boston Herald story.

New novel

Having spent the past few months working on a new novel, I’m pleased to announce the release of my latest story, The Synthodyne Conspiracy.

This is my first real attempt at writing a novel-length story for consideration of publishing.

I’d love your feedback and suggestions. Enjoy!

Casey Brooke

Psyren's redemption - Out of the fire and into the frying pan - Read for free now

It's that time again! It appears that Sapphira has all but given up, but when a figure appears in the corridor, his chances seem much brighter. Who is this stranger, and more importantly, can he be trusted?

Click here to read. You will enjoy it immeasurably.

Or if you'd like to read from the beginning, click here.

Connecting with main stream authors

I'm hooked up with a thing called "Instant Freebie" and get a lot of free eBooks through that. One of the authors sends out a news letter sent out an invitation to get to know you. She gave a little information about herself and then invited me to contact her via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. She included her email address.

I emailed her, explaining that I didn't really use social media all that much, so I was emailing. I'll insert come excerpts from the exchange. After giving some (very little) information about me and my family, I wrote:

Almost there...


I'm nearly done (and done in for that matter) getting my aged mother into a Care Home.
I moved her from the temporary home where she's been for the past 5 weeks into a home that is funded by the County Council.

Friday is the big day when her home for the past 24 years will be cleared, the meters read, the phone disconnected and everything else.

Then next Thursday it is her 96th Birthday.

Gaby again

Hello there!
Romance isn't dead - well it looks like Gab is checking out that idea in this weeks, thrill a second instalment of Gaby - Sweet Sixteen!

Having a funny old week, not just as I'm approaching a minor milestone birthday but buying nursery furniture at the same time! Kids, who'd have 'em?

That's it for today

Taking up drinking?


So, I am thinking of taking up drinking on a limited basis.

I like yellow IPA Beer

I do not like Wine but once found 1972 Gewurztraminer to be pleasant.

The very few times I tried the hard stuff, Yukkk !!! Double Yuk. It tasted like cough syrup.

So, I like Licorice, and I like Molasses. Maybe something that is thick and nice and sweet and to be drank in a snifter? But not to get drunk on.

Finally decided that organized religion is for the simple, so just want to kill the pain a little. If someone wanted to bug me some ...?

Erika goes to Hollywood

I am SO excited about the next few chapters of this story being posted, I can hardly contain myself. I just want to post them all right now. but then what will you do after you're done bingeing on them?
Just finishing up Chapter 8 or is it 9? of this part of Erika's story. and feeling very accomplished.

bonus. a couple of the upcoming chapters won't fit into my 3,000 word episode average, so you'll be able to enjoy a few longer parts of the story.

I really hope you all are enjoying it.


Need Some Help

So I need some writing help. I'm currently developing a story with a young person who when born was mistaken for male up until puberty. When puberty hit, they started to develop like a young woman and not a man. I'm wondering if there is a specific medical condition that can describe that. I don't really want to create one for this story because it just won't feel accurate to me. I want it to feel real and plausible. Any help would greatly be appreciated :).

Returning to Writing

So I've been away for a while... I'm planning on working on some of my unfinished works as I have time but I wouldn't expect things to happen very fast. I'm not sure where the various works stand and I will have to re-read them to try to figure out where i was going with them in the first place...


Better Late or Better Avoidance!

Well its been a better second part of the week - a couple of short bike rides (80km and 135km!) and slightly better weather - well its got above 0c a few times even if I still feel a bit out of sorts.

The next Gaby chapter, Filmed, is now up for reading and i'll get cracking on the next instalments this week in the prelude to Gab's birthday next Sunday.

In the meantime, here's an extract from Avoidance 2 just to get the juices going!

Help with legal story line requested

I'm wondering if anyone who had worked as a solicitor or in a solicitor's office in England can help me get the facts straight for a proposed storyline in my latest novel "There is Nothing Like a Dame". I know it's only a story but I do like to get things as accurate as I can. Any assistance will be gratefully acknowledged.
Regards, Bronwen Welsh

Despite the warm sunshine, it’s just another rainy day.......

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Yeah, it may be warm and sunny outside, but here in my world it’s just another dreary, rainy day.

I had a really good weekend last weekend, spending five days at home in Upstate NY with my wife and family. My wife Emilia and I spent several really good days together - nothing special, just some shopping, riding in the car, a few quiet meals with just the two of us, just talking and enjoying being together. I surprised her with a Valentine’s Day gift early as I knew I wouldn’t be home on the 14th, and she actually bought me a little something in return on Saturday.

Psyren's redemption - Trapped - Read for free now

It's that time again! In this update Sapphira attempts to free himself, but once again his powers prove to be more than a little unreliable.

Click here to read. You will be entertained.

Or if you'd like to read from the beginning, click here.

Sarah Emma Edmonds' "Nurse and Spy in the Union Army"

I've been slowly reading through Sarah Emma Edmonds' Nurse and Spy in the Union Army (1864). She was a Canadian immigrant who disguised herself as a man to serve in the Union army during the American Civil War. One passage of her book reminded me of those TG stories where someone is transformed into a woman either in order to evade military service, or as a punishment because they are unwilling to serve, such as The Professor's "Draft Dodger Rag" and many others:


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Just a quick update for anybody following my silly little blog:

My brother is home from the hospital, but pain in the non-replaced leg is slowing his recovery. Nothing we can do except slog through things ...

Meanwhile, my aunt does have cancer - stage one, apparently, so she's also looking at a long slog before any recovery ...

And me?

Well, other than the fact I've done no writing at all this week, and was sick today to boot, I'm hanging in there.

I promise to be back at writing as soon as my spoons allow ...

MtF Transgender Endocrinology

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I would be very interested to hear what young transgender folk are experiencing in terms of Endocrinology. For the people in my generation and almost as old, some of us experience almost no breast growth, even post SRS. For me, breast growth has been rather generous, and I suspect that is due to variations in genetics ???

I just read a story about a young woman in Austrailia who has persuaded the authorities that only she and her Doctor need to be involved in her life and not the Judge.

A major job ahead

Good morning all,

Someone recently posted on one of Penny's (excellent, of course) contributions suggesting that the small writing at the top with the keywords such as 'SEE' or 'JoB' or 'Somewhere Else Entirely' or 'Anmar' is too small to actually grab the attention of readers. They requested an Anmar logo or symbol to make our stories leap out from the page more.

Penny has selected such a logo / symbol which I reproduce here:



God bless the students who died at the hand of very angry and disturbed person.
R I P and God bless the families who lost their children. Valentines day will never be the same for those families.

A short update to my situation

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Hey everyone,

I know it has been quiet around me lately.
The good news is that most of my work related troubles are resolved.
I am also nearly finished with my big move into a new apartment.

However, there is still one hurdle in my way.
Changing my landline (and DSL) will take two weeks.
So today will be the last day I have regular internet access at either home.
I should be back online on the first of March.

just passing on the fun!

I know some of you love the little vignettes Nuuan and I do with the Drow twins and his Kelly or others that invade into the real world and ponce about having fun and driving their authors NUTS!

here is a new cartoon on Amazon prime that is all of that!
dealing with cartoons on the loose in the real world and them meeting their 'creators'!!


Colds Suck!

and heave and splutter and are THE PITS! Yes as you may have guessed, I'm still laid low with the cold / virus thing, Lemsip is my friend and doing anything remotely strenuous is out. So no riding still - not that the arctic temperatures, snow and rain have exactly encouraged outdoor activity! But hey ho, it can only get better right? More concerned about my dad who's got a dose of the same but what can you do?

Now I've got that off my chest, (but unfortunately not the cold) we can get down to business!

NEW Twin Swap Illustration

Happy to announce that I recently added an illustration done by the incredible Kylene Devlin to the end of my story "Twin Swap." You can see this illustration at the end of the "Twin Swap Epilogue" ( and see more art from Kylene at Hope you enjoy!

Sparky Is My Hero

Originally posted February 13, 2000 on Original BigCloset

Warm Snoopy Hugs
"Sparky Is My Hero"
by Joyce E. Melton
February 13, 2000

Story Characterization

I was walking through a Safeway grocery store today, browsing for the ingredients to put in a nice stew. The store is in Clatskanie, Oregon, and I was on the way home from a sanity break at Astoria at the beach. It is a quaint little town along the Columbia River, in the center of Commercial Logging country. I've been living in the city for so long I must look completely like a city girl, like totally.

Looking for a Story


I'm trying to find a story about a UK policeman (DS I think) near Reading. He's on duty when a train wreck happens, and a young girl is on the train with her mother. He suffers a heart attack? and is in the same hospital as the young girl who was in the train wreck. They apparently both die, but his spirit inhabits her body, and he becomes the young girl. Any help you can give me in finding this story is appreciated. I've tried numerous different algorithms searching for this story to no avail. Thanks. Rach

Hatbox funds needed


The results of our upgrade are good. Our analytics show that the site is faster (just a smidge) and that this is despite more people visiting and staying longer. We have a few rough spots to smooth out, I'm sure Piper will work out the minor problems now that we have the major ones solved.

We spent right up to the ragged edge of what we could afford on hardware in order to buy us another two or three years before we need another upgrade. This leaves us a bit tight for the month. We're not broke but it's close. :)

Missing Persons....?

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Forgive my short sightedness if this has been answered recently, but has anyone heard from or been in contact with Angharad? I know she was hurt sometime back in December, but while she doesn't have as much time or energy to devote to Cathy and her mob these days, I did notice it has been several weeks since she updated Cathy's memoirs and I was afraid that Bonzi and Whizz might be holding her computer hostage (by the usual method of sleeping on keyboards and chewing cords and such). Nevertheless I have grown a bit concerned. (For Whizz and Bonzi of course!

BCTS Funds


I'll send a few cents in respect to "commentator" who straightened up the graphics on my last story, among other things. Time is something we all have a limited amount of. I can not replace the time he-she spent on helping me. Not too sure how much of that stuff I have left for myself anyway.

To all the ladies who keep BCTS up and running. Many thanks and hugs for hosting the many gifted author's stories who wouldn't have found a home to share their love of writing if you weren't here for them.

Perhaps there is hope for us ?

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I was at my little brother's house and we were talking about stuff while he had me trouble shooting his vacuum cleaner. Out of the blue, he stopped talking and looked lost for a minute. Then he said, "My Grandson is Transgendered". He then revealed that he (she) is 5 years old. He told me that the child's mother, my brother's daughter, said that they had been through the Doctor, Shrinks and endless sessions of telling the child that they were not going anywhere until HE put on the right clothes, until it became obvious that this was not just a passing fancy on the child's part.

When She Stops Saying She Loves You

“When She Stops Saying She Loves You“ is a combination of two stories I tried to write a long time ago but never had the subplots:

Sun-Eyed Girl

The first one dealt with a family falling apart with the husband not sure if its really his fault or not and he goes to a violent extreme to make it all right in his mind (yes, the title is a three eyed blind reference)

my brother is home, and a new story started

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Just letting everybody know that my brother is home, and beginning the long slow recovery/rehab process. And apparently, that was good enough for my muse to send me another little story to share with you all:

The Family Girl #90: Danny Update - Feb 10 2018

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #90: Danny Update - Feb 10 2018

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl
click on this link:

Hi, everyone!

Still making progress, but my output has slowed down greatly.


A Bright Spot in a Dark movie

Just saw the new film The Snowman, based on the book by Jo Nesbø featuring the alcoholic detective Harry Hole. Much talent went into it with not a lot to show for it, and that’s all I’ll say as a review. HOWEVER, the actress Jamie Clayton has a small role as Edda, the IT or systems analyst for the police department. There’s a scene at the beginning where she lectures the police on a new gadget for them to carry, and some scenes later where she supplies Harry with much-needed information.

update, and new "Branded" chapter up

Just a quick update: My brother had his surgery, and seems to be doing fine. Without the worry in my head, my muse decided to show up and I have a new chapter of "Branded" up to share with you all:

hope you all like it

I'm BACK baby!

Well, much to my insanely great relief, I just received an email from Amazon informing me that after conducting an audit it was discovered that my account was terminated in error and I've been fully reinstated. Everything seems to be back to the way it was, though the Kindle books aren't yet available. My guess is it'll take a little bit of time to reactivate them in the store but it shouldn't be long. I just want to thank everyone here who offered me such great support and advice about what to do if things ended up going to a worst-case scenario.

An author here, Shalimar (Shelly Shalimar) needs to see if anyone can put her up. She's homeless as of this coming Friday.


Just received a call from Shalimar (Shelly Shalimar) who needs a place to stay. This coming Friday she will be kicked out of the nursing home she is in up in Indianapolis. She doesn't have a way to post on here, but her number is 516-749-8481, and that is the only way she can get a hold of anyone. She's pretty desperate and will take sleeping on a couch or in a recliner if needed, but would also need someone to get her. I asked the other people that live with me and it was a no for them, so I am not able to help, but I told her I'd put out a call here since many know her here.

New 4th book-Cheerleader: Lee Leads The Cheer (Lee Corcoran Book 4)

Word Count: Almost 73,000 words

Lee Leads the Cheer, the fourth book in the Lee Corcoran series, follows Lee Corcoran, a senior boy in high school whose life is not going as planned.

In the first book, Boy for the Cheer, Lee became involved in a girls cheerleading program where he was reluctantly introduced to cross-dressing. Lee finds that he enjoys the softer side of clothing. Circumstances seem to be forcing Lee to wear a feminine wardrobe in more situations. His freshman summer stole any attempt at masculinity.

just to let everybody know

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Just to let everybody know I probably wont be on much the next few days as we will be spending a lot of time at the hospital with my brother undergoing knee surgery. I'll try and give an update when I have one, but in the meantime, I'm leaving behind a big store of huggles, should anybody need one, and if you want to leave one for me, that's always appreciated.

Where is Milsy?

A question I've been asking myself fairly often the last few days. Unfortunately, the answer is, as usual, stalled by Real Life.

I've just been too busy, although I have found the time to write. It is just that things are fragmented right now and it's difficult to concentrate.

Mutants!!! (real science content)

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Have you ever wondered how a new species gets started?

Have you wondered if mutants could really exist?

Have you read stories about societies consisting of mutant women who reproduced without men?

Well, here is an excerpt of this article (This Mutant Crayfish Clones Itself, and It’s Taking Over Europe) about the marbled crayfish.

The joys of dealing with Amazon

So, on Saturday, I was in the middle of shopping for groceries when I received this email from Amazon's KDP division:

Due to repeated Content Guideline violations in regards to books you have submitted through your account, specifically books that disappoint our customers, we are terminating your account and your Agreement effective immediately.

Need some help looking for a story

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knows about a story that I'm thinking about. The main character plays a rose gold trumpet and has a famous dad in football? I knows it's vauge but I have forgotten many details. Thanks

Needing more candles.

I know how every single one of us rarely have enough time in the day to get what needs to be done. I know most of you all have heard the term, 'burning the candle at both ends' but lately it feels like I've a candle in each hand and both of the ends are burning... I've been pretty open about my job (aircraft mechanic), and that I have two of my daughters with me now. The job along along with single parenting duties were taxing enough, giving me very little time to write. Now it seems that my wonderful daughters have gotten me roped into yet more...

Our environment.

Hi all,

If you have read my bio you will know more where I am coming from. I have spent quite a bit of my life helping an already quite energy consuming industry (Music and touring bands) to become even more greedy for electricity. To give you an idea, what the energy consumption of a system for a festival was when I left the business in 1984 it was on average 1,2 Mega Watt for the lights and between 60 and 100 Kilo Watt for the sound, not counting the energy consumed by the backstage area, the caravans and mobile homes for the musicians, ticket offices, catering etc. A normal modern household supply in Europe is about 12KW, but that is more like a possible maximum, not a general consumption, just to give a reference, and that could, with today's technology, be reduced considerably.

Why am I telling you this?

And yet another gentle update as to progress

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Hi all,

well this has been a VERY eventful fortnight (that's two weeks by the way).

I went along to the UK in my car; it seems that nowadays I can readily predict that that journey takes very close to 12 hours in each direction, allowing for check-in times for the tunnel or ferry.

So I was in the UK for a birthday party and for house hunting. I saw a few houses but there was always a something or somethings wrong with them, so I drove back to Switz on the Sunday, exactly a week ago.

update: stress plus super cold weather plus PTSD equals sucky times


Well, I know its been a while since I posted a blog entry here, so let me give you an update:

My aunt went to the hospital, but instead of surgery they did a biopsy, and want her to come back in 3 weeks. So more waiting ...

My brother goes in for his knee operation on Wednesday, trying really hard to not worry ...

My mom's burn on her leg isnt healing very well, in part because she scratched it, delaying her recovery ...

The Family Girl #89: Just a Little Danny Update

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #89: Just a Little Danny Update

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl
click on this link:

Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m just chugging along and am still on track with my final Danny instalment.

And I am Pooped!

Long time lurker, New Author

Hey all! Been a long-time lurker and reader of many stories from here, so decided to post my fan-fiction Whateley U. based book: Into The Light. It's the first in a multi-book arc, second book is already drafted and in the dreaded editing phase. I'll be adding parts 2 through 6 of this one over the next couple weeks as I have time to convert the formatting. Hope people enjoy! Erisian

Destination Unknown Series

I Just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't giving up on the Destination Unknown series, My computer died while i was working on Part 7. I have ordered a new computer through Bestbuy and I hope to have it sometime this week. Luckily everything was backed up and I didn't loose everything but it will still take some time to reinstall all of my software that I use for writing but on the plus side the computer i was using was prehistoric and I am looking forward to using the new computer.

Hilary Richards

Editor proofreader needed

What I need: A proofreader, and possibly an editor. Someone to check spelling, grammar etc. Also someone to help me with flow and consistency issues.
What I'm working on: A Whateley fan fiction or Whateley independent fiction.
What I have: Currently about 10,000 words +- a few... I'm not stuck per se, but can see some issues with what I have written.
What is posted: look here to get an idea of what I'm writing.
Thank you for your help!

And so it begins...

I know it has been a while since a new episode of P&P has been posted.
but I'm back!
For those who who haven't tried reading Erika's saga starting with Camp Kumoni, it may look daunting to see all of those chapters, but I've been told numerous times that it is a quick read. I hope you'll give it a try.
For those who have been patiently waiting. I hope I wont disappoint.
Lets have some fun


Coming Soon. The next installment of Lipstick Discipline!

Most people here are familiar with Amber and Daphne's Lipstick Discipline series. IMHO, it's one of the better TG fiction pieces ever created.

A long time has passed though, since we've seen an update. I for one have been patiently waiting to read the next installment.

Where have all the ...

SOLO's gone?

Ok, I have to say that I've posted more than one multi-part story in the past year but these were intersperced with solo pieces but it does seem that there has been a big drop off of SOLO works in recent months.

Do people not like writing then anymore? I do and most pieces I start, start off as SOLO's and only go to multi-part when it becomes obvious that it will work better when published like that.

Look out for SOLO story from me over the weekend. It will be called 'The First Time I Saw Her Face'.


too much too fast?

I was away working for the past ten days. I had a lot of free evenings and while I couldn't upload to BigCloset I did a lot of writing.

I apologize for posting multiple things this week instead of stringing things out.

I was overdue for Portrait 6 and wanted to get it up and away before I started thinking about 7, 8, and 9.

Because Wildcats was published on Amazon almost two weeks ago, it was important to get the Wildcats short story up to remind everyone that Wildcats was birthed here.

a question

hello everyone.

I have many things going through my mind about the whole transgender thing.

I am a father of three boys who are showing no signs of wanting to be female.

I used to be really against the whole transgender thing but as I get older I am trying to be more accepting of everything and everyone.

if any of my boys told me that they want to be a girl then I would now be 100 percent behind them and try to help them in any way I can.

I do have a question though.

Harriet delayed

My apologies to everyone following Harriet's latest story. There will be a delay in posting the next chapter, just a few days I hope. Sometimes other matters take up writing time, annoying though this is.
My sincere apologies. At least you weren't waiting for the resolution of a cliffhanger.
Best wishes, Bronwen welsh

Call of the Hunt: An Awakened Novel


For Aiden, bladecraft was life. It was all he ever wanted to do. School, friends, a social life, none of that could ever compare. To say it was a calling would be an understatement. It was a family tradition he was more than happy to continue.

Psyren's redemption - Fire rescue - Read for free now

It's time for another Psyren's redemption update! This week, Sapphira wakes up and hears screams and he leaps into actions, but will it be enough?

Click here. You will be entertained.

Or click this link to read from the beginning.

Size Of Your Pointer And Ring

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I've just read an interesting web site that reverses what I've always thought. My ring finger is longer than my index (pointer) finger. WIN_20180130_21_37_54_Pro.jpgI was raised under the impression that was a masculine trait. However, I was reading an article entitled, "How to Tell If You Are Transgendered," by Melanie Anne Phillips, which said ring finger and index finger same length (men have a noticeably longer index finger)