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Older beta-readers needed for a story set in the early 1970s

I recently finished a short novel (46,800 words) set in a fictional midwestern college in the early 1970s. I've done research, but I wasn't born yet at the time the story is set, and I'd like to have at least one older beta reader read it and give me feedback before I do the final draft and publish it.

Hatbox Broke Again


Really, really, thanks and hugs to everyone who was able to help.

There's still about $2600 in bills due or owed by this coming Friday and we have about $200 in the bank.

We're still here, still operating a friendly place for authors and fans of TG Fiction. If you can help out, it will be appreciated.


For those of you who are JPop fans one of the biggest just retired.

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This Saturday, Sunday Japan time, one of the biggest idols in JPop retired. In JPop there are a few big female idols in Japan that it has their career path and a very successful one at that. I speak of Mika Nakashima, Ayumi Hamasaki and Namie Amuro. Amuro-san is the one retiring. She threw one last concert in Okinawa(her home province) apparently, along with local artists it sounded like from the news. Her more notable songs are "Can You Celebrate?" and "Sweet 18 Blues" along with many others. I own both songs and definitely enjoy each of them.


A golden Oldie. Story is about a teen that refuses to cut his hair during the summer. Mother says okay, but you have to take care of your hair. Washed, conditioned, dried, all of that. And one more thing, when she is home, in addition to his hair being clean, it has to up off his neck, not cut, just up off his neck. So he gets a succession of up-dos, such as a french roll, a cascade of pin curls from an up do, or a Gibson Girl. Then he is spotted by a couple of senior girls, and things get interesting!

Sound familiar?

Temporary hiatus


Anger is getting the better of me. First it was my brother-in-law neglecting his parental time with his son now it's getting called out a month an a half after a story was posted by someone I used to respect but clearly see it was misplaced.

I can't write and only have two story parts in the can ready to post so after I post Part 22 I'm taking a week or two off if not longer to clear my head. I hate leaving stories unfinished, but it's better than trying to write angry.

Fantasy Genre TG fiction - Some of my favourite reads

You may have noticed that Erin has recently published my very first novel here, 'The Frozen Balance', on Kindle.
This is a part of my efforts to help keep this wonderful site going. If you read it please do comment, post a review or PM me. All feedback to help my writing develop is a kind and welcome gift.

Writing Erotica Workshop

I ran across an interesting piece the other day entitled:
'Everything you always wanted to know about writing Erotica (but were afraid to ask) ' that may interest some of our authors. It is a free 42 page download of a Writing Erotica Workshop. The guy is obviously trying to sell his software/services, but the .pdf has some potentially useful info that may appeal to some of our authors:

New here


Hi to all.

Really enjoyed a few hours reading some wonderful stories which inspired me to register and begin to post.

I mainly enjoy writing ‘leader’ stories with an open end. This allows me and hopefully readers as well to imagine how things may work out.

Best wishes A.

What's going on, and why I've been a bit distracted as of late...


I haven't really mentioned this to many people, as I didn't like thinking about it... Although trying not to think about something just seems to make one think about it more... I just figured I'd let you all know what I'm facing next week, and honestly I'm pretty worried. I thought I'd share, any positive vibes can't hurt right now...

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? is back.

If you haven't noticed "Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?" is back. I won't guarantee the chapters will come as close as they did in the past. I'm doing everything around the house right now, so the writing time is a little limited right now. But I'll try.


Painting One's Self Into A Corner - The Cynthia Chronicles

Many years ago I started to write a series of stories based on the SRU Wizard. In reading about The Wizard from other points of view, the lack of consistency among stories bothered me. The Wizard seemed to lack genuine purpose. He did what he did because he could. There were times he seemed mean and vindictive. There were times he showed some heart. I particularly remember a tale where he turned a biker into an elementary school teacher, much to her pleasure.

stressful day

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Well, had a stressful afternoon.

I had to get a sticker so I can park on my street during stadium events, which requires my car registration. and then I discovered that my registration had lapsed in July. Not only that my insurance card was not up to date either.

I was starting to do the beat myself up stuff, but I was able to get a hold of my insurance company and they sent a copy of my updated insurance to the registry office, and with that, I was able to get my registry updated.

ATTN! All our sisters and brothers along the east coast! Free hotspot info from comcast and spectrum.

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Anyone living on the east coast of the U.S., from D.C. down to the Carolinas.

PLEASE EVACUATE AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!! Go for higher ground and take every precaution you possibly can!!


I've been watching the coverage on The Weather Channel and it looks absolutely horrible. ALSO, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OVER 11,000 FREE HOTSPOTS BEING SET UP by comcast and spectrum AND LET US KNOW THAT YOU ALL ARE OKAY.


A Big Shout Out and Thank You

You are all too kind.

Thank you for supporting Doppler when they published 'Wildcats'. Your book purchases of 'Wildcats 1, 2, & 3' added money to the coffers of Doppler Press and supported BigCloset. Even purchasing Terry and the Wildcats added a few pennies.

Thank you for making 'Copy. Cure.' move to the top of the Transgender - Science Fiction and Transgender - Fantasy categories and keeping it there for over a month! The Second Edition is available for free if you already purchased the book.


that isn't the half of it, the Hotel tonight has a free wifi connection through Vodafone which is, to put it bluntly, crap. What should have taken a few minutes has taken best bit of an hour but you can at least read Instant Parent tonight! I guess its not helped by the control pad on my lap top working in reverse, one day i'll have computers that actually work properly.

Life in General

The last blog I wrote, I was in a pretty depressed state. I'm still not doing great but life is getting better. I'm finally out of my great aunt's house. A place of hell for me for the past five years. This last year the worst of it after her shocking passing. My older brother and I are finally 95% moved out of there. We're in a new place, its a big room, lots of natural light---3 nice windows. I have a lot of space here too. My old room was so cramped and I felt like the walls were closing in on me.

No Escape?

Well maybe there is but No Escape is the new Gaby chapter.

Well we made it to Osterreich for the bike ride which I completed in glorious sunshine yesterday. I may not be the quickest but I was far from slowest so I was quite pleased. So now we are spending the week drifting back up through Bavaria to catch our return ferry on Friday.

So there might be a Wednesday post depending on wifi availability Rothenburg!

bye for now

It's weird isn't it?

So this week I've come down with a particularly nasty virus that has left me sicker than a dog. I missed two days of work which should tell you how sick I am as I rarely call in. I mention this not to elicit sympathy, but rather as explanation. I seldom am so sick that it effects my writing, but since taking ill I sit down at my keyboard and I am unable to string even so much as two words together. Even writing this blog is taking me far longer than it normally would.

Technical Gaps Need Filling

I’d like to chat with a few folks who have a sense/knowledge/expertise in creating gaming environments. I’m not creating one, just writing a story.

I need help with the technical stuff, terms, jargon, etc for a new SciFi story I’m working on called NeverWorld.

I’m also looking for someone who can help me with the Japanese anime, manga, hentai world, too.

A heads up for "Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?"

Just a heads up. My SO is having heart surgery this coming week (the week of 2018/09/09), and I might be a little late with the next chapter of "Tommy." But, I'll try not to leave you hanging by your fingernails for too long.


Health update & Story help.

Just a quick update on me and me asking you guys to help me find new stories to read that I can get into. My health is improving although I’m still in the hospital, I was in the midst of a very severe Anorexia episode and now I’m improving although it hasn’t come easy. As for the stories I like, it varies. I love Tiffany Shar’s stories, Sue Brown,Torrey,Zoe Taylor, Paula Dillon, Jennifer Sue, Jennifer Brock. I could list at least 20 but I think you guys get the point.

Slow Progress

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It is tough going at the moment. I am still writing, though I seem to keep finding other things that need doing.

Since the original episode, I have been on steroids now for nearly five years. This is making my consultant nervous, so he has decided to do something drastic. Since that time, medical techniques have moved on and there are apparently new ways of dealing with my condition.

Basically, it amounts to chemotherapy.

Copy. Cure. Second Edition is available!

I just wanted to announce that Amazon approved sending email notices to all of you who had purchased "Copy. Cure. - a Nanotechnology Adventure" to get a free copy of the second edition.

I listened to what my reviewers said, (except the one who equated me with porn!) and went back and reworked the whole text to reflect a smoother, less redundant tale. It's still chock full (whatever that means!) of an interesting story with better flow and description. I've tried my best to eliminate the road bumps. I hope if you bought a copy, you'll download your free updated copy.

I am ashamed

I haven't posted in a while because I am ashamed of myself. When my internet went out mid July I thought it was going to be a month or so to get it fixed. My roommate would not hear of using my phone to tether the net to my computer to my phone (in her world the phone is better) I snapped I tried to hurt myself with a fork in what amounts to a temper tantrum. It shocked me to something closer to sanity. I didn't succeed because I was not serous, like I said it was a temper tantrum, pure and simple.

A New Profile Photo

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I do not believe that this really reaches a level that needs to be announced... and it doesn't. But if you have been used to seeing my deceivingly dated profile photo alongside reviews and messages and such, I have decided to correct that deception with something more current.

The photo (a poor selfie) and my makeup were both rushed. It shows way too much of my natural color rising through too.

Still... I am a little more... ahem... "mature" now. In spite of liking my old (younger) photo much better, it was long overdue to "get with the times".

This 12-Year-Old Girl Is Going To Leave Her Town Because She's Transgender


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Maddison Kleeman Rose is a pretty normal Oklahoma 12-year-old. She enjoys school, she dances at the drop of a hat and she loves church. She also happens to be trans, which is why Maddie's life is anything but pretty normal.

Anyone familiar with 'The Tick' Comic/TV series?


Is there anyone familiar with 'The Tick' comics and/or TV series (in particular the 90s cartoon or the 2000s live-action)? I recently started watching the amazon 'Original' reboot of The Tick and was a little disheartened to discover that the superhero agency was called AEGIS. For those that are following my ongoing serial on my website you're probably beginning to realize my problem, but for those that aren't well... I also named the superhero agency in my series AEGIS.

I'm still here

I'm still here.

I haven't given up.

I've managed to not give up.

I'm struggling to not give up.

The thing is, I'm a sucker for routine. If there's a break in routine, it messes me. up. If it's a big enough break, it's that much harder for me to get back into it. back in 2015, I had my the last appointment with my psychiatrist. Their scheduling system was down so I couldn't book my next appointment.

I'm really sorry

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I need to apologize. Until I actually posted my entry in the double dip contest, I hadn't really registered just how short it was. Its basically little more than a drabble. I really hope enough people enter the contest that I wont have to worry about winning with such a tiny piece.

I have another piece I'm working on that might be acceptable for the "music" part of the contest, but no guarantees I'll have it ready before the contest closes.

Again, I'm sorry.

Russian Speakers

Recently I saw a Russian made movie about Aliens crashing (After they were shot down by a Russian Cowboy fighter Pilot) in downtown Moscow (?) It was a very good movie in spite of the fact that I do not speak Russian. I am hoping that someone can name the lead Military man, and the girl who fell in love with the Alien. Anything else would be a bonus. I'd rather not simply call them Boris and Natasha.

I am thinking of writing a short fan fiction sequel.



Delay on Flight of the Claymore

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but there will be a delay in the posting of the final chapter of Flight of the Claymore. I will be honest. I have rewrote this chapter a few times already and have deleted those attempts. For whatever reason Terresa is refusing to let her story end but like all good things it must. I hope to be posting the last chapter sometime this weekend.

Reminder: September 2018 Double Dip Story Contest Kicks Off Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the first day to allow entries in the September 2018 Double Dip Story Contest!

For those who missed the announcement, the challenge is to write a story with A) a music-themed slant, B) a theater/acting themed slant, or C) both! Two subsets of stories, two prizes. For more detailed rules and regs, the OG blog post can be found here:

Fall Special

As a way to ring in the Fall, I'm offering two books this month instead of my usual one. Happy reading!

Advertisement 2.jpg

Going to a new school is always a bit unnerving. Going to a new school that's in another country and specializes in teaching fey how to use their abilities, well that's on a whole different level of scary and exciting. It sounded like a dream and felt the same when Ashley, Aiden, and Kitty had been accepted.



My anxiety is getting to me. The usual ways of calming down aren't working. I'm trying to write but the anxiety is causing pressure headaches and issue with my vision slowing down my typing and setting off a cycle that is wearing me down to the point that I want to chuck everything out the window and stay away for a while.

Footprints in the Sea Vol.5

I have posted the first chapter of Footprints in the Sea Volum 5 and it is available now. on Amazon E Books and if you can't wait to read a bit more on here, just click the link in the right hand column and TC will earn a small commission from sales.
There has been a longer than usual delay and I'm sorry but I have a lot going on at the moment including a visit to the hospital for my annual blood check. They found a suitable vein but when they inserted the needle there was no blood so they had to use a metre and a half long needle to find some down near my left foot.

Five-Second Rule

I rarely read serials because of the high percentage that are never completed. If I do read a serial, it's after the entire story has been posted.

That's just my preference after two decades of being left hanging out to dry by well-meaning authors who either got bored with the story, or wrote themselves into a corner, or simply had better things to do.

Just today a blog indicated frustration for a story on FM that was apparently quite good but never completed.

Imp Side Story

Just did an Imp marathon. Damn, Morpheus can write a great character!!!

Now to my question: I distinctly remember a story about how Imp got her alternate classroom from Everhart (sp?). Everhart thought she'd put one over on the Imp because the room was full of junk that would have to be removed, a task Security had been dragging their feet on. But there turned out to be buried treasure in amongst the junk, including a cache of old Dr. Seuss books, some very rare and valuable printings. Dr. Seuss . . . hmmm. . . Green Eggs and Ham . . . . Guess what Sam gets?

Operations Kitty Update


I read the post Erin made on the 20th asking for donations because the Hatbox was broke. I understand completely that it is never fun to do that and a shame it has to be done. Many free-takers here. I also am well aware that the caretakers of this site are very busy as are many of us. However, I have a rub to get off my flat chest. Reading through the respondents to the plea made, there were many who gave the little they could share while there were others like myself were able to share more of the load. Some donations not even acknowledged.

Psyren's Redemption - Amy in Peril - Read for free now

Amelia is now face to face with Chemosh and completely at the once-god's mercy. Will she live through the encounter and more importantly will she survive with her soul intact?

Click this link to read the latest post or this link to read from the start. Individual parts or chapters can be found on the my stories page of my website.

Hello after a long absence - need a beta reader

Hello everyone!

I’ve been away a while. I can’t believe how long it’s been. But I’ve been working on a new novel which is in desperate need of a reader/editor. I plan on selling it when it is complete, so I feel happy to credit you and give a cut of the proceeds.

Update 8/29/2018: Found an editor! Thanks very much everyone!

A summary of the book:

The Family Girl #95: Part Seven now 150,000 Words

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #95: Part Seven now 150,000 Words. But Stuck…

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl
click on this link:

Hi, everyone!

Still alive. But I’m buried with work…

Festival time

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Well, that is the Shrewsbury festival over for another year; source of so much of my inspiration. Some wonderful music, old friends popping out of the woodwork, and very sore fingertips on my left hand. Last year I played so much and so enthusiastically I snapped a plectrum; this year, I just broke a string on the last evening.

Already planning next year! I will try to remember to print off all my train tickets this time, rather than just the cycle reservations...

Wondering what to do

I have never posted a blog entry before. Not even sure if anyone will even see it. I have another story that is about half written. It is clearly not done and I have a few thoughts on where to take it. After many of my previous stories people have suggested the direction I should continue them on. To this point I have not done any of that. For a change I was thinking of posting the first part of this incomplete story and see if any of you wanted to suggest where to take it. The basic direction may be obvious, but there are lots of potential longer-term alternatives.

So I posted a few stories and ...

So a couple of months ago I finished my first story in a long while - Dani's Turn - and posted it to my usual place, FM.

Hardly a ripple in the comments. Very distressing to realize I didn't need to spend weekends writing if that's the reaction I get. I don't write for myself, I am an utterly untrained amateur who appreciated positive feedback even when it came in emails with unsolicited panty photos.

So, I was directed over to this site, that people here would be more appreciative of my skills and stories which I was assured are considerably more creative than most.

went to the dentist today

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So I've been having teeth pain the last couple of days, and finally screwed up my courage and went to a dentist.

Today all I got done was x-rays, so I will have to go back Thursday for the first part of the work that needs done, and chances are it will take 2 visits to get everything accomplished.

So anxiety levels are not going to be lowered for a while, sadly ...

Agender and off to College

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I no longer have the patience to try to log onto Forums, but I did see a thread from someone that has my sympathy. They live in a state that wouldn't know what to do with a T folk if someone hit them with a ball bat.

I'd just like to suggest that there are places to live that are much more progressive, Oregon and California being two. It was about two months from the time I came out until my legal documentation was changed over, except for my Birth Certificate which is very easy and I still have not done.

Blessings to her.


Non Transgender

There are still a couple monthly chapters to come to A Second Chance, and Interesting Times is at a standstill. I have decided that my next story will be a non-transgender one. I don't want to limit my writing to the genre, and I have seen other writers get in a repetitive rut when they focus so many stories in the genre. Fictionmania explicitly bans non tg stories, but it appears they are allowed here (there is a tag for non-transgender).

Wow again!

While I was expecting Betty to set the record, both chapter one and two of 'the seduction' have paseed the 200 Kudos mark!

Thank you all for being such wondful readers. I am finishing up another story, much different than this, it is a serious crime novel but has (lesbian) love in it too. As it stands at 219K words just meters before the finishing line I want it to beome a 'real' book and I mean on paper. But there will be an e-book of it too. It just is my dream to have at lest one of my works on paper, and none is more fitting than that one.

Writing and Life

After everything that's happened in my life lately---the eviction looming chief among them---I think I need a break. I've been giving it a lot of thought lately and I'm not happy. Not just with writing either. I took a long look at my life the other day and I realized its dull. I wake up in the morning and do the SAME NOTHING EVERY day. Its not a life I'm proud of. There's no purpose to it.

‘The Wild Boys’ movie - Sexually charged, gender-twisting

An unusual movie

The plot follows a group of lusty teenage boys (played by female actors). They land on a tropical island filled with sensual delights and, partaking of the island’s pleasures, the boys’ bodies start to transform, softening, developing breasts, shedding phalli, which sends them into a terror before they eventually embrace their new forms. ... a rough sea captain (Sam Louwyck) who has a special method for taming their unchecked testosterone.

Click below on the word REVIEW

Comments and Stars

You suffer through putting your heart into digital form for everyone to see by posting a story.

A day later you check the comments and kudos.

Whoa -- not everyone loves it. In fact, a couple of people say things that leave you wondering if you have any personal value.

What should you do about it?

A while back I asked for help finding software for writing a script.

I poured myself into what will become a seven-minute film.

Bullied Boy 3: Cyberbullying and Consequences - New Book on Amazon

Word Count: Almost 39,000

The third book in this series will carry on following Drew and Lacy as they become entangled in a complicated case of cyberbullying. Drew and Lacy are sophomores in high school. Drew is a male going to school as a female student due to a case of gynecomastia. He does not want to be a girl but finds it easier than trying to explain or hide his breast development. As time goes on, he finds he enjoys the softer side of things.

Why do seemingly reasonable, logical...


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Why do seemingly reasonable and logical people choose to worship a sadistic egotistical narcissistic psychopath as their g-d?

And by extension, I have to wonder why it is that so many of the people in the TG world somehow choose to cling to this ridiculous notion that the Abrahamic g-d Yahwe(and by extension Jesus) is something to be worshipped? When if you read his biography in the book called bible, only show that it is the most diabolical egotistical sadistic psychopathic being in all of fiction…


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I go to a place called Religious Forums a lot. It has everyone from Atheists to Baptists there, and for some strange reason, two men, one a Buddhist, and the other a Baha'i are attracted to me, apparently because I'm so obsessive and broad in my research. I don't write worth a hoot, but love research.

What a strange feeling to have a man interested. I've already said there will be no sex.



went to a writers group meeting, got some applause

okay so I went to a writing group meeting last night, and it was pretty good. I read "the dead kid":

( )

and the people there were really impressed with my writing. so yay!

thank you

Thank you to all the readers, writers, and supporters of BigCloset. Without all of you, "Wildcats" would have never become a book. Partnering with Erin and Doppler Press made it possible for Wildcats 1, 2, & 3. The nice thing is that Doppler Press has benefitted from the book sales and the pages read from Kindle Unlimited. (I still can't figure that out).

overwhelmed by Erin's generosity

When I posted a link to my story "The things we do for love" here, I wasn't expecting more than maybe a couple people clicking on the link and enjoying the story. But Erin and the elves here decided I needed a present, so they not only put the story back on the top of the front page, they added a beautiful image to it as well.

Thank you ever so much. After grinding out my latest down time, to get this kind of generosity ...

I'm ... overwhelmed ...

I only wish I could do something in return ...

My last Hurrah


As the title suggests I will be talking about something that I never wanted to post but I honestly need to now. I’m currently working on a story that will be my last hurrah most likely. You see, I have 3 little girls to take care of now and I will be going back to work in a few weeks. I have much more important things to be doing nowadays than writing. My kids do sports and they are very active in church groups and love to be outside. Life has been hard for me since moving up to where I am now, I’ve been battling with personal demons for years and I almost lost my battle a few months ago.

good news!

Further to yesterday's missive i've had a busy time today. I spent the morning getting the meds I forgot i needed to collect on Saturday before shopping for some new bib shorts and other bits I need before I go to Austria in a fortnight.

Back home a lot lighter of purse I got down to the writing I should have done Saturday. It went okay, I got the chapter finished mid evening which gave me enough time to put together and format the second arc ready for Wednesday publication.

I want to give a spotlight to some older stories of mine

Okay, although I'm not comfortable blowing my own horn much, I want to do something a little risky and put a brief spotlight on some of my older stories. Since we have a lot of new readers here, they may not have seen them the first go-round. Its a bit like the Retro Big Closet feature you may see here from time to time.