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A treasure........

Several years ago, I was truly blessed to stumble upon a work of art called Easy as Falling Off a Bike. Over the next several weeks, I binged on it - reading more story with my every free moment, going short on sleep, and in the process getting to know the author, a very special woman whom I like to think of as a friend.

Hatbox funds needed


We have about $1700 in bills due this week and less than $500 in accounts.

Also, we're asking for an extra 1000 for the next three months because of a big expense coming in September. We're going to be moving our servers.

If you can help, it will be appreciated. Thanks.

Erin, Piper, Cat and the crew.

A Victory for my 4H kids


Sorry for the delays in both ‘A thief’s problem’ and ‘Racing Angels’. As you know both myself and my husband are the Advisors for one of the local 4H clubs here in Garret County Maryland. For the last two weeks we have been very busy with our two teams. First was the local 4th of July parade at home. This was followed up by the Med-Atlantic Competition where my girls placed 5th as a team while the boys place 8th as a team. As this was their last competition for the year both me and my husband are extremely happy.

Author's tricks of the trade - Newspapers

Some of you might have noticed I added in a dummied up newspaper article and included it in the latest chapter of Cassandra (Chapter 8).

It took me a bit of time to work out how to do it, so I thought some of you might wish to tuck this little 'how to' away should you wish to do the same in one of your stories.

Step 1 - Create Clipping
The online resource I used was

I thought it would be more painful?

Catchy title huh? unfortunately also the cold hard truth.

An explanation? Back in November I went to my doctor with this feeling of a pulled muscle that wouldn't go away. It wasn't that painful, just a bit uncomfortable at times, it happened to be located in my left chest area. Yeah, yeah I know but heart attacks are supposed to be really painful right?

New Book - 'Dragged Up' - in English this time.

Been busy... up on Amazon - Kindle edition to be followed shortly by a paperback edition
.. a return to my original story type - coming of age under difficult circumstances.

My thanks, as ever to Tom P. for his proofing.


Rapid sex change


Good news:
Behavior change in minutes.
Secondary sex characteristics change in hours.
Total sex change, including gonads, in ten days.

Bad news:
We're talking about a fish.

But Professor Jenny Graves is studying it. Will she figure out how to induce the same changes in another animal, perhaps a human? Who knows?

But it would make great fodder for a story.

First German Title - Entirely Blank - Komplett Gelöscht

Hi there

This is to announce my first attempt at breaching the German Market with one of my books
My thanks to Monique S. who has taken enormous pains to ensure the translation flows and stays loyal to the original.

it is available on all Amazon sites, but I thought it prudent to advertise the site here as if you are reading this in English, there is little point in buying the German version unless you have German as a first language.
Komplett Gelöscht

Where has Casey been?

Just thought I would drop everyone a quick note. I am alive and well. It has been a while since I last posted anything. I’ve not been idle. I have a new story that’s about 80% completed and a dozen others 25-50% done. I’m also working on a non-TG tech thriller novel that I hope I can publish and share some of my writing with my family for the first time.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer.


The Real Jessica Rabbit

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Sometimes things I'm not even looking for seem to come my way providing information. At times the info is relevant and other times just more mind clutter. This came up on google in an unrelated search. I guess I needed it to fill in more of the stories I had written???

Who Wears The Kilts?

I mean this entirely respectfully towards the troops of Canada, Scotland and any other country involved.

So, was just watching a YouTube Video called, "The Devil's Brigade. Here come the Canadians", and now I have questions.

In the clip when the Canadian troops marched into the base, The Bagpipes were in front, about 16 of them. Then came Male troops in Kilts, about 20 or so of them. Then were perhaps 100 Troops in battle pants and blouses.

A friend came out


So an old school friend of mine went on Facebook today and announced that they have just just changed their name and they are now transitioning from male to female. Of course I am happy for her and wish her all the luck and happiness in the world but I'm not sure I can see them again. I am afraid of what it will mean for me. I have been so deeply in denial and shoving these feelings down for so long that I am afraid of what will happen if I meet them. As it is the post has shaken so many things loose that my emotions and feelings are all over the place.



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July isn't my favorite month of the year.

Getting asked for divorce y my ex, practically tossed out of the house my mom and birthday getting closer again without reaching anything. And not mentioning all the rest of the day to day struggles. Urgh hate how depressing I feel. How lonely I feel.At least I have the pets ...


Virtually Twisted - The Clinic

Cover Image

Calista's first visit to the Spiral Clinic seems to be going well. So why then is she on edge?

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Daniel A. Wolfe

Money Woes

Next year will mark my fiftieth year in business. The first fifteen years I worked for large corporations. The last thirty-five years I've owned my own business.

Owning a business is a lot like home ownership. You say "you" own the business as if that is first person singular -- when, in fact, the pronoun is almost always PLURAL.

Been busy

Life currently has me busy. I live in Oklahoma so you, whoever decides to read this, should know about the flood last month. Then there's the fact that I have been working 6 to 12 hours over time every week for the last four weeks. I am tired. But my stories are still moving. One or two lines at a time. I hope to have something ready by the end of the month. Just please be patient with me.

Thank you for reading.

Summer Story

Working on a new story for the summer. I hope to start posting it here very soon. Its something quick and fun. It will be shorter than Hello My Name Is... and in very similar to my DarkRealms stories, you could almost call it a DarkRealms Alternate type story. The universe feels very similar. I want to make sure that I have at least 5 chapters written before I start posting, I'm almost done with ch. 3 now :). So stay tuned :).

Never Finding A Love.

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I've felt, BEEN so guilty because of my changing gender and for that reason it seemed that the only way to avoid even more condemning guilt was to refrain from any relationship with a man whatsoever. This is a hard, lonely road, as some of you well know.

Tonight I was out on my bike and stopped to call in a broken electrical box. When I finished and went to move on, I forgot to secure my purse to the back of my bike with the elastic sproingy. It promptly wrapped up in my rear sprocket cassette, and threw debris at me.


Have you ever felt envy for one or more of your characters? I wouldn't admit it either! It would be easy to do if a character had too good a life.
The reason I ask is I would like to suggest a movie along these likes. The movie is "Simone" (2002), starring Al Pacino. Just about anything I say about it could be a spoiler except: see it!

Lost my fur baby yesterday.,

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He was a 19 yo Siamese. got him in 2000. Basically stopped eating, was down to skin and bones, Even though the vet eased his passing with an injection, he died of old age. I'm going to miss that old cat.I have a lot of trouble crying, I cried yesterday. My roommate handled the details. His name was Tiger ,His nicknames was Monster, and Asshole.

Virtually Twisted - Flesh & Blood

Cover Image

Calista finally meets her knew family, but will she find acceptance or will she find herself once again cast by the wayside?

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Daniel A. Wolfe

Not gone!


I know the postings have trailed off a bit, but between this problematic back and my unusual responce to Steroids (unlike the majority of humanity, they sedate me) I’ve not been productive. I am still at it and will post by Monday at the latest! You will see Chapter 23 shortly!

When Time Runs Out.

I've belatedly realized that much of what I have written has been various parts of a larger story, but not in order. Slowly, over the last nearly 40 years of writing, hopefully I've gotten better at it.

If anyone reads what I have written, I've tried to be optimistic, and romantic in the face of a lot of real life pain. Much of my novel is showing some semblance of order, but it is not finished, and may never achieve the artistry that I had desired. That is a disappointment.

shelving a story idea (for now)

I have talked here about an idea I had for this, my 10th anniversary year - having a character jump from one story universe to another.

Unfortunately, my muse isnt sending me anything to flesh the idea out, and instead I've been working on some sequels - one for the story "Sing a healing song", a new Jaci and Dottie story, and a story set in the "E-Girl" universe that will focus on the villains.

So I'm shelving the story jumping idea, at least for now.

2019-06-25 If it doesn't rain, it rains (seriously begging)


Me: But it's a heatwave right now ???
Alt Me: It's a figure of speech duh. Don't take everything so literally.
Me: A OK, sorry...
Alt Me: Don't apologize !!!

Well it's, metaphorically, still pouring. Last Friday I was notified that my current lease would end at the end of september. With other words it's movin time again.

Mastercard True Name cards


I was browsing another site that has some active forms when I came across this link.

Mastercard launches True Name cards to make paying with credit cards easier for trans and non-binary communities
Published Mon, Jun 17 2019 3:49 PM EDT

Mastercard announced on Monday, June 17, its True Name™ card initiative, which will allow for chosen names to appear on the front of consumers’ cards.


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Hi everyone, I have been thinking of writing again, its been a long time and life has had many change for me over the last few years .
The thing is do I continue on with some of my stories or create a new one?

from Roo , Carla Bay :)

two non TG stories

Here are two stories that I have done and one you can follow
They are non TG

Ave Maria
Some Catholics say Mary, the mother of Jesus has appeared to many Catholics across the world in the last few centuries. Would she appear to an 11-year-old protestant?
This 3 part story explains the feelings and trials of that boy, that is the center of a Mary apparition.

Virtually Twisted - The Morning After

Cover Image

The morning after showing up at the Turow’s doorstep, Calista arrives at her father’s home, but before she can meet her new siblings she’s pulled aside for some more one-on-one time with her father.

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Daniel A. Wolfe

What ever happened with Sarah Carrera?

Until around 2011 or 12 there was an author here named Sarah Carrera, I think. She wrote stories about a t girl that lived in the Sacramento, Ca. area, had a band, or sang and did none performance in the Red Rock Amphitheater in Colorado. It may have been that she was eventually discovered to have girl parts?

I think that in private emails, she told me that she was going on a 2 year Mormon Mission, so she dropped out of sight. She did not resurface after her mission, at least not using the same name.

Seeya later!

Hey, guys.

So we're leaving for our trip tonight. In about an hour actually (7am Thursday Eastern over there). But I'll be seeing all of you again Monday evening (or about 9am Monday Eastern over there). Therefore no stories until Monday.

I'll still be logging on from time to time within that period, so I won't be completely out of contact with you guys here in the Bigcloset. Feel free to comment or PM or whatever, and I'll respond as soon as I see 'em.

Slow posting

It took 6 months but I finally finished chapter 7 of The Puppeteer. First time that's ever happened. Why; you ask. Ok. picture this. You're painting a whole room and stop when you realize you've literally painted yourself into the opposite corner. Unfortunately you just HAPPEN to be wearing your precious iced pink satin Valentino ballgown and 1100 dollar(made to fit only you) Dalco pumps. Ok, just have to wait for the paint to dry, finish up and walk out, right? Wrong. the paint dries to the wrong shade and the floor turns out to be warped enough to show with that hideous color!

Pushing the Limits


Hi everyone.

As some of you may have seen,the newest installment of my story Pushing the Limits is now up for your viewing pleasure. Please, please please take a look and tell me what you think. If you haven't read the first four parts of the story, go ahead and catch up on them now, though, otherwise it won't make sense.

Posting a new story - Cassandra

It's been ten years since I posted my very first attempt at fiction here at BCTS (or indeed anywhere). For those of you who have been around that long it was 'The Healing Dagger', a short story of about 18,000 words set in the aftermath of a global pandemic. I try not to go back and read it now. Far too embarrassing!

to the people who care about me:

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To the people who care about me: I'm sorry. See, caring about someone is always risky. There is a chance you will get hurt by them. I'm not just talking about being disappointed, or betrayed, but hurt because the person you care about is hurting. So if you care about me, you've been hurt when I have hurt, and I'm sorry. And I'm afraid the hurting isnt over. See, I've been, so to speak writing checks my body cant cash for a long time, and it looks like nature is going to collect. And therefore I can see a lot of hurt in my future.

Is a picture really worth 1,000 words?


I was looking through the listings of recent stories the other day, and I saw a picture that to me, at least was very disturbing. Now in all reality the subject matter wasn't overly graphic, but it also at the same time is totally not my thing. so based on the scary picture, I stayed away. I will also admit there have been flashy graphics that have steered me to stories... and some poorly done ones that have made me stay away from the story as well.

stuck on repeat


I'm having a tough day, but to explain it you guys need to understand something about how my PTSD works. Its not just my rapes that are stuck in flashback mode, or even just my rapes and the abuse I suffered at the hands of my stepfather. Its EVERYTHING. The time I slammed the door on my brother's fingers to the time I ripped my pants at work to ... well the list is endless.

Needless to say, it sucks.

Computer blues


My computer is being muleish, and it took two tries to get it running this morning. Everything started but I had no icons along the bottom of the screen. (Win10). By clicking on a thumbnail for a word file, word still worked, so I assume that part of a startup file did not run.

Amazon Reviews

I normally don't do this but I was wondering if some of you could do me a favor. I mean, I hate to ask, but could I get some reviews on Texas Belles on Amazon? I'm not sure what's going on, but I haven't gotten a single one and it's been posted for over a week. Someone told me they posted a review but Amazon rejected it without reason. So I'm curious if Amazon is just not allowing reviews for that story. On Goodreads, there's been a review and several positive rankings.

Welcome back Grover and, John in Wauwatosa, where are you?

SO glad to see Grover back online and posting stories to boot! Welcome back my sister.

Now... unless I missed something, what the heck happened to John in Wauwatosa? He used to be a regular commenter here and had a very well developed sense of humor. He was always, as far as I know, welcome as a commenter and even contributed to a couple of stories as far as I know.

Virtually Twisted - Shattered Expectations

Cover Image

When Calista comes face to face with a woman named Carrie, all the expectations she had for her father are thrown out the window. Who is this woman and more importantly will she be willing to hear our hero out?

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Daniel A. Wolfe

I'm back, sorta kinda!

Hey, I'm back! It's been a long road but we finally got internet back up and running. When we moved from Clearwater Florida I had no idea that it would take us so long to get back on line here in Sandy, Utah.

It has been an experience!

However, I have been writing and the first of that work is showing up today, Isle of Dreams.

It is completed and thanks to the ever Wonderful Cathy, it's even edited. I do hope I remember how to do that whole posting thing!

It is in three parts and will go up in sections of about 10k words every Friday.

Slow Pen

Hello out there in internet land! I just posted another chapter of my Plan-B Bust -- apologies for being so slow to get the story out there BUT:

(1) I'm pretty sure no one is holding their breath waiting
(2) There will probably only be one or two more chapters
(3) It takes me about a week of writing 3-4 hours a day to make one chapter

I don't mind being slow, except that it's SO exciting to be able to post here.

"The Store"

There is a small shop called "The Store" which also has the local laundry attached. This place is located in Bettyhill which is in the far north of Scotland. For those interested, it is at 58.53°N 4.22°W
That's 58 North. Beyond this going north is the Arctic.

This place serves great food. The Mushroom and Tarragon soup was great and very warming on a day that was dominated by very strong N.E. Winds.
Anyway, this sign caught my eye as I ate the soup.