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New weekly serial part up on my website

The newest part is up on my website.

Also, I've decided to embrace the social media capabilities of wordpress so you can follow me on twitter, tumblr, facebook or google+ and get updates anytime something new pops onto my site.

greetings from Outer er Andorra

Hi folks
the keen amongst you may have spotted a new Gaby chapter has been posted.

You may also have noticed that the posting is a bit, er basic.

Well my excuse is its been posted from a laptop with a mind of its own when it comes to scroll controls and getting this far has been interesting!

So enjoy the words, i'll get it properly formatted when I've got a properly user friendly interface.

Anyhow, after a two day journey we arrived in the Pyrenees, had my first view of the Med on the way and we're just enjoying some downtime before dinner.

NonTG but Important Info for Veterans

I have been made aware that there is a program available for veterans whose income is very low. If you served during a time of conflict, and your income is below 1000 dollars a month,you can get financial help from the V.A. to bring it to that level. IF you are also disabled or unable to get out easily, there is another program called "Housebound" which can raise your income level considerably higher, and assistance to get things like blood pressure monitors, air conditioners, oxygen equipment and other necessities to help make your life a bit easier.

Trump bans Trans people from US Military

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US President Donald Trump today announced that Transgendered people can't serve in the US Military.

This seems to be another rolling back the advances made under the previous president.

How very different this is from the British Military as some people who post here know from first hand experience.

Sad, so very sad.

Well at least I found it amusing.

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Many moons hither, a friend - to my delight - gave me a present of a bra, one which was designed to assist with what would otherwise be an atypical flatness for a female. I loved the curves this bra gave me.

Somehow, it ended up at the back of the drawer and the white straps were gently fading into yellow, and one of the hooks of the hook and eye pair needed sewing back on on one side, and so on and so forth. So said bra gradually dropped from my list of favourites - plus it didn't really sit well with the prosthetics I eventually summoned up both the courage and the dosh to buy.

It Can Only Go Up From Here (short scene)

"I miss this. The family getting together again here again." Aunt Lydia stated as passed a bowl of dressing to Grans.
"What is that supposed to mean?" Mom snarled.
"It means I miss the family getting together-"
"We used to get together but you decided to stop it."
Aunt Lydia placed her hands on her lap, bowed her head and closed her eyes, in an attempt to stay calm.
"Rachel, this is not--"
"It's a perfect time to talk about it. Seeing the fact that we're 'all' here, right? Mom, me, you, Alan, Krystal, James--and who are you again?"

Finally! A New Karin Bishop Book!

After too long, I have a new book—Day in the Sun. It's set in Hollywood of the 1930s and has taken a mountain of research, but it's been a real labor of love, something I've wanted to write about for quite awhile.

"Day in the Sun" at

Author Status

I was wondering if anyone knows the status, are they ok etc. of the following authors, who have been quiet for a while.

I think I have this set up right
Ashleigh Blayze
Domoviye is ok
Dr. Bender is ok
Joanne Foxcourt
Lilith Langtree
Maggie Finson
Shinai Ai is ok
Taylor Ryan
Wanda Cunningham is ok

If you have a name you want me to add to the list let me know.

Job Hunting for Millenials

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I may be on the early side of that particular designation, but I'm pretty sure I qualify, right? Born in the late '80s, some college but no degree, blah de blah. Yep.

So here's the deal. I've spent the last 3 months looking for a new job. I've applied for quite a few, as a receptionist, at call centers, more than a few sales positions from Best Buy to Target... all in all, I've sent out probably 10 or 12 resumes/applications.

I've gotten a call back on all of 2, and an interview out of only 1.

How I define myself

If anyone has read my work on site, (s)he can certainly see that I am (or at least my muse is) a quite unusual person. I would guess the one word that would define me best is eclectic. You see, I, first and foremost, am NOT a gifted author, as so many on this site are. Writing for me is both a passion and, at times, an intense struggle. I have no style that I can truly call my own, and have had very little training (save the one Creative Writing class I took way back in high school - back when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth).

NEW shadowsblade is here!

New chapter is posted for your enjoyment!

This post is the end of Shadowblades first year at Whateley and she will do more beyond it!

So have fun with this one while I write the summer fun issue coming soon!

And for a reader note, I and Nuuan do leave little Easter eggs all over our story posts! So far no one is really swooping on the ones laying around?

clue is that extra box in Ro's story and Nuuan just left a bunch in his last post!

Most of all have fun~!

I was brought to tears today

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I was brought to tears in church today.

See, we had a special service for pets today, and my pastor asked if I would be temporarily in charge of her dog while she conducted the service. To help keep the dog close to me she gave me a handful of treats to give out during the service.

Well, it didnt take the dog long to figure out what I had in my hand, and so became my best friend, sitting beside me and occasionally trying to sniff my hands to see which one had the treats. When I put my face close to his in response to this, he licked me.

Stranger in a Strangeland

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I been mulling over how to write this for a little while. I used this blog to get personal things off my mind in an impersonal manner. I mean take what I am thinking about and write it in such a manner that it is about the issue itself and how it affects society, not me. I feel like if I make it about me I would just be complaining.

August Hatbox and the last week of July


We've nearly made it through the month. Amazon and Kindle will pay us in a week and we will be able to make our bills in August with the regular flow of gifts to help.

There's just this little bit of July left....

We've got about $125 in the bank, Piper, Cat and I have not paid ourselves this week and there are one or two middling size bills out there to pay.

So if you can help us out to get through the week without taking out a loan, it will be greatly appreciated.

The muse has returned

Okay I know everyone is wanting the next installment of Super Soldier, but this short story sitting unfinished for so long due to real life issues scaring my muse so badly she wouldn't come out form under the bed no matter what I offered to write. okay so the muse wasn't the only issue. most the time I was so tired I fell asleep at the keyboard when I tried to start writing.

getting jiggy

Well i'm getting a bit jiggy on three fronts this weekend.

First is the possibility that Chris Froome will, in less than 48 hours take his 4th TdeF title. Yep, just 22km remain to affect the result - no one's daft enough to race on Sunday other than the sprinters. The race hasn't exactly been action packed, the loss of some exciting riders early on has coloured that but it certainly shouldn't detract from the achievement.

Amy Surgery Update


Amy is right now in preop getting a nerve block. Shortly she will be taken into surgery for an ORIF procedure where they will use a plate and some screws to repair Amys ankle fracture.

The procedure is supposed to last no more than an hour and is being done as same day surgery but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Ninja Baby is spending the weekend with friends/family so I get to clean.


fairy lives don't matter?

fairy lives don't matter?

this is 'Bright' a new Will smith movie coming out with LA filled with elves, orks and trolls!

think Alien nation meets lord of the rings

yes I laughed my ass off in that first 30 seconds!

New weekly serial part up on my website

Hey, boys and girls! It's that time again, the next part of my serial Psyren's Redemption, is up on my website.

Please, head on over and give it a read!

I've also created a forum, which I thought would be a fun little casual discussion area.

The Story is???

Looking for a story in which a colony is made of teenagers away from earth in a ship like thing. The inhabitants of the ship are given a device in which they can have the body of their own will just for one year. After one year they can make changes again. The help in locating the story will really be appreciated. Thank You

Twelve months and one day

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Twelve months and one day... That's how long I've been on BC. It has been an amazing year. Writing has been a wonderful experience, publishing a story on the web is an experiment in unadulterated anxiety. I've joked with myself that there isn't a 'recall' button on stories. There is a reason why I never refer to the stories as "my story"-- always "the story" or "this story" the audience makes of the story or takes from the story what they wish. An author puts a story out there and it is no longer the author's. It is the readers' (copyrights, not withstanding-- giggles).

Bucket List Fulfillment

If anyone's wondering, I got an e-mail from NBC-Universal a few days ago, and it's official now.

They have asked me to attend an open audition for America's Got Talent. My interview/audition time is set for 1:00 PM Tuesday, November 14, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Wish me luck!


Canine transfurite?

OK, this is just a bit of my warped sense of humour. I recently bought a copy of the original 1943 film 'Lassie Come Home' and decided to do a Google search about it. First, although it's set in northern England and Scotland, it was actually shot in the USA - not surprising I guess as Britain was a bit preoccupied with World War Two at that time and America hadn't yet signed up. Secondly, the title role which from the name is obviously a female dog (I won't use the b... word) was played by a male dog called Pal of the breed called a Rough Collie.

A heart-felt thanks


There are many people on this site that I am happy to call friends. Some work behind the scenes here at BC, and their talents often go unrecognized or acknowledged. Therefore, I ask for your indulgence while I give a select few their due accolades.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Erin. Without her, there would be no BC, period.

using paypal


I just tried to send bunce by Pay-pal. It is useless. They keep changing my password and I refuse to write it down because that is a sure way to get robbed. I used my card instead. Pay-pal is not secure if they keep wanting me to change my password every time I forget.

I managed to send some money direct to Janglewood - I think.

Wiping away the dust

For the third time in the last 5 ebooks I have written, I will be publishing a story of mine that had been unfinished for a long time.

First was my ebook New Heart, New Spirit. I first puts of it up here at BC in 2009. I finished it and began selling New Heart at Amazon 7 years later or last November.

Two ebooks later, I came out with Point Blank. I wrote PB about 12 years ago, and shared it on a mailing list in its unfinished state. PB sat around untouched till last month.

Passed my first module

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I am 60 credits richer than I was this time last year, just need the other 300 to finish the job.Sadly this means I have to pay my fees for next year which compared to most uni fees is modest, but then the Open University is the place for autodidacts, so we get much less in return in regard to teaching. Oh well, only 5 more years to go, good job I'm such a youngster.


idea giveaway

Sometimes, I get fragments of an idea that I cant turn into a story.

I have one of those at the moment, so I am giving it away to any who may want it:

It goes like this:

Alien (watching a woman paint her toenails): "What is the significance of that action?"

Woman: "What action?"

Alien: "Painting your hind claws like that."

And there you go. If you can make something of this, you're welcome to it.

I am Groot, I am Groot. (Pop culture and stories blog)

This is just a little pop culture blog, I know I use the blog to just talk out loud on things which are on my mind. Nothing I say on it is groundbreaking and I bet a lot of it is wrong. I do not care, it is just a nice way to get my thoughts in order.

Yes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is coming out soon on DVD, and I am looking forward to it. I enjoy how they mix lightheartedness into actions movies.

A Longer War

Following superb work by Julia P I have just finished amending the formatted manuscript she provided (some other errors I had already seen, plus a couple of revisions, as well as copyright, 'other books by', etc) and now published it on Kindle. It will take a day or three to surface, but it will be along in short order. Remember that this site provides links to Amazon that earn commission.

EV: Sentinel Conclusion is up..Finally...YEA!!!

Been battling my internet provider for the last month over my connection randomly (and quite often) dropping out completely or becoming so slow an old 24k dial up modem would be faster. Last week I was fed up with their excuses and went with another provider which was installed yesterday.

So with a stable connection once again, I have finally been able to post the final part of Enchanted "Valley: The Sentinel"

I will probably be going offline... maybe. NEWS!

NEWS! The volume prob seems to have corrected itself... or I fixed it... well anyway, it no longer is giving me probs... knock on wood. So, I can delay the other problems for a bit longer... at least until my financial situation is a bit better.

Due to computer probs and outdated machine (my Mac) and a volume prob with the newer PC, both will be going in to the shop for work probably Monday or Tuesday.


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Some people say trust is earned and other say trust is given.I think that trust is a state of being between the people involved which comes from the interactions with the each other and others. In seeing trust as something which can be given or earned makes it more like a tangible commodity. That is if a person does certain actions I then it will automatically be given to by anyone. That once it is lost it is just repeat what you did to receive it in the first place to get it back.


Hope no one missed me too much. Some things have happened, and I needed to "get away" for awhile. I'll be on and off some, until I make my more permanent return sometime in the fall. My love to all.

Haylee V

PS: I'm looking for someone interesting who would like to be featured in a non-canonical Smoky Corners tale, like I have written for Dorothy Colleen, Joanne Barbarella, and AuPreviner. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM. The Daily Parables will resume when I am able to fully return to the site.

Cherry Moone

Cherry Moone is a series created back in 1996, when I was living with my in-laws.
The first chapter was completed at that tine and then left alone for a while.

Years later I wrote a screenplay that was originally called "Virtual Columbine"--which was about a group of guys who go on a real life game of "Quake" in their high school. One of the guys was an emotionally distraught high school drop-out by the name of Joshua Daniels.

Unseen handicaps can be so hard

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I think I have only mentioned this to a couple of people at Big Closet. But I'm deaf which is a challenge I use Amerivan Sign Language (ASL).I live in a foreign Country as well. My complaint or grouse is that people do not speak to me. They talk over me to my husband it's like I don't exist to them. What makes it worse is when he does the same. Although I have to say in his defense he's trying to protect me.

Thirty One Years.

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I can't believe that it was thirty one years ago today that I turned up in work in a two piece skirt outfit feeling incredibly nervous but also very committed to dealing with anything that happened that or subsequent days. the official grapevine had informed people what was going to happen and I must admit most of the comments I received were encouraging. I wasn't the first in the NHS to have transitioned, but in sleepy West Dorset, I was a bit of a novelty for a while.

Some facts about M.Y.T.H.

Just some facts about M.Y.T.H. school for those who want in:

M.Y.T.H. stands for Magical Youth Training House. The school would be in the north-west part of Montana - so near forest, but with farmland near too.

Cold in the winter, but the school probably has magic to keep the worst of the weather at bay.

Closest big name attraction would be Yellowstone park.

anyone want to join M.Y.T.H.?

I have just published the first chapter of "the secret of M.Y.T.H.", and I hope everybody likes it, but I hope other writers will want to join crazypagangirl and myself in playing in this sandbox.

If you have an idea you think might work, let me know, okay?

The Media News should change come Monday morning.

Well if we are lucky come Monday Morning all anyone around the water cooler will be talking about will be Game of Thrones, because the new season airs Sunday night.

I will welcome the break from everything else, sadly it will only last for 6-7 weeks then the season ends and it will meter out from there, since speculation for the final season will have to wait for next year.

Head, meet wall. Repeat

I've been going nuts this week. I had another chapter to River ready to post on Monday or so. Eric got it back to me on Friday. Unfortunately there was an electrical storm on Thursday night, and it blew up my computer. The repair guy says that the power supply was toast, and the components inside melted, although nothing serious was destroyed (like the hard disk).

Good Days and Bad

Monday was okay and yesterday was quite productive but today - well today has been less good. Its four weeks tomorrow that Mum died, four weeks ago today the last time I spoke with her, we just made the usual noises of goodbye, nothing different to thousands of times before, I somehow feel guilty for not saying more, a simple 'love you' or parent/child kiss. But that's not my family's way and I feel that I've been robbed of that intimacy, its not going down the same with #1, we are much more huggers.

anyone want to be a beta reader ?

I am looking for a beta reader for the first chapter of my sequel to "Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn!".

I need someone who feels comfortable reading what I have so far, and making comments, suggestions, questions, or whatever that will help make the piece as good as it can be.

So, any takers?

Good News, Bad News :D

I'll start with the bad news first.

Whisper Pines is being a real SOB at the moment. I can not for the life of me figure out how to get myself out of the current hole I've written myself into. I'm sure I'm just over thinking it all and the solution will come to me eventually. I really like the story and I want to finish it, I owe it you guys to finish it :(.

Ok that's the bad news.

The good news is that just because I can't seem to write that, doesn't mean I'm done with writing.

Bootcamp was a bust

Well, the writer's "bootcamp" thing was a bust. it was all about writing self-help books, using said books to pass yourself off as an "expert" so you can get interviews, which leads to speaking fees and endorsements, which is where you make money, and they get their money from you in exchange for publishing your book.

So nothing that would be helpful for me, sadly.

Ah, well. At least I tried ...

Aggressively, we all defend the role we play

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Think of this question, who are you? In most situations the answer would be the person gives the name and the say I am and you can fill in the blank with: job title, mom, father, sister brother, lover, husband, teacher, student, wife,man/woman on the side, acquaintance, friend or best friend among many other.

No Bike tonight

Sorry folks, but I seem to befalling apart physically. The other night I awoke to a strange pain in my mouth only to find I'd chewed the side of my tongue--I don't recommend it. Then, on Thursday evening, Whizz took exception to me rubbing one of her feet and attacked me, or more precisely my right hand. I think she caught a tendon and it's swollen and sore but I don't think infected, however, typing isn't very easy. Finally, just to take my mind off my hand I seem to have sinusitis which is causing the whole side of my face to be very tender with occasional jabs of pain in my ear.

Update on The Waitress and apology for disappearing!


Hi everyone! I'm sorry for being away for so long, and not updating the Waitress!
At first I got really sick again, my immune system isn't very good, but while I was recovering I got a job! And got so anxious about it that I got sick again >.> Aha. My body sucks.

Deep depression


I need to get something off my chest. For the past three months I have been battling severe depression that has impacted me. I tried to use writing to get through it but the last three stories have fallen flat. Each story has hit him hard as they weren't well received and showed just how much I have angered and upset people since October. I have seen kudos and page views go down for everything I wrote and it's almost as if I don't exist anymore.

Well its been 2 years

Well its hard to believe but its been 2 years since I last put up anything concerning Mel Covington. I'm not sure if there is much of an interest still, or if others even remember what's she's going through, but I'm planning in the next few weeks to put up another chapter.

Philippa York to work as commentator on ITV4 TdF

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Who is Philippa York? Only one of the greatest British cyclists of all time in her previous life as Robert Millar, who has announced her new identity. I attach a link from the Guardian (where else?) with a supportive article for those who want to read it. My only comment, I hope you're as successful in your new life as you were in the old.

On the lighter side - High Heels and Ben Nevis

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It's always a question of suspending disbelief when a story's young heroine leaps into heels for the first time and performs flawlessly.

However I bet they've never tried to walk up a boulder strewn mountain. Even an idiot Brit wouldn't try that... right?



Finding the story about Abby (?).

I started reading a story yesterday that I thought had 10 or so chapters. Then the site went down, not complaining.

The story started with a pre-adolescent boy who had a friend who was a Cheerleader. When the boy got home from school on his birthday, his parents gave him presents of girl's clothing, jewelry, and make-up. The next day, he started attending school as a girl. Apparently he was the last one to get it, since the school administrators and many of those he knew already knew he should be a girl.

Not possible to leave comment for stories


Bru, read one of your stories, tried to leave a comment but this kept popping up instead

The form has become outdated. Copy any unsaved work in the form below and then reload this page.

Can't take you up in the gyrocopter as ours are single person aircraft. However knowing you are a "water person" I probably ought to invite you out to the lake when we take the Hobie Cat out. Rest assured you will NOT see me in a bathing suit! Past Tense! Ever "fly" over the water at 10 or 20 MPH?
Love your little quirky stories.

Have fun with life, it's too short to take seriously

To the readers of Journeys West

Some of you have expressed the desire for an epilogue to the story.

I'm afraid that there is no epilogue at this time. To make up for that, there are still two chapters of the story waiting to be posted. I hope that this will an acceptable consolation.

It's been a lot of fun writing this story and I am flattered that some of you have enjoyed it. I cannot tell you how good and how humbling that feels.

Thank you and lots of hugs,
Monica Rose and Marina Kelly

Gosh - hasn't time flown?

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I have had some kind messages, enquiring about things.

Thank you for worrying, but everything (well most things anyway) are fine. The sick one in my family is the car.

As you are probably aware, I am entering into a long drawn-out phase of moving from Switzerland back to the UK. This process is planned to take a year or so. I have found a flat in Tunbridge Wells and have agreed to rent that for at least a year. As I (we) had no credit history in the UK, then we had to pay an entire year up front!

unique opportunity this weekend

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I have been given an opportunity to participate in a writer's "bootcamp" this weekend. Even if I doubt very much I could make a living as an author, I want to at least try this bootcamp and see what happens.

Among other things, I am very nervous about what to wear. They said "business casual", but I dont really know what that means for a woman.

hugs and encouragement appreciated.


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This coming weekend sees the Manchester Sparkle event, written of by Bev Taff a few times. I will be there from Saturday afternoon as I will be working on one of their 'market stalls' all Sunday for my support network.

If anyone is about, stop by and say hello!

Fun Morning -_-

So I took my dog out this morning at about 2am. I let him out the back door and went to pee. Its our usual routine. By the time I'm done, he's usually done too. Today he took a little bit more time because he hadn't been out for a few hours what with the fireworks and all. I should have known something was wrong when he didn't come in right away. I had to go out and get him and everything seemed to be fine when I did. It wasn't until we got close to the house that I noticed he was severely foaming at the mouth. Of course my first instincts were to panic.

Person Event and Ideas

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There are three ways a person's writing is driven. They are also the three ways people view the world. When I say driven and view the world. I mean what is the most important part of the work or their perspective on the world. A work can be driven on a personal level, that is it is about individual people. A work can be driven on by events, that is it is about how something which happen. A work can be driven by ideas, that is it is about how concepts work in the world.

Oregon for the win!

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Ok, as some folks know, someone here in Oregon sued for the right to list their gender on their ID as "other". and they won.

Back in May or June it was announced that Oregon DMV was going to change the process and forms to allow anyone to do that.

I grabbed a copy of the "Change your Gender Designation" form back in June, but it hadn't been updated. eventually I'm going to upload it to my website as historical document.

The Reverse Test

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My mom always told me to think about how my actions would affect others. She wanted to make sure that I would switch places with the other person to see how they would take what I did. My mom also made it a point for me to also try to look at the situation from their point of view and not mine. It is simple and yet so many people do not even try to do so. I call this the reverse test.

Good m2f video

I've just watched a superb video on a m2f conversion made for TV at

It not only covers the special effects conversion, which is beyond most of our pockets, but also the ways in which females move and behave differently to males. It's 22 mins long, and well worth a watch.

NEW shadowsblade is here!

Just posted the latest chapter to Shadowsblade

Warning in this one Rohanna does a few not so nice things----

But in this one she faces that dark past again while doing her part in finals testing for the academy. Some small parts of her past are shown and other hidden gems!

The last chapter you all seemed to have liked, but nearly no comments? I was expecting that to happen, as the chapter was just her having fun---But there are a few Easter eggs in that section!

Now on to the Torturing of Drows!

51 years ago ...

51 years ago, in a tiny town in New Brunswick, I came into the world.

On one's birthday, I feel one should set time aside for gratitude, and I have a lot to be grateful for.

My family - my mom, my brother, my sister-in-law, my ex, my daughter, my church, my friends, both near and far, my faith, and of course this place, without which I doubt I would have found the courage to try a transition.

Super big huggles to all!