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some good news about my daughter

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I got some good news about my daughter. I found out that she has been accepted to go to a continuing education program specially set up for handicapped people post grade 12.

They will focus on combining academics with life skills, and it will go for two years.

I'm very proud of her.

A little more month left than money in the Hatbox


We're still short on the month's goal, and on paying ourselves, so if you can help out, it will be greatly appreciated.

If you won't have money until after the first, you could consider making a pledge at Patreon as those monies are collected after the 1st of the month. And our Patron page at Patreon is jumping. I've committed to posting new chapters of Fantastic Mars and Bian there at least three days before they post here at BC. In fact, chapter 5 of the Mars serial is up there now.

Hugs and thanks,
Erin and the crew

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Searching for a story

The story I am searching for was probably not on this site. A number of years ago I was reading a story I think was about a married man and his wife who were in grave financial trouble. A mysterious man offers to help, but only on the condition that the man agrees to undergo a transformation, based on how much help he gets. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!!

A funny thing

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I had a funny thing happen at church today. It seems that a tomboy at church thinks that I am the perfect person to give her lessons on how to be a lady. She came up to me and said " I am trying to become more lady like and you are the most feminine lady as per my mom." Now I am very happy to have gotten the compliment, but I also think it's funny that I am 11 years post op, yes feminine facial surgery and also a bit of work done as well. That being said HER mom says she could learn to be more lady like from ME.

"Writers must recognize the stop signs in their… " - tips on writing

"Writers must recognize the stop signs in their…"

I recently read a blog by a writer on our site that was looking for help with their story... which caused me to take note of this in today's paper.

I found this article on the importance of knowing WHEN to end your story; the importance of knowing when to say 'when'. The first half of this article is insightful. Towards the end of this article famous authors opening words are compared to their ending words; both are equally important.

This Sucks (enemyoffun needs to relocate with help! ~seph)

So I wrote a blog a bit ago about a writing delay because of Life in general. Things have NOT been easy around here. My books aren't selling anymore and my brother is breathing down my neck. I got into a fight with him---verbal, not physical---last night. Every weekend now he takes off to go to his girlfriend's, leaving me here to look after the hundreds of animals he owns. That's not an exaggeration either. I'm already fed up with it because he took a job that keeps him out of the house for 12 hours a day, four days a week.

News from.......Brandenburg, Germany

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Just a quick note or two.

Well my best laid plans have fallen by the way side as my internet access so far this trip has been sketchy at best and non existent most of the time.

Anyhow, we've had a great trip so far, a mostly mill pond North Sea crossing and wall to wall blue skies and sunshine ever since. Gab has. Been enjoying herself with visits to Hameln of rat fame and the windmill museum up at Luneberg Heide. Maybe the other windmill visits were a bit more 'if we must' but we've some great stuff planned for the way back.

NYT Best Seller List or a Crony List?


Many years ago, yes we were publishers then, the NYT listed a book title as a NYT Best Seller. It hadn't even been written yet. I believe everyone in the publishing business knew the NYT was a Wine and Dine list. Those publishers who could wine and dine the owner, editors, and writers of the NYT were assured of selling hundreds of thousands more books if they made the list. It was a very exclusive club bought and paid for with lots of free food, women, lavish trips, and exotic holidays.

A solution for those with new skype problems!

If you are on a Windows 10 machine, follow these instructions.

Go to:

Click on Downloads

Click the down arrow to the right of Get Skype from Store

Click Get classic Skype from the drop down menu.

Run the installer after it finishes downloading.

Make sure you UNCHECK optional features such as make BING your default search.

Login using your Skype name or Microsoft Account.

Burning out


The next Winnisimmet Tales series coming in a few hours. It is taking a lot out of me and has tapped me out for ideas. If not for the help of Sammi, this series would not exist. Even so, I had to rely on her for much of the plot and ideas. I wanted to collaborate, but this is beyond collaboration- this is ghost writing.

I hate that I can't do this on my own anymore. I have become what I hate most. I am a burnout.

Psyren's redemption - Sapphira on the hunt - Read for free now

After receiving a 'gift' from Chemosh, Sapphira goes on the hunt, but who or what could he possibly be searching for? This part is the begining of a pivotal moment within the story. So don't miss it!

Click here to read the latest part, or go here to read it from the beginning.

A word of warning about the newest version of skype, redux

PLEASE!!!! keep your political views and/or personal feelings about certain public figures to yourselves. The last time I posted this blog entry, it got demoted off the front page thanks to those political views and attacks, so please don't air them here this time?

If you're thinking about downloading the new version of Skype, be careful. more than a few people have lost either voice, video, or contact lists after starting it.

I Think It's Bollocks, Please Help

After my prediction that I intended to advance the "Hala" "story um Universe", if you will allow me to call it that, I realize that "I've Got A Fine Kettle Of Fish" here and nothing is going to work as I intended.

In my defence, When I wrote the first two Hala episodes, I had no idea that it would rewrite itself into a minor epic, or that is what it thinks it is.

I just finished reviewing Hala's Snow Day, and substantially rewriting Cowgirl Hala. The process added over 1000 words to it. Then, I discovered that I had actually published Cowgirl Hala back in 2016.

magic blood pressure spikes

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Do you guys remember the dancing frog from the Warner Brother's cartoons?

Well, I've been having blood pressure spikes that seem to be doing the same thing - I see it at home, but they disappear as soon as my doctor checks me.

So my doctor has ordered a special bp test, to see if we can figure out what the heck is going on ...

Time Running Out, But Not Ideas.

I'm up to eight long chapters of the "Hala" story and did not plan to publish it until I was done, but I'm getting really long of tooth and the ideas don't stop. In two of the chapters, some of it really did happen, but I'm not saying what. The events that might trigger PTSD, I've been very mild about, so I hope that everyone stays OK.

A word of warning about the newest version of Skype!

If you're thinking about downloading the new version of Skype, be careful. more than a few people have lost either voice, video, or contact lists after starting it.

Right now, Beverly Taff, in the U.K. is having a deuce of a time trying to get the voice part of it to work and she just today manage to retrieve her contact list. Persephone, also in the U.K. has had similar problems.

Skype is still urging me to download the newest version but I have been and will continue to resist it.

Catherine Linda Michel

08 - The Drawback Of Being A Writer... (+ Flash Fiction)

Hey, TBC readers.

I know the title means different things to every writer. For me it is ideas. There are writers who hunt ideas desperately. I am desperate because I am hunted by ideas.

"Just how?" you might ask. Well, it is hard to concentrate on writing one serial or story and now and then ideas pop into your mind that bug the hell out of you. Every new idea I get there is this impulse to start writing it as a story. I am getting better at controlling said impulses, but it is no wonder I have about three dozen stories started and never finished.

Exhaustion struck


Hi all,

well that's one fortnight gone that I am unlikely to forget.

But first off, let me assure you that Julina is not far away --- just one, maybe two, more scenarios to add in (blame this on needing things to think about whilst driving on French motorways) and the next episode will be complete. It currently sits at 6235 words, before revision and proofing, and therefore I hope to have it posted by the weekend.

We now have a house in the middle of the glorious Kent countryside and in which we have (tested and working) Broadband, Telephone and TV connections.

on tv

has anybody been watching madam secretary or blue bloods? madam secretary has a transgender character, she dresses as a man, and is a regular character on show. I just watched an episode where they were trying to get lbqt people out a country that was trying to outlaw and jail them. blue blood had an episode about trans people also. nice to see world somewhat accepting these people.

Who I Am

I have decided to change the title of “I Am Rosemary’s Granddaughter” to its original title, “Who I Am” and I have sent the manuscript off for a book proof. I would like to thank everyone who has read the orignal version and offered assistance on the storyline...I also apologize for changing it around and making it nearly impossible to read. I have tried to stop that process with the current WIPS.

I’ll post about the actual e- and physical book after I go through this editing cycle.

Harry Anderson has passed away

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Harry Anderson, best known for playing the judge on the TV show "Night Court" has apparently passed away at age 65.

I loved the show, and it had one of the earliest sympathetic portrayals of a trans person on network television.

I hope he's doing goofy magic tricks in Heaven.

its a generation thing

Well yesterday was a landmark for my family - all of my immediate blood relations over four generations in one room at once. Sounds impressive but it's only five people (I do have a host of cousins etc so we aren't such a tiny family really) Anyhow I spent about three hours holding a very well behaved grandson as two exhausted parents failed to summon energy for more than drinking tea!

What a week or two!

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My computer played up, then an update from Microsoft coincided with my router doing strange things, only it took a day or two to work out what the problem was. Couple that with severe shoulder pain and consequent lack of sleep, a visit to the dentist on Friday the 13th, an impending deadline for my latest assignment and you can see I've had a great time.

71 today.

Whew! Like my old baseball hero, Mickey Mantle, said: "If I'd known I was gonna get this old, I'da taken better care of myself!"

Well, I'm not old... compared to trees, or mountains, right?

I hope everyone has a great day, and thanks all for your comments and friendship. Also, thanks to Princess Chelsea for the skype Birthday greeting.

Catherine Linda Michel

Fund raising

We've had a lot of blogs and comments about fundraising. So I'd like to add my abilities to the pot so to speak. I'm a fair to middling proofreader, and while I don't have a degree or any such thing I believe that I'm able to catch most common errors in usage and spelling. And no I will not be depending only on spell check or some grammar engine to help me out!

The Family Girl #93: Work has gotten in the way - but Danny #7 still under construction

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #93: Work has gotten in the way - but Danny #7 still under construction

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl
click on this link:

Hi, everyone!.

Work has, as usual, gotten in the way.

Banging on the donation drum.

By now I'm sure that all of you are sick of me banging on the donation drum... but here I go again.

We have X (I use the X in deference to Erin who hasn't given me permission to use the exact number) numbers of members on the site. If each of them just gave ONE DOLLAR A MONTH, it would more than cover the monthly operating costs and generate funds to pay off loans and keep Erin out of the poorhouse!

ONE DOLLAR! You can't even get a decent cup of coffee, a soft drink, a candy bar, or even a newspaper for a buck any more, but you CAN help save a site!

Atalanta's Story:Update

I apologize for not providing any updates for Atalanta's Story and leaving you hanging but I didn't really know what the future was. I've had a variety of RL situations come at me; finance,health, and relationships and a fried computer and a busted water line and... As well as my editor falling ill and I didn't know if that information was mine to share or when they would be up to editing. And my muse hid from me too.

New Ideas Needed

How are new readers and authors attracted to Big Closet?

Maybe the financial problems could be solved through an increased user base? It would seem likely that the more users BC has the more contributions Erin would receive.

I came to BC many years ago (probably over two decades ago) when Erin sent me an invitation to post here after reading one of my stories on FM.

How did you find BC?

Do you have ideas for attracting more readers and authors?

Is social media being used to attract readers?

Please comment.



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I hate being negative all the time. I've been pretty sick lately so I shut down for a while. I was at the PT(physical therapist today,She had me standing between parallel bars on both feet. I threw up later not a bad thing since every time I use new muscles differently it happens. She was working harder than I was try to keep my bad left leg straight,Not a major break through, but will take what comes my way. But for a short while before I abused their trash can(again)I was standing up and swaying between feet. Using my good arm (for balance and good leg to stand between the bars.

a most unusual dream

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I had a really unusual dream last night. I dreamed that I was back in university, but this time I was Dorothy. Not only that, I had this ... confidence about stuff I dont normally have in real life. Even people who reacted negatively to me were dismissed in my mind except to report them to a university official.

Not sure what that means ...

I am going to embarrass myself.


I am going to embarrass myself.
I have a small fixed income.
I really can not afford luxuries of almost any type, and the IRS and other creditors are knocking on my door.
I contribute my tuppence to this site as often as I can.
In the last month, it was $10.00, although other months, perhaps not so much.
Certainly others may contribute a little as well, and hopefully it will add up.

Because I Can Afford It


This site means so much to me and others. I know many out there are really stressed financially, but please do what you can do to keep this refuge open. I've donated $200 this month. Yes, I'm getting some advertising for my books; however, that's not really important. What really is important is keeping BCTS and the other functions of this organization going. Please do whatever you can. It does matter.

It takes money to pay the bills, keep BCTS running


I don't know any of the ladies personally but I do know why they started BCTS. They did it out of love and thinking they could provide for all the orphan writers out there a place to lay their stories to rest so anyone and everyone could read them. Have no idea how much actual businesses they had run before starting BCTS, the bottom line is this site won't run on love and warm feelings. That only starts a very small business, it won't keep it running no matter what.

Psyren's redemption - An encounter with Chemosh - Read for free now

First, I would like to thank everyone who participated on the recent poll on my site. Voting is now closed and I'm mulling over the results before making my decision.

This week, Chemosh wearing a new host body attempts to seduce Sapphira and bestowed upon him a gift.

Click here to read the latest part, or go here to read it from the beginning.

busy real life eating into my writing spoons

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For my fans (I still have fans, I think), just to let you know that it still will be awhile before I have more for you guys to read, as real life is eating into my writing spoons.

But I will still check in and leave kudos and comments as I can ...

requesting proofreader/editer

I've just finished writing a new story but I'd like someone to proof read it for me before I post it. The reason being is that this story is written in the first person perspective and that's not my strong suit and I'd like another's view to catch any grammar errors and the like. Please send me a PM if any are interested. I'll leave this offer opened for a day or so.

Thanks in advance

Donation Fatigue

Does anyone else get sick of the constant pressure to donate to this site?

It seems like at least once a month we are faced with a plea for more people to step forward to contribute, or for the same people to contribute more.

These pleas are usually accompanied by a sad recital of need due to ongoing expense or emergencies.

It’s tedious.

The only thing that would be more tedious would be to have to ask for these donations.

Obviously, Erin asks because she needs the money. Obviously, asking works -- because the site continues to fiscally limp along.

Want to be a character in a mermaid story I've started?

Hey there

Before I come to the main point of this blog post I'd like to note that I've not forgotten my existing story "When among Dragons...", and I'd like to continue it sometime, but currently its stagnating. More on that below, for those that are interested in the reason.

Lack of Sails

ps: Just got the news, I'm a grandparent to Nathan George!
doing the happy dance!

Howdy, dudey folks!

Time for a new Gaby Chapter, A Rose by any other name is now up for your entertainment.

And I've sorted the pics issue so here goes, a few images from tilting at windmills last week with Gaby!

Holiday reading

I'm on the Algarve (Portugal for non-Europeans) and trying to get a tan.

I brought a few e-books with me and I'm currently chortling through the first EAFOAB book. I've (from memory) read it thrice from the beginning beforehand but it still makes me smile - thank you Angharad for the perfect holiday read.

A Slave of Jupiter - Just published on the site

Just a quick heads-up to any fans I might have out there. I just completed and published a sequel to A Princess of Jupiter. The sequel, called, A Slave of Jupiter, is a bit of an independent sequel in that our old friends Caelen and Aristea are still around, but the story focuses on none other than myself on a journey to Jupiter and all that life on Jupiter entails.

Lots of action, inner reflection, and love.

Now I just have to find a real way of teleporting myself into one of my stories...


Casey Brooke

The Job on sale

The Job is now going through Amazon's machinery and will be available in the next couple of days, assuming all goes right. It can be found by searching on Amazon (using the BCTS links) under Sussex border stories. Clicking on my author name once there (S.A.A. Calvert) brings up my author page with the rest of my books.

Politics... delayed, again again. Sorry!


Hi Everyone, Sorry for the late blog about the late chapter!

Okay, I was hoping things were settled last week but a few things have been lingering on and slowing me up to an annoying degree. I suspect Arista or Winlyn's evil corporate comment control officers are at work, unfortunately :3

Good News is: Hopefully the new chapter will be up today at some point.

A Request

So, I came across something today that I think I need to address. First and foremost, just so there's no misunderstanding, I greatly appreciate everyone who has purchased my work or read it through the Kindle Unlimited program. I also appreciate the many compliments that have been left on Amazon. That being said, I ran across something in the comments section of one of my books that is a bit concerning to me. For my book Resurgence, which is book 1 of my Entwined Fates series, someone left a comment regarding it on Amazon.

Microsoft... AARRGGHH!!

Has anyone else received this banner at the top of their Hotmail account (if that is what you use)?

It reads, "We've made a change that requires to remove and re-add your [email protected] account to continue synching mail and calendar" with a "Remove Account" button to the side.

Now I seem to have been unable to trade emails with a dear friend and writer here... some of those emails with bits and tidbits of things we are working on.

Positive Transgender News Story

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This news story came up for me on Yahoo today, and I wanted to share it with everyone here.

It's a good piece about a T-girl who began her transition in middle school, and the positive things that occurred with her new beginnings.

Of course I remind you to not read the comments, simply out of intelligent caution. I did not nor will I read the comments section. Too many 'idjits' out there that I don't want to hear from.

New stories from Snowfall?

I was wondering if anyone has heard from Snowfall about any new chapters to her stories or even new stories by her? I am not on here as often as I would like so have not seen her on here recently, I do hope she will publish some new chapters of Road Phantoms maybe or even a new story line.


I'm such a fool...

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I just returned home from overeating at a local Chinese all you can eat buffet. The food is great 7 the place is clean. First plate was 10 shrimp, 2 fish fillets, 2 lobster rolls and crab/cheese casserole. Second plate was a slice of ham, mashed potatoes, gravy with meat balls and broccoli & cheese casserole. Third plate was a slice of cheese cake, a piece of chocolate cake, a slice of pineapple, and an orange wedge. Fourth plate (8") was peach slices and 3 halved bananas covered in cherry sauce. That was buried in 2 inches of chocolate soft serve ice cream topped with peanuts.

Corporate Dress Code - New Book, Now on Amazon Kindle

Corporate Dress Code: Reluctant Feminization, Cross-dressing, Role Reversal, Revenge (Terry Moran Book 1)
Word Count: over 80,000

Terry Moran is an up and coming young executive in a male-dominated company. As the youngest executive, Terry proves his loyalty to upper management by reworking the new corporate dress code.

Upper management wanted rules to keep executives looking professional. The head of the company has his own expectations of what people should be wearing to look professional and his views may not be either politically correct or legally acceptable.

Gaby release

Just a quickie.

Firstly, Happy Easter to everyone celebrating the day.

Next up, as promised I finished the next bit of Gaby book 2 yesterday and so today it's already available at Lulu and will be on Kindle a little later once they've done what they do.

Sorry no links but i'm on my phone! Maybe later if I can get on line again.


Sorry About The Lack of Fluidity In Space Updates


Thanks to everyone who has read my first few chapters of Fluidity in Space, and an ultra special thanks to those of you who posted comments about it or shared their opinions via private message. It means a lot to me to know that there are readers who enjoy the tale I've been weaving.

A callout to The Scotsman.

Several years ago The Scotsman posted two parts of a story called To Be The Best. Since then... nothing. No more stories from this author who had a damned good beginning in this tale.

If you're still out there Scotsman, please, please, PLEASE continue the story and/or write more. You had the makings of a really good storyteller and I know I'm not the only one who thinks that.

Catherine Linda Michel

Large collection of Tuits now amassed

Hi folks,

my Tuit collection has a few octagonal ones, some hexagonal, some square, some rectangular and some triangular.

But now I have one that is circular.

I had a very hectic morning of dismantling furniture, lugging it down three flights of stairs, out into the hallway and then, finally, into a moving van.

Phew, that one small phase of our move is now over. All I have to do now is find spaces to replace all the contents of the cupboards we just 'got rid of'.

But I did find that circular Tuit today.

Apples, Walnuts, Cinnamon, and Sweet Red Wine

For those of you who understand the meaning behind the Title, may you enjoy it with or without chrain (I grind my own) , before you eat you knaidels and drink 4 cups, tonight. A Zissen Pesach to you and your family.

To those of you, who have no idea what it all means, may you and yours enjoy egg hunts on Sunday.

And to those of you who could care less, have an enjoyable weekend.


Books on tape...sort of

Hi All! Happy Easter! An idea has been percolating in my mind of late, and I wanted to see if there is anyone else out there who has had one similar...Has anyone ever thought of taking some of the more complete (finished) stories in here and record them for visually impaired readers? Perhaps they aren't visually impaired...but slow readers or those who struggle with reading in general. I wouldn't have a clue what would be needed - other than someone with a good reading voice and able to interject tonal and vocal inflections within the story.

Unfortante news.


It is with regret that I inform you all that I have little choice but to cancel my birthday this year. I do not have the time to spend with it.

Thusly I will not be turning a year older tomorrow. You can save the 'happy birthday' greetings for next year.

Again my appologies.

Lookin for a story about a Kitsune

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I can't remember if the story was completed

While the protagonist was expecting to have magical powers (I think), it may just have been an advanced mental trait like telepathy.

The government collected up a group with similar talents. I think they were taken to a bunker somewhere.

Some kind of war, which was why the protagonist and the rest of the group were rounded up.

The protagonists change to a Fox was unexpected as was the change in gender it was later that she found she was a Kitsune, and a powerful one.

Back from the Wild East

Nope, not an error, I spent the last couple of days tilting at windmills 'out east' in Lincolnshire! Some good weather, some horrible, one castle (birthplace in 1367 of Henry IV), 275km and 25 windmills! Phew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I'm sure its doing me good, well I think it is anyhow.

Drag Race


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Had a friend who works at a store I shop at ask me if I watch RuPaul's Drag Race. She assumed that because I'm trans that of course I do.

I told her no. That I hated the show, that I would turn it to the worst Z-movie in the world before I'd watch it. She laughed and asked me why.

Politics is... delayed, sorry! :)


Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late heads up, but things have been a bit manic over the last few days my end. I'd hoped to get the newest chapter of Magic up today as usual, but it didn't work out in the end.

Hopefully I can have it ready for ya'll by tomorrow at some point. I don't normally do the 'blog post'-thing, obviously, but I figured I'd give you all a heads up to what's happening anyway. The chapters there, I just haven't finished final clearing on it yet sadly.

Sorry again!

Now the purple is gone?

All the common frames have disappeared? And the buttons are blue? Seems like a serious mystery here. Bonne courage erin, piper and all who are concerned.

Thanks for all your hard work.


Oh!, Where Have All Of...

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Hope's Stories gone?

I have been rereading Maggie Finson's "Heaven and Hell" Universe, which i had made a list of.

One I had listed was "There's always Hope" By Hope Eternal Reigns, that I had listed as being posted here at Big Closet seems to be missing along with all of Hope's stories

A Big Change

March nearly over and I know I haven't written much. After getting over the flu and everything I talked about last blog, my GFs and I finally found an affordable apartment! We're moving in this weekend! All of the excite!

That being said, I've been organising all of my stuff to move and things have been hectic, hence a lack of updates and writing happening on my end. We'll be moved and settled soon and I plan to seriously hit the word processor and get movement on Twin Tails (we got another episode in the can, so I'm getting behind), Dissonance and FatIT Part VI.

Jobbing writer

Well, time for a decision. I was asked, quite sensibly, if that was the last chapter of The Job. It is an obvious place to end, and a scene I loved writing, but Diane still has a long way to go. So...

Do I continue writing this as one book?
Do I split it and start another book, continuing the story, as I did with 'Ride On' and 'Too Little, Too Late'?
Any sensible ideas for a title if I make the split? I have some already.

spike in blood pressure

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Just when things looked like they were getting better, I've had a setback, in the form of several bad moments with super high blood pressure over the last couple of days.

I'm seeing my doctor on Tuesday, so here is hoping for an idea on what I can do about it, but not fun ...

Spring and now Summer!

Yes apparently winter is over, the equinox is past and the clocks have gone forward - not that its that much warmer!

So in Pact, the 22nd instalment of Sweet Sixteen, Bern finally comes clean on the plan to thwart the SS, Gab wears gloves and some pizza is eaten!

I've finished more new chapters and sent them off, I'm still hoping to get them out for the desperate by next weekend - fingers crossed.

Throwing up my hands

A few months, maybe two, ago I asked an author on Facebook to look at the first few pages of one of my WIPs and I clearly stated it wasn’t finished.

They immediately respond that the book was not formatted correctly and was not using the Chicago editing rules.

So I tried to edit it and send it back to them and they reply that I am wrong on so many levels (this is on page one)

Today, they respond back that they can’t read it and give development help because..

Heck, here is the text:

one week

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Next weekend I'll be going offline.
Until I can find an isp that isn't using a security nightmare single signon scheme for accessing services.
and ALL single signon services are a security nightmare, 1 database for criminals to target to gain massive amounts of data on everyone using it.
Facebook, Google, MS, yahoo accounts all fall into this classification.

and I doubt I'll be looking very hard for an isp