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Barbra Casbar Siperstein has passed.

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I haven't seen any update to TG forum and thought people would like to know that "Babs" passed a few days ago, the funeral was yesterday. Gov Murphy gave a very nice eulogy with many interesting anecdotes and what a sendoff! Ran into many old friends from the transgender community I hadn't seen in years. Babs was an icon in our community and accomplished much in the struggle for transgender rights.

Jazz. What do you make of this story?

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I think that anyone who wants to can follow the "Jazz Story", and it seems to me like there is a lot of hype going on, but to be fair, perhaps she is having problems?

I have never seen a Trans girl look as good and sound as good as her. Is that what a lot of coaching and surgery can do or is she actually Intersex? At any rate, I wish her the best.

Last Ep of Eureka Tonight!

Grace stepped into Café Diem, hoping for a quick bite with some friends for company. She searched out the little restaurant but no one was around, though she did see Vincent standing by a table with a girl sitting there glumly, her head resting on her arms, and her arms on the table.

It took a few moments for her to realize that the girl was Jack Carter, currently in his Melissa Benoit morph.

Last two episodes of Eureka tonight and tomorrow night!

“Next on the news, we now turn to an unusual campaign going on in a small, sleepy Oregon town called Eureka,” Kris Haze said. “A small group of young women, who call themselves ‘Jack Watch,’ are waging a campaign to attract readers for a fan fiction story called ’Eureka: The Day’s Not Over, Yet.’

“To explain, we have on the line a young lady from the town, and her name is Dawn Cameron.

“Good morning, Dawn. Welcome to the show.”

Very bad news to share

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I've been authorized to share this: Yesterday, Andrea DiMaggio, one of our long time contributors here and a personal friend, suffered a terrible loss. Her wife, Tracy was struck by a car and died in hospital a short time later.

Please join me in sending Drea our hugs, prayers, and support at this most difficult time.

The finale is coming!

”So,” Dr. Holly Marten said excitedly to everyone, “I was talking to Bobbi C just a few minutes ago…”

Douglas Fargo looked at her skeptically, one eyebrow raised. “Really,” he said dryly. “You just talked to Bobbi C.”

“Yes, I did, you doof,” she said, and elbowed him.

Review: In 'Butterfly,' gender identity is at the heart of Hulu's new family drama

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“Butterfly,” a British production premiering Friday on Hulu, is a thought-provoking, emotionally realistic issue drama on the subject of gender identity in young people — well, really, just one particular young person, 12-year-old Max Duffy (Callum Booth-Ford) from Manchester, who would like to be known as Maxine.

Bobbi Swan, a pioneer in drone technology and sexual identity, 1930-2018

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Bobbi transitioned at age 72 - RIP

Bobbi Swan, whose secret lives explored the frontiers of drone technology and sexual identity, died Dec. 26. She was 88.
Born Robert Rowland Schwanhausser in Buffalo, N.Y., he was publicly recognized as an expert on military surveillance drones, which he helped develop at San Diego’s Ryan Aeronautical and its successor, Teledyne Ryan.

more from Yorkshire

Well, it's been a mild-ish day hereabouts, I had a short walk earlier around the nearest town to me (I live 10km from Sheffield Centre but less than 2 from Dronfield and 9 from Chesterfield even if my address is Sheffield!)

Then I set to at the KB and after a full ten hours, i've completed the final part of 1902 Sunbeam Safety! I'm pretty happy with it, it would have been so easy to have spun it out but that was never my intention with this. I'll get it edited and so on and you should be able to read it over the holiday.

It’s a boy! It’s a girl! For some parents, learning their baby’s sex is a disappointment

Are gender reveal parties the new baby shower? Here's what you need to know

Many expecting parents are now discovering the sex of their child through the new trend of gender reveal parties. Here's how they're planned.


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