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Just a quickie - again

So firstly, sorry for failing to post today, other stuff got in the way. What? Well a trip out to a Steam Fair - a lot of traction engines, fairground steamers, vintage trucks, cars and tractors all come together at Helmsley in North Yorkshire.

So it was photography rather than interweb out in the glorious weather we are still 'enjoying' in these parts.

Gabycon update

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If you are contemplating joining us at Gabycon 2018 this is for you. Due to some issues with the Teversall campsite we've had to relocate our base for the weekend a few miles across Nottinghamshire to Worksop. The new place is called Riverside Camping and it's situated close to the town centre, between the River Ryton and the Chesterfield Canal. (if you need a direct link to book please PM me)

A Holy Chore

A few days ago, someone commented about how scary Steven King novels and I was reminded of the story “I have no mouth and I must scream” by Harlan Ellison.

I think even King’s stories pale compared to the horror at the end of that story.

And then yesterday I learned that he had died last week.

I don’t think he wrote any TG stories, but his Dangerous Visions collection definitely broke many barriers and helped allow the wealth of TG fantasy and science fiction that we enjoy today.

And I found this quote especially inspiring.

Melanie E.'s Fairy Kiss-and-Tale Story Contest: Results!

It's been a week, and huzzah! The votes are in!

All the stories in the contest did quite well, but two in particular managed to grab the most thumbs-up from our readership, and those two were:

Cursed, by Nuuan

The Fairy, by Bru

Congrats, young authoresses! I get paid this coming Thursday, upon which each of you will be given your prize, a three month subscription to the BCTS Hatbox!

latest from Yorkshire

Heya folks

Thank you all for your responses to my editing request - once I get myself sorted i'll be in contact with the chosen ones, if you don't hear from me it's not for any reason other than the numbers!

Well my ride yesterday went very well, thank you to all those who sent cheers! In fact I shaved @ 25 minutes off my best for the course finishing in a slither under 5 hours. That put me in the top 5% of finishers and second in the old crocks category I now qualify for!

only realised

I only realised last night that my last news was somewhat innacurate. I did mention that i'm out doing a little ride up in't Dales tomorrow precluding a posting.

But I said there would be one on Wednesday but there won't. Back in January I booked up for a sort of history day trip to Calderdale, which is on Wednesday. So no Wednesday update but there is a possibility I might get online a different day.

In other news -

i'm one and a half chapters into the next Gaby book with an interesting and unexpected turn of events!

Ten Entries available, get your votes out there now!r

The contest has officially closed (and been so for several hours too!)

We've had ten excellent entries, and now it's time for you readers to really make your mark! Just click on the tag for the contest above to go to a list with all the stories. Read them, and vote for your favorite ones!

Kiss-and-Tale Contest: The Final Day!

Just a reminder to anyone with plans to enter still, today is the final day of my Fairy Kiss-and-Tale contest! I'm working on the honor system here, so as long as you have your entry in by midnight your time (May 31 2018) we'll call it gravy.

We've had a lot of great entries, and I've already got plans for another contest here in July! Sadly I actually haven't finished my OWN entry for this one yet, though since I'm ineligible for the prize anyway it doesn't matter much :)

Melanie E.

Just a quickie

Yup, I know the new Gaby has only just gone live but tomorrow, the first of a two part Nena storyline will be released. A Global Christmas sees Nena and Den having to survive a last minute change of plans to take a party away for Christmas. I'll post links etc tomorrow once i've got it up.

I'm working up the next Trixiebell 'chapter', with any luck and a finished kitchen, you should get to see the fruits of that endeavour in about a fortnight. After that it's back to Gaby and Book 23!

Until tomorrow

Thanks to whichever divinty you choose ...

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Thanks to whichever Divine Being is responsible for the Mount Kilauea volcano eruption being the way it is.

Yes, it is causing a lot of damage that will cost a lot to repair.
In it's favour though, the slow eruption has allowed 2000 people to safely evacuate with only 1 serious injury, no-one has died from it.

The true benefit is the knowledge being gained about volcanoes in general and Mount Kilauea in specific. This massive increase helps Volcanologists improve prediction models, making them better able to predict eruptions.

We lost Lois Lane?

I don't know how this slipped past me, but on May 13th we lost Margot Kidder! You know, Lois Lane to Christopher Reeve's Superman.

Apparently there are allegations of drug involvement, although I don't know if she was using them or if, according to some sources, her home was overrun with meth users.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I will never get the scene where she flew with Superman, not the words to the song playing while they flew...

Quick Update

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Just a short missive from Yorkshire today. Well on one of the best May BH Sundays ever (sunshine, blue skies, no wind or clouds - unheard of for a UK BH!) i'm pleased to relate that I completed the 2000+m of climbing squeezed into 129 Pennine kilometres in a time of 5hrs 30mins. Not too shabby for an old git and I didn't resort to walking anywhere despite grades in the high teens and low twenties (1 in 4 ish if you are old skool on these things.)

just an idea at the moment

Well the last Gabycon was a couple of years ago now and whilst a success in itself I was thinking maybe it's time for a slightly different format.

So here's the pitch, a weekend event (natch), possibly based at a campsite (cheap accomodation for those that want it) with a ride or two taking in some nearby historic/museum/house etc, cafe lunch and evening meal, if possible with some sort of Gaby connection. Sounds familiar so far I guess.

A funny thing

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I had a funny thing happen at church today. It seems that a tomboy at church thinks that I am the perfect person to give her lessons on how to be a lady. She came up to me and said " I am trying to become more lady like and you are the most feminine lady as per my mom." Now I am very happy to have gotten the compliment, but I also think it's funny that I am 11 years post op, yes feminine facial surgery and also a bit of work done as well. That being said HER mom says she could learn to be more lady like from ME.

Positive Transgender News Story

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This news story came up for me on Yahoo today, and I wanted to share it with everyone here.

It's a good piece about a T-girl who began her transition in middle school, and the positive things that occurred with her new beginnings.

Of course I remind you to not read the comments, simply out of intelligent caution. I did not nor will I read the comments section. Too many 'idjits' out there that I don't want to hear from.

John Cena Says WWE Could Have A Transgender Wrestler With The Right Story

In an impromptu interview, John Cena, a well known WWE Superstar and movie and TV star said, when asked if the WWE could ever have a Transgender wrestling star:

"I’m a storyteller, my friend, and that’s what we do in WWE. It’s not segregated to sex, race, creed, religion, any of that. As long as the story is good, it belongs in WWE."

You don't have to be a wrestling fan to know who John Cena is. He's been in many movies as an action star and has appeared and hosted many TV awards shows including The Kids Awards Show.

From the Sublime to the ...

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Yesterday, I sat on the Pier at Southwold, Suffolk (just about the most easterly point in the UK) and ate an Ice Cream. It was sunny, warm and balmy.
Earlier in the day I'd watched Marsh Harriers performing their aerial courtship, some Mediterranean Gulls nestbuilding and other birds singing in the sun.

Definitely the calm before the storm
This morning and less than 10 miles from Southwold I woke up to find almost 2in of snow on the ground.

And there is more to come. Brrrr.


Cosmologist Stephen Hawking has died.

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A man I greatly admire for his ability to cope with his motor neuron disease for so many years and to continue to work on his science despite his body barely functioning. Notwithstanding his illness he still managed to become a celebrity featuring in many documentaries and even the Simpsons as the 'wheelchair guy'. I can't think of any current larger than life scientists, who are really needed in this age of false news, to declaim the liars and bigots who seem to be in control. May he rest in peace.

Links between gender, sexual orientation, and speech

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Part of this podcast might be of interest to a few here:
"In a bonus segment recording during a live podcasting event at the AAAS Annual Meeting in Austin, Sarah first speaks with Ben Munson of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis about markers of gender and sexual orientation in spoken language and then Adrienne Hancock of The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., talks about using what we know about gender and communication to help transgender women change their speech and communication style. "

Disappearing Blog

OK, I was reading a blog about Althea Garrison. I was intrigued by it and opened other tabs in my browser to find out more. I came back to the tab with the blog entry in it and attempted to comment. When I clicked on the "comment" link the "comment page could not be found."

I then loaded a fresh BCTS home page and the blog entry was no longer there.

At any rate, I was only going to add a link to the Boston Herald story.

MtF Transgender Endocrinology

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I would be very interested to hear what young transgender folk are experiencing in terms of Endocrinology. For the people in my generation and almost as old, some of us experience almost no breast growth, even post SRS. For me, breast growth has been rather generous, and I suspect that is due to variations in genetics ???

I just read a story about a young woman in Austrailia who has persuaded the authorities that only she and her Doctor need to be involved in her life and not the Judge.

And yet another gentle update as to progress

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Hi all,

well this has been a VERY eventful fortnight (that's two weeks by the way).

I went along to the UK in my car; it seems that nowadays I can readily predict that that journey takes very close to 12 hours in each direction, allowing for check-in times for the tunnel or ferry.

So I was in the UK for a birthday party and for house hunting. I saw a few houses but there was always a something or somethings wrong with them, so I drove back to Switz on the Sunday, exactly a week ago.

"the trial never ends"

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the optimist says: Look at the progress we've made. The former Eastern Block is now full of prosperous democratic countries, in fact more countries are freer than ever in history. For LGBT folks, more of us are coming out, and getting support from our family and friends, progress has been made in acknowledging our rights in many countries, and there are positive portrayals of us in the media.

Administration to shield health workers who refuse to perform abortions or treat transgender patients

Administration to shield health workers who refuse to perform abortions or
treat transgender patients


Miss Trans America Founder murdered

Sad news out of Massachusetts this morning Miss Trans American founder has been murdered by her husband.

I added that it was her husband that was the murderer because it apparently was misconstrued by some that this a hate crime. It may be just domestic violence and not a hate crime but this is still a significant loss for the transgender community.

Times Up Progress for Women Golden Globes

If anyone watched golden globes last night it was a great night for women’s empowerment and it was all about women. Sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace, gender equality, and the pay disparity were talked about. Oprah’s speech is worth watching


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