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Oklahoma transgender student dies after allegedly assaulted by students at school

Here is a link to the story:

I am sick and tired of reading stories like this over and over again. I am sick of depraved people using other people as the others to rally votes. I am sick of conservatives saying they are the party of Jesus. I am sick of conservatives who will do nothing but offer thoughts and prayers when they have the power to do something. I am sick of people who vote those conservatives in and try to say they are allies for civil rights. You cannot vote for people in power who have as their main platform treating others as second-class citizens just because you think you are going to get another tax break. I am sick of conservatives saying they are for personal rights yet time and time they fight to take them away. I am sick of conservatives saying that we do not have issues with discrimination.

Space Knowledge

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To dispel my own irritation, here are some important definitions:

Space is anywhere outside the Earth's atmosphere.

Deep Space is outside this Solar System.

Galaxy is a generally spiral shaped collection of stars and other matter that is thought to orbit around a Black Hole. The number of stars in our Galaxy is thought to be in the billions. At light speed, Scientists say that it would take 200,000 years to cross it.

The Universe has unnumbered Galaxies in it. Our own Galaxy is thought to be in a group of Galaxies that occupy the Lanea kea group.

An interesting and compassionate opinion on Brianna Ghey's murder

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The children who brutally murdered a transgender girl have been named, in a positive article about her death, Zoe Williams comments that transphobia seems to be a component of why Brianna was murdered and how it is whipped up by the right-wing press and politicians, I think it's worth a read and I agree we should remember the name of the victim not the perpetrators, who will locked up for years.

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Just a head's up that the site might be seeing some downtime later this evening (24th January 2024.) There are going to be some updates coming through, and while they're going to be processed as quickly as possible, they might result in the site being unavailable for a while.

If I get any more information on specifically when to expect such outages I'll try to let folks know here.

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The New Year Competition.

I have an entry written, peer reviewed, all ready to go.

Now do I publish day 1 and hope no one betters it, or revises theirs to compete, do I wait for the end and hope to trump the others, or slide it out in the middle, hoping to impress the judges but go under the other entrants radar....

Decisions decisions....

The sad case of Brianna Ghey


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In the UK the trial of the murder of a poor, shy trans girl was concluded recently.

Two seemingly normal 15-year-olds with no previous convictions planned to murder Brianna in February this year.

The whole story is so sad, it brings a tear to your eye when you read it. It does make you wonder what hope there is for humanity when there are children around like this.

What can possibly twist two young minds this way?

Lot to Share

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Despite what many on this channel think of conservative news sites, if you aren't sampling them you only get half the story of life. The following is a lady who says she's a Christian. I would fault her on the following comment. Basically she is claiming if she dressed less like a woman and more like a man it would cure her husband of wanting to be what she no longer represented in the family..., a female. That is so wrong and so upside down in thinking and logic. Give it some thought yourself. She's okay dressing less as a female but he's wrong for dressing less as a male.


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