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Spelling Checkers o__0

Of all the satiric poems that point out the limitations of spell check software (and volunteer editors, for that matter), this one is the best I’ve seen. Sum tang two reed four yore con sit ration bee four righting Amy sing to pub lash.


I felt compelled to write an post this. I guess it is kinda a poem or something about my regret for disobeying God when I was ordered to 'go there' years ago. It isn't anything trans related. It is simply that I feel that I was at a critical junction to my destiny and by failing to follow God's demand I have failed to fulfill my potential. I am knowing that I was to have two daughters, Sarah and Teddi and now I have denied them existence. Or maybe it is just depression and a psychological disorder, either way.

For anyone who has lost a pet.

I found this video on youtube, of course. I defy any pet owner to not shed a tear when istening to Jimmy Stewart read a poem he wrote about his lost pet.


They are ALL waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge and lately, I find myself a bit anxious to get there. No, I don't want to die, but I miss my lost furry ones SO much sometimes.

Catherine Linda Michel

Wishing you a wonderful day tomorrow

Do you remember me? I sat upon your knee. I wrote to you with childhood fantasies.

Well, I'm all grown-up now. Can you still help somehow? I'm not a child, but my heart still can dream.

So here's my lifelong wish - my grown-up christmas list: not for myself but for a world in need.

No more lives torn apart, and wars would never start, and time would heal all hearts, and everyone would have a friend, and right would always win, and love would never end.

This is my grown-up christmas list. This is my only lifelong wish. This is my grown-up christmas list.

          - "My Grown-Up Christmas List," as performed by Michael Buble'

The Lost

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I've never felt like I belong in this world, but I've never found one I do belong to .. I walk around in this world, lost...wandering in a world I didn't come from...living a life I didn't want...who am I? Where is my home? Where are my people hiding?....did the people of this world kill them? Am I the last or the first of my kind? Or....are there more out there like me....wandering, lost and confused wondering where I am?

Need permission to use poetry written by Top Shelf Authors

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The leader of our local support group is looking for poetry to use in our Day Of Remembrance meeting/event. I have seen some very poignant verses written by you, the writers here at Top Shelf. If you wouldn't mind having some of your work used for this purpose, please let me know. NO poems or verses published here will be used without permission by the author of same.

If any of you know of some other works, please link me to them? Of course, none of this is being done for profit, and nothing used will be published in any way whatsoever. It's only for our event.

Thanks all.

May it be

Composed & performed by Enya
The Fellowship of the Ring's end credits begin with Enya's composition, "May It Be," wherein the broken Fellowship is offered a blessing and a faint glimpse of hope: "A promise lives within you now." All of us, human being we are a promise for God


May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! How far you are from home

Darkness has come
Believe and you will find your way
Darkness has fallen
A promise lives within you now

What's make you beautiful

What’s make you beautiful

You're insecure
Don't know what for
You're turning heads
When you walk through the do-o-or
Don't need make up
To cover up
Being the way that you are is en-o-ough
Everyone else in the room can see it
Everyone else but you

Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell
You don't know oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful
If only you saw what I can see
You'll understand why I want you so desperately

If I could be where you are

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If I could be where you are

Where are you in this moment
Only in my dreams
You’re missing but you’re always
A heartbeat from me
I’m lost now without you
I don’t know where you are
I keep watching, I keep hoping
But time keeps us apart

Is there a way I can find you
Is there a sign I should know
Is there a road I could follow
To bring you back home

Winter lies before me
Now you’re so far away
In the darkness of my dreaming
The light of you will stay
If I could be close beside you
If I could be where you are
If I could reach out and touch you


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When I'm feeling weak
and my pain walks down a one way street
I look above
and I know I'll always be blessed with love
and as the feeling grows
She breathes flesh to my bones
and when love is dead
I'm loving angels instead

And through it all she offers me protection
a lot of love and affection
Whether I'm right or wrong
and down the waterfall
wherever it may take me
I know that life won't break me
When I come to call , she won't forsake me
I'm loving angels instead

Perhaps to the world you're just one more,
but you're all the world to me

Mr. Sun

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Good Morning Mr. Sun

Early in the morning comes through my window Mr. Sun
I just thank God for another shiny day
today as another day I’ll keep on trying being better girl
and also I will add a small pinch of love

Good morning to life
good morning to love
good morning to joy
good morning Mr. Sun

I’ll keep on trying being the best everywhere
I’ll keep on trying doing my best anywhere
good morning to all

It is good to give thanks to God
and to make melody to His name.


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Like the rain in the desert you watered
of faith my heart, drowned my fears
Like a sweet voice in the silence
So we got love, "True Love"

And so I was waiting to you daily
Without law, without a schedule
And so I went awakening
In every dream where were you?

And no one was looking for, and nobody planned it that way
It was the destiny, that you were for me
And no one will bet, that it would be so happy
But Cupid took pity on me

I love you because the person who am I when I am with you

The child

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Once upon a time there was a small child, and like all children do they dreamed there dreams and played there games, But something was different, this child didn't play the games that other People thought they should, they didn't act the way others thought they should. The Child didn't know they were different, other children played the games they played and dreamed the dreams they did, If others could then why can't I.

Beautiful Girl

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Beautiful Girl

You’re a beautiful girl, Beautiful girl,
So more than anything I’ve ever seen before
So I’m thinking of you right now
Thinkin’ of you even tho your fallin’

Beautiful girl, beautiful girl
So more than anything I’ve ever seen before
So I’m thinkin’ of you right now
Thinkin’ of you even tho I shouldn’t be

Have a friend is a grace,
keep a friend, is a virtue
be your friend is an honor


C’est ècrit

C’est á¨crit

Elle te fera changer
La course des nuages
Balayer tes projets
Vieillir bien avant l’á¢ge
Tu la perdras cent fois
Dans les vapeurs des ports
C’est écrit…..

Elle n'en sort plus
De ta mémoire
Ni la nuit, ni le jour
Elle danse derriá¨re
Les brouillards
Et toi, tu cherches, et tu cours

Et tu ráªves, tu ráªves….
Qu'est-ce qu'elle aime
Qu’est-ce qu’elle veut
T’en passeras des nuits
ဠregarder dehors
C'est écrit....

Et ses ombres qu'elle te
Dessine autour des yeux
Et ces ombres qu’elle te
Dessine autour des yeux


C'est de la poésie

Puisqu’on ne vivra
Jamais tous les deux
Puisqu’on est fou
Puisqu’ils sont
Si nombreux
Mem᪠la morale
Parle pour eux
J’aimerais quand
Mem᪠te dire
Tout ce que j’ai
Pu á¨crire
Je l'ai puisᨠá 
I’ en cre de tes yeux


Nothing Is as Rare as a Day in May, er February

Today is February 29:

Rossini's birthday

Gilbert & Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance" is based on February 29

"The Family Circus debuted

A woman can propose to a man. Irish legend says St. Bridget & St. Patrick made a bargain for that.

And of course, today is Sadie Hawkins Day, an invention of Al Capp

You may add to the list

The Working Girl Blog #15: For some friends

The Working Girl Blog #15:
For some friends

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