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Bringing Good Cheer by Angela Rasch now on Kindle

Local custom has it that Benfield Academy's chances to make the state playoffs in football depend on the cheerleaders making all he players happy. The quarterback has proven to be a problem for even the most talented of them. These determined girls aren't going to miss their chance to look into the TV cameras and shriek, "Hi Mom!" - even if they have to add one more person to their squad.

Fortunately, one of the cheerleaders has a really cute, uh, brother...?

The Last Holidays - Kindle eBook by Grover Young


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Craig is one of Earth's bio-engineered soldiers in a war against an alien invasion. Unfortunately, when he uses his powers, he turns female. Now Halcyon has to deal with invaders and with Craig's girlfriend's preference for his female self! On top of that, Earth is losing the war.... There must be another way to deal with the conflict or the world will run out of holidays—forever!

The Last Holidays

DopplerPress BigCloset Search on Kindle

Looking for a convenient list of DopplerPress books, newest first? Here's a list of 70 of our books, the ones since we changed the spelling to DopplerPress instead of Doppler Press. :)

Click image to see our latest on Kindle:


Please, buy, or read through Kindle Unlimited, and PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW! Reviews+sales are how Amazon decides which books get recommended.

Enamored is now live on Smashwords!

That's right, I have another, yes, another book, live right now and ready to sell, sell, sell, on Smashwords!

Enamored: A Transgender Romance Fiction Two pack!

Enamored Cover Small.jpg

If you like my stories "Romeo and Roomiette" and "Little by Little," then this is the pack for you! Enjoy both on your favorite reading device for the low, low price of only 1.99 USD.

Boy's Don't Cry!

Hey guys! I know most of you out there have read the book already, and theres a bunch of sales already on Amazon!!!
But here's the link I think the book link to Amazon there will take you to your appropriate Amazon link.

Oh!!! And above all else, please leave a review we love them, good or bad, as long as its not hateful!

Time again to open wallets and purses.

Well, I guess it's time for me to get back on my soapbox and pontificate a bit.

Erin is worrying herself into sickness or worse andit's up to US to alieviate her worries a bit. For those who regularly contribute thank you SO much. You are the backbone of the financial help for Erin and Top Shelf. Again, thank you, from my heart.

Now... for the rest of us. Folks, I live on a VERY limited budget and I KNOW how hard it is to try to pry an extra buck or two loose from a wallet or purse that seems welded shut... but consider this.

Suited For Adventure book is out from Doppler Press.

It's also on Amazon. EVERY PENNY the book earns goes directly to the site to help offset bills.

Everyone...please patronize ALL the authors here who have books out? You'll be helping the site AND the authors, some of whom also donate all the money from their book sales to the site.

Many, many thanks to Erin and the Editors who helped my new book get published. From Transformers (Sort Of) which is now titled Suited For Adventure. This is Book one. Book Two is in the process of finding a good "Break Point" and be ready for publishing so I can begin work on Book 3!!!

Not for profit (or shared profit)

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Most of you are probably bored by the regular advertisements for 'The Frozen Balance' on BCTS.
Sorry about that (but not much - you will see why below).


What you might not know is that I assigned all the proceeds from 'The Frozen Balance' to Doppler Press (aka Erin and team) and the sales that Doppler Press have generated in the first month have:

New Release - The Evangelist

It's been a long time coming but part one of the American Angel trilogy is now available for sale on Amazon.

A rapist starts to prey on transgender women in Bristol and Detective Inspector Gregg DeSilver is put in charge of the case.

His opponent is good, very good and the only way to unmask him is to look into the past but that is only the beginning.

Can DeSilver solve the case or will he need a little help from the Angels?


Swappers: A New Book by Raine Monday

My Latest book is now available on Amazon!

Swappers: A MtF, FtM Bodyswap Adventure by Raine Monday.

Justin Klein just wants to make his wife happy.

Unfortunately for Justin, this means taking on the persona and body of Mindy Montana, a gorgeous porn star.
Can Justin retain enough of his identity when faced with the life of a successful and beautiful sex vid star? Especially when faced with a sinister plot against Mindy and her corporation. A Plot Justin will have to face for himself!

Available for Free in Kindle unlimited!

Corporate Dress Code - New Book, Now on Amazon Kindle

Corporate Dress Code: Reluctant Feminization, Cross-dressing, Role Reversal, Revenge (Terry Moran Book 1)
Word Count: over 80,000

Terry Moran is an up and coming young executive in a male-dominated company. As the youngest executive, Terry proves his loyalty to upper management by reworking the new corporate dress code.

Upper management wanted rules to keep executives looking professional. The head of the company has his own expectations of what people should be wearing to look professional and his views may not be either politically correct or legally acceptable.

Princess Holy Aura now available!

I apologise in advance if this is inappropriate. I have no connection to Baen Books except as a long-time satisfied customer.

As somebody mentioned a few weeks ago, a 'Magical Girl' story, previously seen as pre-publication, is in fact now on sale from them:

Princess Holy Aura

Price is $8.99. I shall be buying a copy just as soon as I can find my wallet...


Top Shelf needs YOUR help! PLEASE READ!

The site and Erin really need your help. I just sent in 25 bucks and will probably send a few more after my own bills are paid for this month.

While Erin and the site really appreciate all the help many of you have given in the past, but things are not getting better financially. Erin has driven herself into debt so far that there seems to be no way out. The site needs a LOT of money to give us this wonderful resource and repository for our stories and blogs.

11th Sun Book Cover

Taking a break from the comic book to work on the book cover. It's the scene on Logan's Fun where 11 is getting off the elevator and seeing the inside of the station for the fist time. From the worm eye you can see her in her dress, as she looks at the atrium in the station for the first time.

I'm going for a juxtaposition between the mundane (girl in sun dress) and the fantastic (space station). Should look pretty fucking cool.

11th Sun Comic Book Introduction

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This all started as a lark.

I'd abandoned another project after my partner dropped out and stopped messaging me for two months. Not arting is something I don't do, so I started writing 11th Sun (then called Eleven) on a whim, expecting it to clock in at 20,000 words or so.

The rough draft was 100,000 words, and I finished it two months later.

But this idea is around 7 years old now (that's why Eleven shares a name with the character from Stranger Things. Had I known I might have changed it, I might not.), and I had long plans.

The Complete Ovid Stories by The Professor now available at the Internet Archive

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With the permission of The Professor, I created an omnibus collection of his Ovid stories, and uploaded them to the Internet Archive. The files are in .ePub, .awz3, .mobi, and .pdx. I'll be looking into what would be involved in making them available via the Nook and Kindle stores as free eBooks. I'm open to suggestions as to other eBook distribution sites that might be likely to be visited by readers of transformation fiction.

DopplerPress and Amazon Purchases Support BigCloset

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If you buy anything from Amazon via a link here at BCTS, we make a small commission. And especially on DopplerPress books for which we get between 11% and 74% of the purchase price. But all purchases made at Amazon, of anything from ant paste to zymurgy tablets, in the 90 minutes after clicking on a link here, pay us between 2% and 10% (average about 4%) of the purchase price. It's all good. :)

So here's some links to some of our recent books:

I wish I had the words about Waking The Dreamer by Grover

that could possibly explain how good this story is, but I don't think I really do. Oh, I could say it's a great, spine tingling tale of the supernatural and action. I could say it's a study in spiritual awakening or that it's a tale of sacrifice and loss/gain, but none of that tells the true, complete meaning behind this tale.

I guess the best way to try to explain my way out of this is to simply say that if you miss out on this one, you'll never experience the genius behind it's telling.

World Book Day - Celebrate with DopplerPress!

Hey Everyone! Today (April 23rd, 2017) is


Why not consider buying a book from Doppler.Press?

Every book you buy not only gets us our usual sales commissions just like buying via BigCloset links, but any book published by Doppler.Press will also give us our normal publisher share too!

Buying Thru Amazon

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I've been thinking about buying one or two stories that used to be here, but are now only available through Amazon.

The issue I'm having is that Amazon is asking for either credit cards or gift cards/promotional codes to buy them.

I have no credit card, so that's not possible. I've seen some gift cards, just wondering is there any other way to buy these books?

It seems quite odd that there's no option to pay directly from a site such as PayPal or something similar. At least, I haven't seen one.

Another Pirated Story on Amazon?

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I just read an sample on Amazon of a story that I read here. I don't remember the name here or the author here but this Amazon 'author' has placed 5 books in the last month; two in this series. The story is about two secret agents with the sidekick swapping consciousness with a woman and goes undercover as her. It was a story I never finished but he/she is sold to a drug lord on a ship.

Sale of E-books over at Humble Bundle

There's a big sale over at Humble Bundle for the next 2 days, that is related to those who frequent this site.
Humble LGBT -Book Sale

It involves lesbians, gays, transgender, gender queer; literature, audio books, comic books, and novels just to list some of the item in the deal.

Yay! Felicia's on Amazon!

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As the title says: Yay! Felicia's Second Life is now up on Amazon!


Darn, I thought publishing an ebook is easy. I have absolutely no idea it would take me over a month. I feel like crying. I'll cry further if it turns out my book is so uninteresting that nobody outside would buy it. Well, here's hoping that FSL will become a success.

Thanks a lot to Eric and my readers here.

Another Happy, happy.

I caught up with an old schoolfriend on New Year's day. He's known about my transition, but he caught me a bit by surprise when he said that he'd bought my book and enjoyed reading it!

Once I get a chance, I WILL go to see him (he's a bit disabled and in a wheelchair) and sign it for him. He's never actually seen me as Catherine, but he's said, several times, that he has no problem with me becoming Catherine and looks forward to seeing me in person.

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