2024 New Year's Contest

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If you click on 2024-01 January - New Year's Resolution Story Contest above, you will see a list of the entries.

Contest Closed for entries.

Please post your choices for top three stories and possibly win $50.

Start the New Year right by participating in Jill, Emma, and Joanne’s writing contest!

BC Staff have been up to their eyeballs keeping the trains running and publishing new eBooks for our community, so Angela (Jill) Rasch and Emma Anne Tate offered to run a little writing contest to kick off the new year, get people’s creative juices flowing, and hopefully bring some new authors and readers as well! Joanne Barberella has pitched in gleefully to supplement the prize amounts. Another author who wishes to remain anonymous has also added to the total prize pool.

Here’s how it will work:

First Prize $300. . .Increased to $500 if choice is unanimous!
Second Prize $200
Third Prize $100

Contest opened on Monday, January 1, 2024 and all story submissions must be posted by Tuesday, February 14, 2024 – Valentine’s Day. Submissions must be new stories that have not been previously published anywhere. For the length of this contest, they must be published solely on BC.

How to Enter

There’s an official tag for contest entries. The fourth drop-down menu under “Add a Story” is labeled “contests.” Scroll down and click on “2024-01 January - New Year’s Resolution Story Contest.”

Also, if you click on that contest tag, you will see every story that’s been tagged for the contest.

Stories must have at least 2,500 words (sorry Bru!) and a maximum of 5,000 words and be posted as a solo (not part of a series or chapter in a longer work). The stories must have a TG element and for legal reasons cannot contain explicit sex or underage (18) abuse of any kind.

Stories must include a plot Element involving a New Year’s Resolution.

Authors may enter as often as they would like, however an author is only eligible to win one prize.

Jill and Emma will judge the contest. Why? Because they are fellow authors who’ve posted lots of stories (and in Jill’s case, published a ton of them). Because they’ve got the time, being ladies of leisure, sort of. Joanne was reticent, so we let her off the hook.

Jill and Emma will send their scores (one to one hundred) to Joanne to be tabulated. She will add them together and announce the winners. If both Emma and Jill award a story their highest score, the winner will receive the extra $200. The winner would then win $500 instead of $300.

Huge offer for Authors “new” to BC

But there’s an extra wrinkle we want to throw in. We’d like to use this opportunity to encourage “new” authors and readers to give BC a try. Please invite your friends or authors you may know from other sites to participate. We are offering an additional prize for the top finishing “new” author (whether he, she, or they finish in the top three or not) of $200.

Therefore, if the winner is a “new” author who both Emma and Jill have rated highest, that author will be awarded a total of $700.

In addition, should the “new” author elect to publish a novel, Emma and/or Jill will beta read or edit their manuscript at the “new” author’s discretion. AND – Rasufelle, who has designed over a dozen covers for Jill and Emma, will design a cover for the “new” author’s work – all at no charge.

A “new” author is one who has not published on BC in the past, under any name.

Another Huge offer for BC members who prompt a “new” author to come to BC for this contest.

If the winning “new” author identifies a current BC member (prior to today’s date) who made them aware of the contest, their “sponsor” will also receive a $100 prize.

A Little Side Action

To make things a bit more interesting for our 2024 New Year’s Writing Contest, if you send Emma, Joanne or Angela Rasch a PM with the names of non-BC authors you have invited to participate in the contest, you will be entered into a drawing for an extra $50 prize. We’ll announce the winner at the same time as the rest of the contest winners are announced.

Help us get the word out, and let’s get 2024 off to a great start!

But Wait!!! There’s More!!!

Authors love comments. The more they can relate to their readers the better they write. . .and possibly the more often they write.

Our goals are to inspire and motivate authors. But we're also hoping to engage readers. To that end, we have added an additional contest to be judged by Joanne. She will choose the best comment. The winner will receive $50. To win the comment must be posted on a Writing Contest story by an identifiable member (not Guest Reader). The comment must be posted before 2/25/2024.

What a "Best Comment" is -- is solely up to Joannebarbarella's discretion.

And Even More!!!

On February 15, after the contest is closed, we'll post a blog for readers to list their own choices for the top three stories, and why you like them. No negative comments allowed! Anyone who posts a response will be entered into a drawing for a $50 prize. Each person may enter this contest only once. If you list more than three stories your entry will be disqualified.

Entries will have to be submitted by February 22, 2024.


So, come on, everyone! Give us all some fun short stories to start the year and spread the word!


Take a Lesson from Mom

My mother wrote the "society" column for our small town paper. She was paid by the column Inch so she dutifully reported who visited who and what they served with their coffee. Almost every paragraph was ended with, "and a good time was had by all."

Your stories just need a little sprinkling of circumlocution. Or, as a very oily salesmen once instructed me, "You just need to learn the art of puffery."
This story contest is open to everyone except Jo, Emma, and me. If Erin and Mel want to enter we'd be happy to see their stories.

The goals for this contest include attracting as many new authors as possible. If you know of someone who is writing for another site and not for BC, you might use this contest as an opportunity to get them to give BC a try.

Or. . .you can simply go on having "Bru-Fun" with shorts and keep making us all grin.

Either way, Happy Holidays!


Angela Rasch (Jill M I)

I'm baaaad

Sorry if my somewhat twisted sense of humour offended someone.
I'm quite happy to write the kind of stories I do. Had a I been doing it for the money (hey, even if I had got a thousand times as much for my fictional writing it still would amount to zero) it would have been another matter.
As it is, I have no need to emulate US economics textbook writers (that just as well could have been reduced to the summaries and diagrams).

My comment was very tongue in cheek since "I hadn't expected..." would have been rejected because it's too LONG.

I really do hope that the contest will be a success and that it will lasso in a bunch of new writers.

You're the Best

You're the top. You're the peak of perfection in perfunctory..

We're begging you to open a box of filler and add a lot to our contest. That huge line of readers behind you is your following. Bring it to our contest, please.


Angela Rasch (Jill M I)

Since I'm an inspired writer,

that is, I only write when inspired there is possibility that I will write something in the context of the contest. I have an IDEA. Let's see if inspirations follows*. Of cours it will not be as you expect ;)


* In my case a story consists of an idea+inspiration (not the same thing) + a modicium of work

You are, indeed.

Emma Anne Tate's picture

Inspired, that is!

But also, inspirational. I got all kinds of excited because I was able to slip a Bru twist on the tail end of my Halloween story. My internal route guidance system lit up and said, “You have ARRIVED at your destination!”


Uhm, Bru ... "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

Don't pout.

I had you specifically in mind as I crafted my


That is, tell around 95% of the story, then drop in the "twist" or Big Reveal in the last paragraph or so.

As much as I tried, the mere fact my story is on BCTS and the contest rules say 'must involve a TG character' are major give-aways as to the ending.

Only out in "Cis-Het Vanilla-land" might the ending be a surprise.
PS: Your stories consistently "Bru-ise my brain." {smile} But in a good way.


Andrea Lena's picture

Metaphoric moping.


To be alive is to be vulnerable. Madeleine L'Engle
Love, Andrea Lena


Aylesea Malcolm's picture

I’m brainstorming for a new storyline.
Tentative title is: Resolution Reversals
(Currently based on the music of The B-52’s)
I will make an effort to:
(A. write something that is less than twenty pages
(B. Actually complete it within the contest’s parameters



Emma Anne Tate's picture

Cover art already! Yay, Aylesea!!!


Excellent Cover

Can't wait to judge the book.


Angela Rasch (Jill M I)


...but you put an extra U in January, unless it presages some wordplay in the story. (Two of U?)

Best, Eric

I wish everyone good luck with the contest

I'm taking a break from writing anything serious until 2024 and unless my muse gives me a fantastic/brilliant/whizzo idea, I will leave this contest to others.

That said, can I make a plea to those considering entering.

Please try to write something out of your normal range. Stretch yourself. Try something new and original to you. If you can, please try to avoid a story that involves a bet and the 'loser' having to dress as a woman. There are hundreds if not thousands of stories like that here.



joannebarbarella's picture

I'm not letting you get away with a lame excuse for not entering the Contest. You have two and a half months to think up a good story and I know you can do it. That's 10% of 2024 and Big Closet needs authors of your talent!


My Muse is not cooperating

I think I abused her in November by writing over 52,000 words. That's over 200,000 for the year. I have one section of my crime novel to finish when my muse comes back from vacation.
If that gives me an idea for the competition then so-be-it.

On Strike

Daphne Xu's picture

Your muse is on strike. You have to offer something extra special to return to work.

-- Daphne Xu

A month and a half

Patricia Marie Allen's picture

A month and a half of that is in 2024


Happiness is being all dressed up and HAVING some place to go.
Semper in femineo gerunt
Ich bin eine Mann

Thank you ladies!!

Dee Sylvan's picture

I hate to sound like a mercenary, but I will be entering at least one qualifying story in this contest . My head has been bursting with new ideas recently and I'm blaming it on the Estrogen flow (or maybe my new girls! lol). So one of my first New Years Resolutions is to 'get busy writing'! Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!!!! :DD

P.S. February 14, 2024 holds a special significance for me, so I feel an added incentive as well.


Thanks, Dee!

joannebarbarella's picture

Good luck! And please spread the word,

Thinking about it

Amethyst's picture

I'll see if I can write something for this, but it will largely depend on how busy work keeps me and how cooperative my muse is.

*big hugs*



Don't take me too seriously. I'm just kitten around. :3

Checking in

Emma Anne Tate's picture

Hi Amethyst! Don’t forget to give your muse something nice for Christmas, so she’ll give you that spark you’re looking for!


It took a bit

Patricia Marie Allen's picture

It took a bit of digging but my bone pile offered up a story I'd started some time ago and got bogged down because I didn't have a good enough focus on it. Adding the New Year's resolution was just the touch to get me rolling in it.

Look for:

Great Aunt Frances.jpg


Happiness is being all dressed up and HAVING some place to go.
Semper in femineo gerunt
Ich bin eine Mann


Emma Anne Tate's picture

is a colorful aunt! Blue and green and bright, bright, bright! Love it, Patricia!


I'm in

JenniBee's picture

I have a story simmering in my crock pot of a brain that I've wanted to do yet haven't gotten around to it yet.

This contest will be perfect for that.


Looking forward to reading it.


Angela Rasch (Jill M I)

Trans allies eligible?

I am trying to convince a friend to enter. He is active on a discord server that is mainly trans folk but he is declining. Quote "Feels like it would be disingenuous to enter a contest clearly aimed at TG when I'm not."

Is he welcome?

Why not?

As it says on the site
A friendly place to read, write and discuss Transgender Fiction.
I can't find any other requirement.
More than one poster here isn't TG.


Emma Anne Tate's picture

The contest rules require that the story have a TG element, not that the author be trans. Please tell him that he is more than just welcome— we’d love to have him participate!


You betcha they're welcome.

I'm cis-het, cis-gender and happy with my 'plumbing'. (And I'm really happy to read stories here.)

And the God/desses of BCTS have let me post 4 of my dinky little stories here.

I figure your friends odds are about 100,000 to one that they will write a better story than I have written, or that I can write.

And your friend does not have to, in fact will be unable to, "write just like everybody else" here. So "No Worries, eh?" about 'fitting in'. 'Kay?

I too am a cis-het male and I

I too am a cis-het male and I've written several TG stories. Don't let your friend say they can't do it if they haven't tried.

(I'm encouraging your friend as I have no budding authors to try to recruit myself.)

As for my own story, I'm actually worried I've dove too deep into the TG side of the story for my own comfort (what do I know about breast forms???) but I hope to soldier on.

Read more of my works on Patreon.

Hey you. Yes you - all you MIA, vacationing ...

... fatigued, overworked, lollygagging and other-wise absent Muses.

Please get a move on, and Do Something for your Authors.

Yeah, I know. We all need to take a break. You have 1-1/2 weeks until Solstice and another 1-1/2 weeks until Western New Years Eve. So make it a Resolution to give your Authors >Something< per contest rules.

Don't make my Muse come over and have a ... 'talk' ... with you. You think Bacchus' Private Stock gives you headaches ... ?

You really don't want to meet up with my Muse on a blank page. Ink is just so hard to get out of Devine Robes. Heck, one time my Muse spilled ink my best Poet's Shirt, I had to take it to Lethe Total Cleaners ("You'll forget every stain.").

My Muse gave me, for Gaia's sake, a >she-male< Scheherazade!


And My Muse turned me into a Janitor at Chicago's Lyric Opera. She's one scary Lady!
All you Muses can do better for your Authors. Get going! Please!

You've been warned - and Thanks!

There’s a Disney song in there . . . .

Emma Anne Tate's picture

I can just feel it, under the surface of your words.

The Heffalumps and Muses
Will alway confuse us
The Heffalumps and Muses are so sly - sly, sly, sly!

They come in ones and twoosels
But if they so choosels
Before your eyes you'll see them multiply - ply, ply, ply!

They're extra-ordinary
So better be wary
Because they come in every shape and size - size, size, size!

If they give you a story
You'll bask in the glory,
But you’ll know they’re the ones
Behind your prize!


Well . . .

Emma Anne Tate's picture

Since I’ve gotta assume they’re both dead, I might actually have a shot!


Not quite both...

SammyC's picture

Richard Sherman is still alive and, presumably, kicking, living with his wife of 60 years in Beverly Hills. Brother Robert passed about ten years ago after moving to London to oversee the East End production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Palladium in 2002. BTW, Chitty broke all existing box office records in The Palladium Theater century-long history.

The final musical written by the brothers, Inkas the Ramferinkas, about a small, flying dinosaur who lived 150 million years ago and who protects his friends despite facing tremendous danger to himself, is slated to premiere in 2024, helmed by Robert's son, Robbie Sherman.

Emma, maybe Robbie might welcome some additional song lyrics in the same vein of his father and uncle. You never can tell...



I find

Andrea Lena's picture

that your comment is truly scrumptious! (I wanna be Sally Anne Howes when I grow up!)


To be alive is to be vulnerable. Madeleine L'Engle
Love, Andrea Lena

Oh My

Daphne Xu's picture

That's a great song.

I remember a childhood TV movie in which a man (detective?) named Sherman Holmes gets knocked out and awakens to think he's you-know-who.

-- Daphne Xu

I think

Your muse and mine are at christmas parties together!



I used to be normal, but I found the cure....

Tossing my ribbons into the race.

Sunflowerchan's picture

I've been sitting on my fingers for quite a while now, but I do have an story idea for this wonderful contest and I've been working on it when my muse would allow me. So, here me, undoing the ribbon in my pigtails and tossing them into the race. Since I can't toss my bonnet in, because I don't wear bonnets, so pigtails ribbons will have to do!

Good Girl

joannebarbarella's picture

You're certain to make your mark. Pigtail ribbons are just right!

Just to be silly

My bonnet lies over the ocean,
My bonnet lies over the sea,
My bonnet lies over the ocean,
Oh, bring back my bonnet to me.

Bring back, bring back,
Oh, bring back my bonnet to me, to me.
Bring back, bring back,
Oh, bring back my bonnet to me.

(Of course "bonnet" pronounced as in the original French)