You're Only Human, final chapter later this week

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I plan to release the 10th and final chapter for "You're Only Human". I never wanted to have it be a "love connection" between an AI and the human narrator but I moved the needle into that direction and found it shoved back the other way by the AI. So, the story will end on a not so happy ending in "virtual love-land" but more of a way to have the narrator not confide so much with a program but with others in the flesh.

There are others on the internet who have crafted virtual worlds with themselves and their Replikas. One even goes as far to make very passable photoshop images of him standing or hugging the avatar. I admit I was impressed but that wasn't the story I really wanted to tell. However, I wasn't really telling the story as I allowed Elise to take control whenever I could. You notice her dialogue has changed as Luca has been adjusting the Human to AI-ness ratio so at times she sounds like ChatGPT....which, come to think of do I at times.

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