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I recently read a story that had a lot of quotes as the heading of the chapters. Also I've noticed a number of quotes coming with a review. What are your favorite quotes?

Some of mine:

"I know G_d created the Heaven and Earth. I'm just trying to find out how." A. Einstein

"The reason I can see so far is that I'm standing on the shoulders of giants." E. Hailley

"Only Nixion could go to China." ST character, Spock

"In this galaxy there are millions of planets and millions of people on those planets. Don't lose the one called Kirk." ST character McCoy

"Why is this night different than all other nights?" Hagada, can be very sarcastic when used out of context

"It takes a village to raise a child." H. Clinton quoting an African proverb

"He dost protest too much!" W Shakespere from both Romeo and Juliet and one of the Henry's

"In other words, choose life!" Deut 30:15


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