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Summer 2015 Summer Vacation Getaway! Story Contest
Fall 2014 Back to School Contest
Darkkitten Entertainment Retro-Game Contest July 2014
February 2014 Beholden of the Heart Story Contest
December 2013 Three Wise Men Story Contest
October 2013 Costume Story Contest
One April Morning - Spring 2013 Story Challenge
Febuary 2013 Valentines Day Story Contest
December 2012 One Winter's Eve Story Contest
September/October 2012 Reconciliation Story Contest
2012 April Fools and Other Wise Contest
February 2012 Short Story Contest
December 2011 Christmas Spirit Contest
October 2011 TG Terror Contest
Summer Romance 2011 Story Contest
February 2011 - 2014 Melanie Ezell's Ultimate Writer's Challenge
December 2010 Santa's Helper Story Contest
October 2010 All Hallows Eve Contest
September 2010 Let The Punishment Fit The Crime - Part Two Story Contest
Summer Romance 2010 Story Contest
April 2010 I Was Conscripted - Angel's New Writers Challenge
March of Fools 2010 Challenge
February 2010 Based On A Song Challenge
December 2009 Christmas Holidays Contest
November Story Challenge 2009 - The Gift
October 2009 TG Terror Contest
Summer Romance 2009 Story Contest
May Day 2009 Story Contest
It Happened On A Midnight Clear - Christmas Eve 2008 Non-Contest
October 2008 All Soul's Day Non-Contest
February 2008 Short Story Month Non-Contest
Spring 2008 What's So Novel About It? Contest Entries Non-Contest
Spring 2008 Terry Awards
It Happened On A Midnight Clear - Christmas Eve 2007 Non-Contest
Spring 2007 Strangefellows Day Story Non-Contest
December 2006 Holiday Story Contest
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