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I usually remember stories pretty well but this one has something to do with a special forces type who rescues a girl from druggies somewhere in central or south america. He kills one (the leader?) on an old stone altar of some kind and the sacrifice/blood awakens a god who changes him....


Girl with the Jade skirt

I think this is the story you want. Not sure if the title is 100% correct though it should be close.

That's it!


(started reading it again and it's actually better than I'd remembered)


That's a first for me. :)

Thanks and glad you enjoyed the story. It was a labor of love.

-- Sleethr

THAT story!

I remember that story and it was quite entertaining. I enjoy stories like that, or the many Tanya Allen stories in a similiar vein. Good work and I hope I'll be able to remember the author and title also!

I went outside once. The graphics weren' that great.