Another giveaway - Lenovo Ideatab S2110 Android tablet

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I've got another giveaway - It's a Lenovo Ideatab S2110 10.1" android tablet.

It's a few years old but in perfect condition. (Does not include the keyboard mentioned in the review)

Issue about it is that Lenovo is horrible about supporting their android stuff and it's stuck at Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) with no firmware update from Lenovo. Seems like you can get to a little newer version if you're willing to got through a bit of work. (rooting it etc.)

You also have to deal with Lenovo's shell but it's not horribly intrusive.

Certainly will work well with the Kindle app or with one of the many reader apps for Android. (I use FBReader, ALReader and Moon+ Reader)

If you want it, PM me with a name and address. Must be United States.