Mixed Tape Update

Hey all, Persnickety here, curator of the Mixed Tape collections.

The latest Mixed Tape is still coming along at a snails pace. At this point, an early February release doesn't look likely. As for the new release date, it'll happen when it happens, and it'll happen when we get at least 10 stories. I want to kick of the year with something substantial.

If you would like to be part of the collection, read on. This time around I'd also like to shine a spotlight on some of the longer stories you folks write, if you'd like on that, you'll find more information after the jump.

The guidelines are simple. You can submit up to 1000 words of fiction, but you need not expend all these words on a single story. Multiple submissions are encouraged!

In addition, this time around we'll also be accepting teasers from longer stories published in the last 12 months. If you have a story that you'd like to promote, select a 500 word excerpt and send it in, along with a blurb for the story and a short piece (say between 200-300 words long) describing what inspired you to write it.

The completed collection will be posted on this site, at Fictionmania, and at TG Storytime.

Email submissions to [email protected]. (sooner rather than later would be great!)

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