BCTS Mini Contest: The Crush

So, here's the deal. BC needs money, and I need stories to read. Valentine's is coming, and I like romance. Add all that together and what do you get?


BC Mini Contest: The Crush
Sponsored by Melanie E.

The goal is simple: write a one-part-complete romance story involving a main character and their secret crush. Is the main character TG? Is the person they have a crush ON TG? Do they/their crush know? That's all for you to decide, along with sexuality and the like.

My preference is obviously for trans-girl+straight-guy pairings, so that's why i ALSO won't be judging this myself. Instead, judging will be done by you, the readers, via likes.

The contest will run from now til, oh, let's say Friday (February fifth, 2016,) with kudo/like/thumbs-up/whatever being tallied the following Sunday (February 7th, for those not keeping up.) For a story to qualify it must:

A) Be posted to the site for the first time between now and Friday the 5th
B) Be a single, complete post: no serials, multi-chapter stories, etc.
C) Stand on its own. If it references characters from another series/story, they must be explained enough to make the entry work without having read the source story.

Simply title your story with "The Crush: (insert own sub-title here)," and I'll keep tabs of the entries as they come in.

And what, you ask, does the winner get? I will buy the winner a month's subscription to BC's Premium service, with the access information to be delivered via PM. I'd just buy one for myself, but I've already read all the stories I want out of it, so why not pass the joy on to someone else?

Here's hoping someone actually bothers to try this.

Melanie E.

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