The 34C 18YO Virgin A Rant

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The Eighteen-year-old 34”C” Virgin

Many of the men here, even those of you who write as women, will not see anything wrong with that possibility. You have not considered what causes breast growth.


Normal Hormones:

From about ten to about forty a woman has gradual growth of her breasts. They need time to grow. A woman about thirty who has never been pregnant will have larger breasts, (probably about a “B”) than a woman who is fifteen and never pregnant (probably about an “A”). The latter is why many bras in the smaller numbers are padded.


A pregnant woman’s breasts will enlarge to accommodate the need to breastfeed the baby. This enlargement will revert to near prepregnancy size with breastfeeding. They will revert minimally if she doesn’t breastfeed, has a miscarriage or has an abortion.


With stimulation, including him sucking the breast will increase the size of the breast minimally. If he’s doing it can result in pregnancy. The old adage that more than a mouthful is waste is true no matter which side of the nipple you are on.


Hormone drugs do increase a woman’s breast size. That is why a M2F on HRT will grow breasts. In the early days of “the pill” women grew larger breasts because of the high dosage of estrogen in the formula. Progesterone will make the breast heavy with milk and possibly increase the size of the breast. The various herbs will do little or nothing.


If you want to quickly go from an “A” to a “B” or from a “B” to a “D” you could have a breast implant. Be aware that no surgery is completely safe.

Other Factors:


In general, the heavier a woman is the larger her breasts are. Therefore a 44DD is possible. 34C is rare even with genetics.


Some women have greater tendency to have larger breasts than other women. However, the younger the age of the woman the less this is a noticeable factor.

So, please, if you are going to use a breast size make it realistic.

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