The Family Girl #75: An Announcement - Something is Coming Up!


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Blog #75: An Announcement:
Something Coming Up!

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I’m putting up an announcement.

And that announcement is: after over a three-year absence from writing stories here in BCTS, I’m finally putting up another one. Yayyy!

Ummm… yayyy?

Anyway, I am putting up another Drew Nance story. I’ll be posting it Tuesday morning (Tuesday EST, of course). It’s gonna be called, “Girl Detective Book 1: The Secret of the Old Clock.”

Cool title, huh? lol

Most here do not know who Drew Nance is, I’m sure. But if you’re at all curious, please feel free to log back on about eight hours from now and check out Drew’s new adventure.

As a sort-of lead-in, I edited my first Drew story and took out some of the irritating little grammar glitches in there. So, if you’re curious about that story, please check out “Girl Detective Redux - A Beginning.” ( )

Don’t worry, though: you don’t HAVE to read Redux. The new one’s gonna be a stand-alone story. You can read it independent of any other story (So you can breath normal now).

But, be warned – this new one’s gonna be a looong one!

It’s over 100,000 words so, per BCTS’ definition, it’s gonna be a “novel” (stories that long is very unusual for me). That’s partially why I’m gonna post it early morning, so everyone can have the whole day to read it. Mweheheheh…

Anyway, check ‘em out. Or not. It’s okay. (Sorry ‘bout that - I’m not too used to self-advertising stuff.)

I’m excited!


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