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Blog #79: Shepherd Moon Part 4 Coming this month!
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Attention All Terran Citizens:

The long-awaited final instalment of Shepherd Moon will be posted within the month of June, AD 2016.

Tune in to the communications portal “BigCloset Topshelf” on your comm-computers, and select Terran English as your language mode. Data feed will be available shortly.

Be warned: this entertainment volume from Cabot, Roberta J. is very large, exceeding 100,000 words. Be prepared.

Recent intelligence indicate that other volumes are also to be published shortly. These include:

(1) The concluding instalment of Danny
(2) The follow-up second volume of the Drew Nance, Girl Detective Stories, to be called “The Hidden Staircase”
(3) The next volumes of The Library: Rewrite and Witching Hour

New titles will also be published, such as new volumes of The New Agent, Cosplay Christmas and New Endings, New Beginnings.

There is also some unconfirmed intelligence saying that there may be totally new fiction titles from Ms Cabot's coming as well.

While awaiting publication of the new volume of Shepherd Moon, review Ms Cabot other recent large-volume documents currently on-line. These are:

(1) Transformers Revisited
(2) Drew Nance, Girl Detective Book 1: The Secret of the Old Clock

Be sure to review these volumes: there shall be a test. Clicking the "Kudos" button is optional but highly recommended.

Disseminate this information to all users and readers as soon as able.

Stand by for further announcements.


Lady Amelia Catherine Steele, Admiral
Commander, United Earth Defense Forces - Fifth Fleet
aboard DSC Shepherd Moon, coordinates 235.103.403
2nd June 2322

- - - - - - -

p.s. mweheheheheheheh


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