The Family Girl #83: Hey, Look! The Shepherd Moon story’s out already!


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Blog #83: Hey, Look! The Shepherd Moon’s out already!

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Hey, guys, look! The Shepherd Moon story is out already! Yayyy!!!


In case you want to read ‘em, here are the links to the last three instalments:

Shepherd Moon, Part 4 -
Shepherd Moon, Part 5 -
The Epilogue of Shepherd Moon -

Also, the older instalments have been updated, too. Here are their links:

Shepherd Moon, Part 1 -
Shepherd Moon, Part 2 -
Shepherd Moon, Part 3 -
Stories from the Shepherd Moon-Interviews -


By the way, for those who have a problem with long stories, and would like to stop reading from time to time yet be able to come back to the story later, I've put in "bookmarks." That is to say, the breaks in the text marked by "- - - - -" are also used as "bookmarkers." A text break has a bookmark number. That means, if the reader wants to stop, she can just note the number of the nearest bookmark so she would know where she stopped and can go back to it later. (She can use the "find" function of her browser to locate the bookmark)

Hope that helps. Thanks, and I hope you like the completed story!


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