Girly glasses, girly shoes and an expanding ponytail holder.

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In a comment to my blog, "Acceptable shoes" someone accused me of pushing the envelope and I freely admitted doing so. The "push the envelope" bug has bitten me again.

I've been wearing my feminine "loafers" to church about every other week. This last Sunday was one of those times. We often go out to lunch after church but that day, given the choice my wife opted for dinner out instead. When we got home, I changed my knee-high hose from jet black to nude sandal foot and put on my black sandals. I also changed out my woman's big shirt for a woman's polo shirt. I fixed lunch for us and settled in on my computer.

Along about 5 PM, my wife announced that we should go to dinner soon. I was in the bathroom bushing out my ponytail when my wife came in and said, "You're not going to wear those shoes are you?" I could have pushed and simply told her that I'd planned on it and I think she'd have reluctantly accepted it, but that wasn't my plan.

I told her, "No, I'll change my shoes." At the time, I had one of my expanding ponytail holders in my hand and when she left, I put it in my hair. I then went and put on the feminine "loafers" leaving on my nude hose. The last time I wore those shoes to our favorite restaurant, our favorite waitress commented to me that she liked my shoes. (She already knows that I cross-dress... but that's another story.) My wife didn't catch the comment on my shoes.

As usual, I was wearing my bra and C cup forms which are hard to miss in a polo shirt or tee. My wife seems to not notice that anymore either. She used to tell my I had too much boob and I'd have to slide off to the sides in order to get out the door. Of course a little movement and they'd end up right back where they belonged the bra would relocate them according to where the cups were.

I've been wearing my girly glasses around the house almost exclusively since I got them and several times we've left the house with me still wearing them, but I've always dropped them in to the door pocket before I got out of the car. This time I left them on, on purpose. When we got to the restaurant I simply left them on and waited for her to object. She didn't seem to realize I had them on.

We went in and were seated in our favorites waitress' section. She came, took our order and interacted with us the same as usual. All of the staff didn't seem to notice anything unusual about me.

See my look below.


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