The Black Ring: Commentary

The Black Ring is mental fantasy. Dissociative Disorder or "multi-personality" disorder is not clearly understood. Some in psychiatry doubt whether it even exists. I decided to use multi-personality disorder in this story after being inspired by a number of TG works that featured a "spirit" or "ghost" of the female gender in a male body and vice versa. I was also inspired by the movie Me, Myself, and Irene starring Jim Carrey and A Beautiful Mind starring Russel Crowe. It should be noted that in both movies, the featured mental illness is not accurately portrayed which has been the subject of controversy.

Dissociative Disorder has often been confused with Schizophrenia. The two are distinct mental illnesses that are not the same and to my knowledge do not overlap with one another. Schizophrenia is used in The Black Ring to give Jack a mental projection of Jill appearing in front of him as if she were a spirit. This is not the typical signs and symptoms of Schizophrenia.

The organization of The Black Ring was to put a tragedy and comedy together into one story. In the first part, we have the introduction, Jack's victory when he psychologically destroy's Jill's will, and then tragic fall with the car accident. In part two, we again have an introduction, Jack and Jill's struggle and confusion, Jill's wedding and life nearly extinguished, and then finally Jill's victory in the end.

I am currently writing The Black Ring II which will narrate Jill's transition shortly after the car accident to the time when Jack finally wakes up in a female body. My plan for The Black Ring III would be a direct sequel to the first story's ending.

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