What am I

This blog started as a result of a comment added to a story I read earlier

What am I or what are you is something we often consider, and a lot of what follows has appeared in one form of expression or another in various stories and blogs over the years

I am male, and have female mannerisms outwardly male and female inwardly, I love to cross dress, be a transvestite and dont consider myself to be transgender - Female in male body or even male in a female body or what ever the label "transgender" means.

I Know I love to wear lingerie sometimes it is totally sexy mostly to make me happy and content other times its to be intimate and at times its just plain everyday use, yes and freely admit to preferring soft panties and wearing them most of the time and even if I have to go for a visit to the Doctor or a Hospital check up, much to the annoyance of my wife. I do give in and wear male items for this I do have to be pushed by her on this,

My wife over the years has encourage me to dress and at other times discouraged, I do have respect their feelings as well as my own. I did say their feelings as we do have children as well

Their are a lot of cross dressers in this world and many do so openly and not an adverse word is made in public or in private, depends on the acceptance as to where they live in this world or who is in control at that time, or the cultures and traditions they grow up in

I have had intimate relationships with all genders so do you label me as Gay, Lesbian or Bi sexual, or do you take it from the clothing I wear at the time or if I wear none at all

I have dreams, wants and desires just like any one else

One thing I do know is I am a not a label


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