De-transition Stories

De-transitioning stories are rare to my knowledge. I have rarely seen them. Such a story could go like this:

Female character wakes up one morning to find that she has grown male sexual organs and has smaller breasts. Her family treats her as a MTF transsexual and regrets her choice to do so. Female character now has the choice to continue with the transition to become female as she was in the past reality or stop transitioning all together and become male which would be the opposite sex to which she was before she woke up. Therefore, "de-transitioning" in this reality is actually transitioning from the female character's POV. Similarly, a male character who wakes up and realizes they have female sexual organs would also decide to "de-transition" or not. Relevant issues are limitations of sex change surgery, fertility, and orientation.

Another story could be one in which a person is abused, humiliated, or forced into changing their sex, escapes from that force, and then "de-transitions" back in triumph. Or perhaps a villain who wants to change sex is punished by having their transition stopped or reversed.

An issue that intrigued me is how to go from romantic partner back to being just good friends. Say, two male friends have an incident in which one becomes a female. The two immediately become lovers as expected. However, the incident reverses itself for some reason thus making them two males once again. How do these two males now interact with each other? Is there awkwardness, embarrassment, shame, anxiety, etc. The question being is can love and orientation truly be separated or forever linked?

Finally, can "de-transition" stories be insensitive or perhaps distressing to readers especially if "de-transitioning" is seen in a positive light. What if a character has TG feelings but completely resists them to the very end?

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