The Prankster Commentary

The Prankster has elicited the greatest amount of controversy of any story I have submitted. I am honestly surprised by the nature of the controversy. In the Fictionmania message board, someone suggested that someone tackle the gender bathroom controversy, so I took a stab at it. I tried to not make it completely black and white. The principal tries to use immoral tactics to try to catch Ryan, the nurse has her own agenda, some of the girls don't mind it, and some of the girls like Vanessa do. Who's right, who's being intolerant, and who's using shady means to justify the ends? Ryan is an evil protagonist because he's manipulating the system just to troll the system which is hurtful and insensitive towards trans people. He is the extreme conservative fear or argument in this issue. Could someone like Ryan really exist and could the state stop him?

The controversy hasn't been on anything Ryan actually did to mess with the system. No, the controversy has been at the very end. Ryan is rewarded for his antics by becoming the nurse's apprentice. Now, I found that Ryan just being turned into a girl was not a satisfying ending. There had to be more to the story.

The speculation I wanted to draw out was what was the nurse's motivation? She wanted to punish Ryan for his antics. Being trans herself, she was hurt the most by Ryan's behavior. Her anger turned to surprise when Ryan offered to joined her. It is here that I intended to have the reader realize the nurse's loneliness not just in being trans but in being the only one with magical power. They're both villains, one trolling the system while the other using magic to curse a teenager. There is no white and black side here.

If you were the only one of your kind and an annoying adversary offered to join, what would be a reasonable response? Many reviewers put the nurse on the side of good and therefore were mystified why a good person would side with Ryan/Ann who is the villain of the story. I find that interesting because I see the nurse as a villain just from another side. The nurse could have changed Ryan immediately on the spot but decided to drag the controversy out for months perhaps for her own amusement.

I meant the story as a dark comedy with no real heroes. It was meant to bring out the question: is a TG transformation a reward or a punishment?

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