Blog Entry 5th February 2017- Super Bowl Night

Being from England, I don't follow the NFL as religiously as our nation's 'cousins' across the pond, but I do write a story with some American characters in it, and one of them is from Atlanta, so I reasoned that I couldn't let this slide. So for the second time in as many nights, here's a Fly Girls flavoured blog post for you all...


"I didn't even realise you liked so-called 'football' anyway," Natalie said as she sat down next to the fidgeting American girl.

"I- I dunno, honey," Annabelle replied. "Normally I wouldn't, but it IS the Super Bowl, and it IS the Falcons..."

"Have the Falcons ever won it before?" Zoe asked as she and Abbey placed trays of snacks down on the coffee table in front of them.

"No," Annabelle sighed. "Made the Super Bowl in '99, when I was six, and I couldn't really understand why my pa and my brothers were so excited... They'll DEFINITELY be watching. Lincoln and Harrison might have even got tickets."

"Your leave renewed in January," Natalie shrugged. "And I know you're a careful saver. No reason you couldn't have treated yourself to tickets."

"That's just it," Annabelle sighed. "Ain't no way I want to run into them like THIS."

"Even though you're showing that boy or girl, you're just as much a Falcons fan as you were before?" Natalie asked. "I've got an older brother. He- well, he wasn't as hostile as your brothers, obviously. Nothing could be that bad. But I went to the City-United game with him at the end of the 11-12 season, and showed him that he could joke and laugh with 'Natalie' just as easily as he could with 'Matthew'. Helped that City won both the game AND the title that year, heh. And I got a text from him today, asking if I'd seen what everyone's saying about Aguero. Sport brings families together."

"Even if the Falcons win, I doubt my brothers would be happy to hear from me, honey," Annabelle sighed.

"You never know if you don't try," Abbey said, trying to cheer the American girl up by clamping an Atlanta Falcons cap to her head. "It might make a great day even better."

"Or, if the Falcons lose," Zoe said, "make them smile again."

"I doubt it," Annabelle sighed. "Still, at least it'll make ME smile if the Falcons win."

"I can drink to THAT!" Natalie giggled, opening cans of American beer for the housemates to enjoy. "We can try to get behind the Falcons too, can't we, girls?"

"Hell yeah!" Abbey and Zoe cheered, making the Atlanta native giggle.

"If it helps," Annabelle said with a smug grin as she sipped her beer, "our current president is apparently a fan of the Patriots..." The room fell silent as the three European women contemplated Annabelle's information, before all replying in unison.

"GO FALCONS!" Natalie, Zoe and Abbey cheered loudly, causing Annabelle to shriek with laughter.

"Go Falcons!" The Atlanta native cheered, before slyly checking her phone, making sure that the phone numbers for her brothers- that she'd been sent by her sister- were still safely stored on it...


Debs xxxx

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