Eden's reality

So! I've been trying to continue writing Eden's reality for a while now, but I haven't had much luck. I've made a lot of mistakes with the story, mainly pushing up important scenes so that they'd happen earlier in the story because I was worried readers would get bored/lose interest in the story if I didn't, and it threw the whole thing off balance. Eden wasn't supposed to be changed until his first night at school but I moved that forward, and as such Alexis and he never kissed, and Yani didn't appear until much later, after even Julia was introduced. There were a few other minor changes as well (some of which I deleted as soon as I added it, leading to me finally realizing just how badly I'd messed up. Grandma! Also I actually hate Koalas and initially the story started with a friendly snake on a log that almost bit Eden when he hugged it cos he's kinda dumb sometimes. I changed it because I needed the spider to attack Eden and I wanted him to be in a tree, and in the second edit the spider actually killed the koala and ate it, but that ended up being a bit too gruesome so I changed it to just being a gross old jerk koala), and the pacing was meant to be a lot better.

And I'm not happy with it. I was too impatient, anxious and all around naive. One of my favorite metaphors is that you can't build a building on a faulty foundation and that's exactly what's happened to this story. I ruined the foundation and now nothing can be built on it without collapsing inwards.

So, I'm going to re-write it, following the plan I initially wrote down. I'm sorry >.< I know a few of you really like the story and I don't hate it, but it's just a squashed mess that's oozing about, unable to take form. I'm fine with leaving it up, because the re-write will be significantly different, although the scenes at home will be the same. (or maybe it should be deleted? I'm not sure on the regulations for that here)

Thankyou so much for all of the support and feedback I got on it! I learnt a lot from writing it, it was the first project that I was interested in sharing with people. It'll be a while before I start re-writing it, because I need to finish up A World Without Me's first Part and then I want to post a small, semi-solo story and then I want to dig into writing an actual trans story that's not like, magical* or as dark as A World Without Me. And not some kind of not-really-erotica-but-kinda-is-anyway like Truth's Purity

Long story short, I messed up! But I've learnt from my mistakes now (Kinda >.>) and now I'll make new, hopefully less foundation-destroying, mistakes.

Thankyou! ==

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