Next Few Weeks

Announcements for the next few weeks.

1. The final chapter of book 2 of Trials of Tannen will be posted early this Saturday(18th) morning(around one AM eastern)

2. Thanks to the generosity of another wonderful person who joined my patreon, there will be a story posted here next Thursday(23th) or Friday(24th). This person did not have a preference for what was posted, so I've taken the liberty of choosing for them. My last story here was very long, so this will be a fairly short one set in Bikini Beach.

3. The next content will come on the first Saturday(4th) in march. It is a short story in Trials of Tannen that links book 2 and book 3. As such, it is unsurprisingly numbered 2.5. While not a full book, it is still part of the main storyline and has important details, so it is not skippable. As a show of appreciation for my early supporters, it will be posted in its entirety on that day. That is roughly three updates worth of content in one.

4. Lastly, I'm not sure when it will be, but I plan to post at least one story over here in March. It will probably be one of my Whateley things, but I have something else brewing that may be ready by then.

Also, thanks to everyone that is reading and/or supporting my work. It's nice to know people are interested.

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