I was to blame

Hi all,

When I was writing my early stories, I puffed myself up with pride that I had invented a system of bells that fit with Penny's description. I have been patting myself metaphorically ever since.

Penny, as you are all aware, is doing her Great Edit, tidying up stuff and so on.
I decided that I too would do my own great edit, and I cannot express how much gratitude I have for Kimmie who has read every word again and again.

However, Penny noticed a discrepancy that we had somehow overlooked. This means I had to change the words in my #4. Writing-wise, this was basically trivial.

However, I have spent nearly all my spare time of this last week recalculating and changing nearly all the times that were shown in the charts for the 'Times and Bells'. This job was WAY more complicated than I had imagined.

I have now done this and so both #4 and the 'Times and Bells' have been updated.

I apologise for my initial misinterpretation of Penny's words.
Should any of you have actually printed out those charts, then I'm afraid they shall require reprinting now.



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