Hello, and my newest story explained.

Hello Big Closeteers! Long time no write.

Long time no LOTS of things for the past few years. As some of you may have heard, I had a leg injury and 2 surgeries with a complicated recovery. Was essentially crutch and wheelchair bound for a while. After that I had a more generalized health decline, causing a steady loss of stamina; I started cutting off more and more extracurricular activities because it took all I could do just to go to work.

And then, last year, I could not go to work. Hard to when you're wiped out after 100 paces. So I am on medical leave of absence, living off of relatives charity and my savings. On the plus side, I have improved a little; can now walk 4 blocks without resting. I hope to get back to work this year.

So why am I back to writing? Even when I was getting sicker, I've had stories bouncing in my head; just didn't have the time, then also didn't have the energy, to write. Now I have some, and I've written a story. It's done, so it won't be left hanging (my own personal habit is that I will finish a story completely before posting. There's no wrong way to post; that's just my way). I plan to post in 13 small parts, one part a day.

Some 'heads up' about this story, Sacrificial Alter:

- yes, the spelling is correct. You'll see. ;)

-If you've read the first installment, then you recognize a well-worn trope or two. It's impossible to write anything these days without tropeing over yourself. My goal is to use as few as possible, but to make them fresh and seen from a new angle.

-the trope here is (SPOILER ALERT) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> D.I.D. (Google it?) ;)

-a few may roll their eyes after chap 1 and think "groan. Sounds like it may turn into Forced Fem. I'll pass." The only FF here is some that is done as part of foreign criminal sex activity that has, unfortunately, been well documented. And the focus of the story is not on FF but on healing, relationships, humanity, compromise, and a (thrilling, I hope I hope) murder mystery.

- No BDSM. No erotica. Partly because it ain't my thang, partly because I think I'd suck at writing it. But if you disagree, then please send a huge, throbbing message to me; my warm, moist, mind is wide open and aching to receive it.

-I will be commenting on most every comment given to me; I usually do, and broke that trend a year ago with my "crush" submission. Sorry, I was getting pretty ill.

Anyway, it is an honor for me to be back. A talent and soul no less preeminent than cyclist has been turning this puddle of water I've given her into sweet wine (I hope; let's see what you all think). I love you all and have missed being active. Hopefully I can continue to be.

Hugz! - **Sigh**

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