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The Veterans Choice Improvement Act
For all you vets Trump signed in an improved private doctor allowance for Veterans provided they meet certain conditions.

Tuesday at OKC I had a nice visit with Dr. Laura Arrowsmith. The lady is refreshing to talk to about her experiences and her passion. She is an advocate for transgender and speaks at Veterans Forums, Colleges, and many other venues. After she gave me a "short list" of her appearances all across the U.S. I was wishing I had taken a recorder. At the end I got a hug from a person who is very passionate about what she is doing. I was on Cloud Nine. She is making a difference. What an amazing and beautiful lady in every respect.

Before I said I don't have a Bucket List. I've seen everything, done everything, I cared to do. I revised my Bucket List. Before I die I want to hug one other lady. Someday, god willing, I get to hug Lynn Conway.

Wednesday Amarillo VA and I visited with the Patient Advocate, Clavio Garansuay. The Amarillo VA is one of the better VA in America and yet, the Administration is dragging "his" feet still staunchly opposed to anything transgender. I have a great rapôr with Clavio and we are pushing for trans acceptance. As everyone knows who has been in this gender-blender social stigma, it's a hard effort to change people's minds from what they have perceived all their life.

I hate it when we have to poke these "authoritative figures" in the eye with rules and regulations they should be following. The Veterans Health Administration has informed its hospitals and clinics that transgender veterans are eligible for hormones, care before and after gender change surgery, and mental health counseling as part of their regular benefits.

In a directive issued Thursday, the VA reiterated that its facilities are not permitted to perform genital or breast surgeries on veterans in the process of changing genders.

Almost seven hundred miles the past two days. God, I'm no longer a truck driver. I think my butt has road rash.
Have fun with life, it's too short to take seriously

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