New Hatbox Story

Erin has agreed to post my new story, The Girl Who Saved Aunt T’s, in Hatbox. Hatbox is one of the ways you can support this site. Make a contribution to Hatbox and Erin will send you a password allowing you access to a group of stories that have been set aside for this purpose.

The Girl Who Saved Aunt T’s is a 50K novel.

Eric’s has suffered a series of calamities that have left him desperate. His twentieth-year high school reunion is approaching, and he’s been invited to take part in the planning by a high school friend, Kevin, who has become one of the richest men in America. Eric and Kevin played doubles together on their high school tennis team and had been quite successful. Remembering how effective they were as a team, his friend offers Eric a life-changing job that also would allow Eric to help his parents avoid financial disaster. The job requires that Eric become a much different person. Eric eventually realizes he must resolve old issues.

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