Any "ic" Is Icky

Often TG fiction features characters who go to great lengths to establish that they are transsexual. They go through a huge amount of angst to prove, or at least to assert, that they are NOT GAY, and/or NOT A TRANSVESTITE.

Can anyone tell me why that is such a frequent theme?

We used a term in Catholic school to describe zealots. That was “holier than thou”. It seems sometimes that some authors want to express a “trannier than thou” attitude.

I’m trans. Being trans as I am has caused havoc within my life. I’ve paid hefty dues to be the way I am. I totally reject any notion that anyone is trannier than I am.

If you're looking down on people who aren't as trans as you are, or who happen to be gay, you're being icky. I understand fiction. I don't understand homophobia within the trans community. I don't understand a hierarchy of trans lifestyle.


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