Top 32 Sexiest Actors of All Time

The following lists is in order of my personal opinion based on each person when they were, again in my opinion, at their peak. There are a least a few on the list who would challenge my firm beliefs about my sexual preference.

For example: Robert Redford in The Natural is . . . quite attractive.

32.) Michael Caine
31.) Heath Ledger (What a shame)
30.) Marlon Brando (Many lists will have him much higher)
29.) Johnny Depp (Again, many lists will have him much higher)
28.) Gary Cooper (His grin makes me laugh)
27.) Jimmy Stewart (He’s not on many lists, but gosh darn, he should be)
26.) Mel Gibson
25.) Bradley Cooper (No two-Cooper rule)
24.) Mark Harmon
23.) Jon Hamm
22.) Matt Damon (And not Ben Affleck. . .go figure)
21.) James Garner (As Maverick)
20.) Tom Cruise (Also As Maverick)
19.) Jack Nicholson (Before he became a caricature)
18.) Ryan Gosling
17.) Sidney Portier
16.) Ryan Reynolds
15.) Henry Fonda
14.) Matthew McConaughey
13.) George Clooney
12.) Steve McQueen (Because that’s who my girlfriend in high school said I looked like. Later people were more inclined to say I looked like James Caan. Just a few weeks ago my two-year old grandson pointed at a picture on the cover of a book and said “Grandpa?” It was a bio of John Adams. So much for my shoulder length white hair.)
11.) Peter O’Toole (Although I think his eyes might be in the top two.)
10.) Clint Eastwood (In the spaghetti Westerns)
9.) Rob Lowe
8.) Harrison Ford
7.) Paul Newman
6.) Cary Grant
5.) Denzel Washington
4.) Sean Connery
3.) Gregory Peck (To Kill a Mockingbird)
2.) Brad Pitt
1.) Robert Redford

Have funny shredding this list!

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