Will Today Be the Day?

For the last few years, I’ve waited with baited breath every time I’ve tried to open Big Closet.

As I wait . . . I ask myself, “Is today the day?

“Is today the day Erin’s financial woes will finally make life so miserable for her that she’ll give up.”

“Is today the day Erin has to umpire that one more contentious spat between site users that will push her over the edge?”

For those of you who weren’t around for Big Closet opened, we TG authors didn’t have a friendly place. I remember posting Peaches on Fictionmania. Someone posted a comment that said. “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh Dear. I couldn’t make heads or tails out of it.”

I just thought, “Screw you. I’ve been the subject front page articles that insinuated that I was an embezzler. Do you think your cute little comment is going to ruin even a minute of my life?”

The trouble was, it bothered the heck out of my co-author, a gentle soul who shouldn’t have had to put up with that kind of garbage.

My next story will be number one hundred -- and I’ve never had a comment here that caused me to feel less than good about myself.

Erin works very hard at protecting her authors!

That’s what makes this place so great. (And by "Erin" I mean all those who work to make BC a wonderful place.)

Authors like to post here. Good content brings in more readers. Having readers makes authors feel good . . . just as long as Erin makes sure those readers behave nicely. That’s the circle of life for this site.

Unfortunately, it also takes resources to run this site. One of those resources is money.

There was a time I could afford to support this site financially. I’m now practically retired and have had to make adjustments. I’ll still do what I can, but others are going to have to pick up the pace to fill that void.

One day . . . Big Closet will be a thing of the past. That’s life. If people don’t do what they can, that day will be sooner and not later.

Lions and Tigers and Bear . . . my ass. Peaches is a great story and it still sells on Amazon with Erin getting all the proceeds to help run this site.


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