To Be a Different Someone Extra
(The original title and "trailer theme"

No, that is not the title for the continuing book.

Thank you to everyone who read and/or bought a copy of the book, I greatly appreciate it.
The second would be to say that I wanted to write something that had a more positive vibe to it, even if things seem to be going to Hell in a handbasket, internally or externally. I didn't want Jen to be afraid of everything--I wanted her to go out there and just do it. Yes, she hits several brick walls and does some incredibly stupid (teenager?) things only to fret about it afterwards (sounds like me).

There are five stories in all and only one is actually finished:

To Be a Different Someone. --Jen
I'm on the Outside. --Matt
It Can Only Go Up From Here--Jen
You Can Call Me Queen Bee--Monica
Aranu’tiq (combination of the characters from 2BaDS and "I am Rosemary's Granddaughter")

I admit, there are two people I would really LOVE to get a copy of this book to:
Shania Twain (only because of how I thought of the project)
Jazz Jennings--due to the fact that I was finishing edits for my publisher when I was the show on TLC and thought: yes, she kind of matches the character, or at least would be the target age to portray the main day...wishful thinking.

If anyone knows how I can do this...I am all ears and in your debt.

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