Ok, I can do this.

Right, step 1 in keeping my promise not to disappear: posting blog entries regularly.
Step 2, actually post a new story.
Step 3... er, let's take this one step at a time.

Hi all, thanks for your comments on my last entry. Sorry if I didn't get back to all of you, I'm going to try to answer some stuff here.

1. Whateley. Hooo-boy. I'm sorry but I'm really not up to opening that can of worms. I know some people really loved Sara, but trust me, for every lover there was a hater. There are certainly things I regret that happened but if it were things that I'd done holding me back from writing more, I'd just make amends and get back to it. Unfortunately, that's not the way it is which is a very difficult position. Sara was on rocky ground right from the start, I don't think it ever really came though that I was trying to write a redemption story with her and I got into a position where Sara was the go-to girl when another author needed someone to perform a morally questionable or downright dark action. Also, Sara was something that twenty-five-year-old me needed to get out. Current me doesn't have the same drives or needs, if that makes sense.

2. Fate and the Iron Tiger. I'm toying with finishing it. I got a good slog of Part VI done before I imploded in slow motion, with luck I might be able to finish it. Little worrying because my writing style has probably changed after 5 years, which could be jarring. I'm sorry but FatIT was only meant to be a self-contained story. Also, there's a 3rd edition of Exalted out which is the absolute tits, so if I supported Exalted any more, I'd want to do it in 3e. All that said, I don't see myself making money writing TG Exalted fanfic and I've got a transition and other real life stuff to fund. But I did say that I'd finish FatIT and I don't want to bail on everyone. So, one step at a time.

3. New writing! So, I made a friend people might have seen around the Fan Fiction community called Thrythlind a few years ago. I've been helping him playtest his Divine Blood RPG along with doing the graphic design for the splat-book Demon Next Door. My latest character has hit me in the inspiration bone, so I'm thinking of writing some stories in his universe. Big plus side, he's a personal friend, he's interested in letting other people do stuff for the universe and the Divine Blood universe is very TG friendly. If I had to describe it, it's somewhere around Oh! My Goddess meets Full Metal Panic or Happier Shadowrun.

My character for the next game is a Kitsune. Divine Blood Kitsune merge with willing people to get new tails, so multi-tailed Kitsune are really multiple people, this happened to my character in utero. They were fraternal twins and one of them began developing male physical characteristics, so the two merged into a female body to prevent that. Unfortunately, Kitsune try to keep their ability to merge a secret, being afraid of persecution, and having a small child around who can't really control themselves risks exposure. So they end up, after some trials, sealing both girls into a new male personality and body. This gets broken when the skyship they're travelling on accidentally travels through a rip in space-time a decade later and breaks the seal.

As always, love hearing from you all. Thanks for all the love and support, it's much appreciated. :)

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