Fool Me Once

There is a definite way NOT to end a book.

Recently I purchased an e-book -- From Man to Woman by Lindy Smith on Amazon. It was a compelling story marred by typos and some continuity issues, but still worth spending considerable time reading, EXCEPT it stopped in the middle of nowhere. From the way it was written, to that point, I would estimate several chapters were missing.

Since I’m a trustworthy individual I purchased another e-book book online through Amazon by Lindy Smith called Boy into Woman. The very same thing happened. I’d invested several hours when the story just stopped. Again it would seem several chapters were missing.

Can anyone tell me how to contact Lindy Smith? I’d like to know just what she did with her characters during the rest of the story.

By the way, I’ve purchased dozens of e-books and these are the only two books that came without all the pages.


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