New Halloween Story

So, while I'm editing and re-writing Hold the Salt, it struck me back when I wrote that one of my goals was to put out one Halloween-themed story or horror story a year. I never made this goal. This led me to pause my editing for three days to write a Halloween story for this year, I mentioned it in my last blog post.

This year, it happened.

I'm currently looking at 15,000 words of raw, unedited, text for a story called The Witch's Mirror. I'm having a short vacation over the next four days but, with the help of my wonderful proofreaders, I'll have the story out on this site by Halloween. I really, really enjoyed writing this story and I want to write more of it, I feel like I've barely introduced the characters and setting of this wonderful little universe of monsters and wish fulfilment.

Once I've done an initial pass, I'll throw the preview up on patreon for subscribers, so they'll get it a little earlier. Not sure if I'll put it up here on Halloween, I might throw it up on the 30th to give people some time around the busy holiday season (or a little earlier, let me know in the comments the best time you think). If you all like it, I'll write more. If you all don't like it, I'll probably still write more but it'll come slower.

On a bit of a tangent, Halloween is my favourite holiday. It's also a holiday that I've never celebrated, being Australian and all. About the best I've done is hand out some candy to kids but that's only happened in the last few years when I was in Sydney. Long story short, I guess I miss something I've never had. But don't we all?

Hugs for everyone. Have a good one and I hope to hear from you all soon.


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