Top Shelf needs YOUR help! PLEASE READ!

The site and Erin really need your help. I just sent in 25 bucks and will probably send a few more after my own bills are paid for this month.

While Erin and the site really appreciate all the help many of you have given in the past, but things are not getting better financially. Erin has driven herself into debt so far that there seems to be no way out. The site needs a LOT of money to give us this wonderful resource and repository for our stories and blogs.

There may be no other way to solve the money problem...except for the one thing that could... and that's to make the site a pay site. I don't want that. Erin doesn't want that and I'm certain most, if not all, of you don't want that, but without a major increase in contributions, it could have to happen.

I completely understand that a lot of you are in dire financial straits and simply don't have money to help. Believe me, it's a stretch for me to even free up 25 dollars, so all the income from sales of my book go straight to Top Shelf. I don't take a single dollar from those sales.

I'm begging all of you to dig deep and help keep this great resource online and help dig Erin out of her own staggering debt. Just one dollar from every member of the site would help a lot... more if you can afford it. One dollar. You can't get a cup of coffee or a can of soda for a dollar. Even a candy bar will cost a dollar!

Erin has put herself 35,000 dollars in debt, keeping Top Shelf online and there's no other way to help her than by all of us digging deep. A one time gift is easy to send by using the link provided on the right side of the home page. Subscriptions to the Hatbox so you can read stories that are ONLY available there is just as easy and you can do that with just a few dollars every month.

PLEASE help me, help Erin, Help keep Top Shelf online!

Again many, many thanks to those who regularly contribute. Without your help I think the site would have folded long ago. For all of the rest of us, it's time to step up. Erin has kept the site online as a labor of love from her to us. It hurts my heart to see her have to beg for money every month, so I'm doing it this time, for her and for the site. So many sites have gone away because of money problems. I don't want that to happen to Top Shelf.

Catherine Linda Michel

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