TG Consortium + Psyren's redemption = 2 for 1 update

Word math, don't you love it?

First and foremost, I'd like to announce the launch of yet another website, the TG Consortium Forums. As near as I can tell, within the tg community there is or has never been anything quite like the consortium. What is it, you might ask, it's a place where tg content creators (writers, comic artists, etc) can gather about bounce ideas around or even critique one another's works.

It's not just for content creator's either, if you are someone who often gives constructive criticism while reviewing stories or other tg content then you're input is very welcome. Please give the consortium a looksee, I don't think you'll be disappointed. On a side note, I've also axed the forums on and have transferred everything over to the tgconsortium.

Now, on to other matters...

Seeing as Halloween is now past us I thought I'd resume our weekly serial. This time around it looks like Sapphira may have more success in dealing with the menace that is Kwrump, but will he be able to keep it up?

Click here to find out what happens next.

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