Hush,hush from the 'Foxy one'

I upgraded to the new hush-hush Firefox yesterday - oh dear, security is so tight, it wouldn't even allow me in.

It took all of five minutes to process even a single click once it had opened the BC login page or any page for that matter. So eventually I tried 'Explorer,'and experienced no real problems and was back in business - oh no I wasn't. After all these years I had forgotten my password so couldn't log-in.

I went through my secret coded note book to find the login-in password - nothing, I had forgotten to put it down but then it is me so instead of looking for Frances or Top Hat, this morning I opened my secret book and there under B was Big Closet, so I'm back inbusiness - oh no I wasn't!

BC refused to have anything to do with my entry and after several attempts and a great deal of gnashing of teeth (my own), I got the password correct so here I am again but for some reason, Firefox sending everything out under https rather than the less secure http seems to upset the computers at BC or it may have something to do with President Trump taking exception to my threats to Invade America via Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac and deciding to fight back.

If any of you, particularly the British girls experience unreasonable delays via Firefox, try an alternative, Explorer works but if like me, you click the 'RememberMe' button you will need to enter your user name and password again.

Loud Explosion as I point my Colt 105 at my temple ready to blow my brains out and of course I miss.

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