The Wish Commentary

The last thing I want is for readers to feel confused and then not enjoy a fic, so I decided to put down some questions readers might have about The Wish. Some readers may not have any questions at all and completely understand my intent and that's cool too. Spoiler warning starts now:

1. Is this my Christmas Wish submission?: A bit undecided about that, but I do believe I can deliver a heavier story. The inspiration for The Wish came to me within the last few days. Also, I like to leave open the option of posting this on another site, so as for right now, no.

2. Is Rex definitively creating the changes in Evan?: There's no way for Rex to confirm it, but the title of the story would imply that Evan's changes are due to Rex's wish. Is Rex the change agent or just an entity that made the wish? That's up to you to decide.

3. Is Robert the change agent: Probably not.

4. Is Laura, the ex-girlfriend, also the same Laura, the female German Shepherd at the end: Maybe

5. Therefore, is it possible that super-smart Rex also has a past of his own: Maybe

6. If reality changed, then the helicopter crash never happened, therefore Robert would never have been in that crash, Rex would never have escaped to meet Evan, and then Robert and Evan would presumably never meet is a time paradox: Yep, which leads to the question of whether Rex is really the change agent or simply going with the flow as well.

7. If a trained dog attacks someone, a non-trainer telling the dog to release is not going to work. At this point in the story, reality is already changing whereby Evan (Eve) is beginning to be Rex's secondary trainer.

8. In a realistic setting, would someone in the army have checked up on Rex soon after the crash?: Most likely assuming it was common knowledge.

9. Should one take in a wandering dog into their home without knowing where it came from?: No, leave it alone or call the authorities. Unless you want to risk that one in a millionth chance it could involve a TG transformation.

10. Is there a sequel in the works?: Depending on feedback, I could start another scenario possibly involving a cat instead of a dog.

11. Finally, was this ever intended to be a dog tf story: Absolutely not.

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