The High Bridge

I live about half a mile from what is called the “High Bridge” in St. Paul, MN. The high bridge has a well-deserved infamy as a suicide spot -- with seven people jumping from the deck of the bridge which is 160 feet above the Mississippi, during 2015.

The bridge has been closed for several months. They’re installing a nine-foot high barrier to cut down on the jumpers.

Over the last three years I’ve sold two businesses and closed another. Even though I’m fairly busy with my consulting business I’ll admit I’ve had thoughts of using the bridge to end my feelings of loss of purpose.

Today I was going through a list of reasons why such thoughts are illogical. The number two reason I want to stick around (after my grandchildren at number One) is to see what my muse will demand I write next. I’m several thousand words into a new story.

That made me wonder how many others use BC as a barrier between them and a bad final decision. My guess is more than a few.

Thanks, Erin.


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