Greener Mile pt5

Hi everyone,
I thought I would post an update on my recent missed commit for part 5 of my story. Work has been keeping me occupied to the point that I have only been able to write 2 1/2 chapters of this part. But it is going to be delayed a while longer. Today, on a rare day off, I decided to borrow my brother's atv and go out riding with my ten year old nephew and 17 year old adopted brother. Needless to say, I am having a difficult time writing this blog one handed. While riding, I hit a ditch that caused the atv to swing 90 degrees in the direction I was traveling. Needless to say, my left arm was still connected to the handle bars and the momentum and force shattered my left wrist. I will have to see a hand specialist on Monday where it is more than likely that I will have to have surgery on my arm to repair the damage that was done. I am in a lot of pain at the moment as I won't be able to get the pain meds filled until morning. I do apologize for the delay and hopefully as I recupe from the surgery, I can do the one handed typing bit and finish part 5. But more than likely, it will still be delayed a while. Take care everyone, especially on an atv. Those things are potentially dangerous as well as deadly. I am just glad I am able to be here to write this. It could have turned out much worse than it did.


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