Donation Fatigue

Does anyone else get sick of the constant pressure to donate to this site?

It seems like at least once a month we are faced with a plea for more people to step forward to contribute, or for the same people to contribute more.

These pleas are usually accompanied by a sad recital of need due to ongoing expense or emergencies.

It’s tedious.

The only thing that would be more tedious would be to have to ask for these donations.

Obviously, Erin asks because she needs the money. Obviously, asking works -- because the site continues to fiscally limp along.

Just looking at this site it’s plain to see that Erin is trying a myriad of avenues to generate revenue. It’s also plain to see that a tremendous number of people read stories on BC. A large number of people write stories for BC.

Unfortunately, only a few are able to donate -- or choose to donate.

If just a few more who are able to donate would step forward, Erin wouldn’t have to ask so often, which would be nice for her – and us.


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