This Sucks (enemyoffun needs to relocate with help! ~seph)

So I wrote a blog a bit ago about a writing delay because of Life in general. Things have NOT been easy around here. My books aren't selling anymore and my brother is breathing down my neck. I got into a fight with him---verbal, not physical---last night. Every weekend now he takes off to go to his girlfriend's, leaving me here to look after the hundreds of animals he owns. That's not an exaggeration either. I'm already fed up with it because he took a job that keeps him out of the house for 12 hours a day, four days a week. So I least expect him to be courteous enough to let me have time away from doing his duty back at home but NOPE. So I've been majorly stressed out about that the last few months. I've tried reasonably talking to him about it but he's an ASSHOLE who won't listen. All he seems to care about is himself. He's even pulled me into a nasty tiff with his Ex-wife because she's the one who keeps fueling the fires.

So writing is a NO go these days.

It doesn't help matters that I told him time and time again that we couldn't stay in my aunt's house indefinitely. Now the time has come that the city is going to be looking to collect on my aunt's massive back tax debt. I knew this day was going to come and its not like the two of us didn't look for a place to stay, we TRIED really hard but there is NO place in this city that's affordable. So I'm on the verge of being homeless again and starting over all the Bull shit stress from back in September.

To make matters worse, this past week or so---especially the last couple of days---I've had a stomach virus. So add that to my increasing stress level and depression.

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